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Are you intending to launch a new Amazon product? If you are, you should never underestimate the impact of a well-planned product launch on your company. While you may always opt to launch a product by just publishing your listings, this may not provide you with the results you desire. So, before you go live with your listings, you might want to think about using an Amazon FBA launch service. Continue reading to see how you can make the most of these services for your company. Are Product Launches Effective? Consider a product launch to be a marketing event for your company, with the goal of immediately getting the word out about your new product. Offering a significant discount on your goods will attract potential clients, many of whom will be far more inclined to buy a new product simply because of the cheap price point, regardless of whether they genuinely want the item. It'll only be a matter of time before Amazon's algorithm sees the massive amount of sales created by thes
Do you also see all those ads by Amazon popping up on your screen but do not know how they work?  They all come under the Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign. Amazon Pay-Per-Click(PPC) has turned into one of the most befitting go-to-market strategies.  It helps you drive your targetted audience to your website and increase the global reach. Retargeting through your PPC advertising campaigning is the most effective way of improving sales. What is PAY-PER-CLICK(PPC)? If it's your first time running a PPC campaign, you must be aware of how a PPC campaign works. You must've already heard or known about Amazon Pay-Per-Click. It's another kind of marketing where the advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. You might need a proper plan to achieve your PPC targets on Amazon. Pay-Per-Click ads work for all types of advertisements like Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Display Ads, and Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads. Few important factors that help you ru
What is a Product Listing Page on Amazon?         A page on a website that displays all the list of the products based on your search query is called a Product Listing Page. PLP is the abbreviation of Product Listing Page. This page displays all the information/description of the product, its images, price, and titles. There are few steps to follow to create your product listing page and list the products in them. What is the purpose of a Product Listing Page? An online shopper knows how important it is to know about a product before you purchase it. Product Listing Page plays a crucial role in making an E-commerce website successful. A Product Listing Page usually displays all the products that are available for purchase in your store. A customer must have an idea about the different types of products that are available. Providing them with many choices to choose from also leaves an impact on them. A product listing page helps drive the attention of an online shopper to their we
Some keyword deserve special attention while other keywords deserve... special hatred. Not enough to be put into negative keywords but enough that it's bid should never be higher than a set amount. While we humans intrinsically understand this love hate relationship with keywords and while there might be reasons behind it, AI (and even other humans) can sometimes struggle to understand why we have this special relation with some keywords. For this reason we have two new fields that is designed to help AutoPilot provide better focus on specific keywords The Max AutoPilot bid is set to inform the AutoPilot that it should never raise it above a certain amount. In the example above the Max AutoPilot bid is set to 75 cents and while the AI will attempt to test and get maximum profits by raising the bids, the Max AutoPilot bid will prevent it from raising the bid above the set amount. On the other hand of the spectrum you have the Min AutoPilot Bid. This tells the algorithm to never redu Hello there Amazon sellers. One of the questions that I hear the most is why aren’t my products selling which has almost the same answer to the other frequent question I hear Why am I losing so much money on ads To solve both the challenges you need to take a step by step approach and the the first and most important step would be to look at your conversion rates. Very loosely, conversion rate is the amount of people that buy your product from the total amount of people that clicked your ad and landed on your product. An average conversion rate is around 9% but we usually say that anything above 6% is ok. This means that out of 100 people that click your ad, you should expect around 9 people to buy your product. If this rate is lower then you know something is wrong with your listing. It could be the pictures are not appealing, or it could be the listing write up is not optimal. This is specially in European countries where some sellers just use google tr
With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, there has been more dependency on automation in almost every walk of life. Amazon retailers must also start accustoming to this latest technology to drive more traffic and boost sales effectively. What is Amazon PPC Automation? Automation is a technology that reduces human intervention in a task by replacing it with artificial intelligence. The same concept can be applied in structuring your PPC Campaign. Usually, PPC takes around three months to work. The problem with PPC advertising is that you constantly need to test and keep checking your campaigns. It does consume a lot of time and effort that you can put into something more productive. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies, you can optimize your PPC campaigns to bring out better results in less time and effort. Why should you automate your PPC? - Staying ahead in the competition There's no doubt that there is fierce competition in th
The ultimate goal for most Amazon sellers is to make their brand international. It is most often a fantasy that seldom becomes a reality. This is because a few of the Amazon sellers aren’t able to choose the right marketplace for their brands. In this blog, we’re going to walk through different Amazon marketplaces and look at how to choose the right marketplace that does wonders for your brand. To successfully sell your products internationally, you must first decide where to sell them. Once you’ve decided on what product you want to sell, you need to select the right marketplace that is profitable for your business. Amazon operates  online stores worldwide allowing you to grow your business internationally. - United States - Canada - Mexico - United Kingdom - Germany - France - Italy - Spain - Japan - Singapore - United Arab Emirates - Brazil - Australia - India - Netherlands - Saudi Arabia - Turkey - Sweden - Poland Amazo This video will show you how to use other ecommerce marketplaces to increase your sales and profit margins. We will also discuss diversifying outside of just selling on Amazon like using Shopify and Woocommerce and moving onto your own website. Some benefits of that include having the customer as a direct customer, guaranteed income, Amazon not being able to shut you off, and best of all increased credibility which can help you out if you’re also selling on Amazon. However, Amazon does provide you with all their customers and the exposure of your products to those customers, whereas with Woocommerce you’ll need to advertise extensively. Firstly, we’ll have to connect Woocommerce to Amazon FBA so that any sale completed on Woocommerce can be fulfilled by Amazon FBA. You could also use 3PLs but if your numbers are not above a certain threshold, it’s more effective to use Amazon FBA. Amazon has the potential to make sellers a lot of money, but you don’t want
If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, you are well aware of Amazon's size and popularity. People exploring the internet may have come upon this platform and purchased a few products. Amazon is a great way to sell your products if you're a business owner. Getting your goods to rank #1 in the Amazon search engine, on the other hand, can be difficult. The importance of Amazon SEO cannot be overstated. You may be upset as a new seller because you haven't made any sales. Even seasoned sellers struggle to achieve high rankings on Amazon in order to attract customers to their listings. Some successful sellers, on the other hand, consistently make sales; what could they have done differently that you haven't? To improve its services, Amazon has created and implemented numerous innovative features and systems not seen in brick and mortar stores, such as digital marketing and product listing optimization. As a result, all Amazon vendors must adapt to A main issue that ecommerce sellers face is not knowing when and how many items to restock. In a nutshell, ecommerce businesses need to know the optimal amount to restock otherwise it puts them at risk of overstocking and understocking. We want to avoid these three scenarios because overstocking means having excess inventory sitting on warehouse shelves where the long-term storage fees will start racking up (especially in Amazon warehouses) to a substantial amount. The long-term storage fees can be around 20-30% of you inventory cost, another reason to void overstocking. Understocking should also be avoided because you will lose opportunity cost for not being able to sell if the item had otherwise been restocked to the optimal amount. The table here shows the inventory status of these 5 items. The items are sorted by their restock status with the items that need immediate restocks showing up first and the least urgency on the bottom of the list. Items tha A short clip demonstrating how to activate amazon email campaign in aihello. The same process is for ebay, shopify & woocommerce for multichannel integration. Activating email engagement engine allows you to get 10x more ratings and reviews for your amazon product. Get more ratings and sales for your ecommerce store including amazon ebay shopify and woocommerce with AiHello 100% automated email engagement engine. What to know what goes into a successful ecommerce business? The trick is to keep your revenue flowing , reduce warehouse costs and to increase profits. How? Three step process 1) Enable email engagement engine 2) Setup inventory forecasts 3) Connect with 3pl warehouses for fulfilling orders Get ready to sell better, smarter and faster across multiple ecommerce platform.s More channel more sales. The primary objective is to get more amazon reviews and sellers feedback. Increasing your amazon reviews increases your sales. How to get more amazo
When a consumer is looking for a particular product over the Internet, what is it that takes you to click on the "buy" button? Is it a low price? Very positive ratings? Product images and videos? Detailed information about it? In a context in which the buyer is increasingly demanding, and actively seeks to compare different items to find the one that offers the best value for money, all these factors are decisive. But according to a new Salsify report, detailed and correct information outweighs all others. It is specified that 90% of consumers already buy online and that almost all (88%) expect the information they find about the product to be rigorous, complete and varied before making a decision about the purchase. Specifically, and as we said before, a good description is the most important when deciding whether to buy or not, over other issues - also key - as the reviews or the price that are second and third place. As Salsify explains, "Consumers are very natu
What is Amazon Marketing Service? Amazon Marketing Service(AMS) is Amazon’s platform where the sellers can get visibility for their product(s) in front of relevant visitors through pay-per-click (PPC) model based on the keywords, products, and shopper interests. The traffic generated through PPC ads is directly proportional to how relevant you are to the buyer's desired product. For most Amazon sellers, advertising will inevitably take up most of the part of their overall strategy. It is quite difficult if you don’t know where and how to start. If you’re selling or planning to sell on Amazon, it’s important to become familiar and know everything that you’re supposed to about Amazon Marketing Service. Amazon offers the below services through AMS: - Sponsored Products Ads - Product Display Ads - Headline Search Ads - Amazon Pages Why is Amazon Marketing Service Important? The Amazon AMS products make your product(s) visible to as many relevant shoppers. They offe