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The power of the name: why we prefer the well-known brand

Who has not ever heard someone saying that is better to buy one thing than another 'because that brand is already known? It is quite likely that we will not realize it while we are defending why we buy one thing or why we buy another that this element is having a direct impact on our buying decisions. Why do we care if a brand is known or another is not?  In reality, it could be said that the same mechanism works that make us more careful when we open the door to someone we do not know someone who we do. From one we always expect the worst and from another, we expect the best. So, the way we interact with each other (even if we really know anything about each other) is completely different. You only have to look at the opening degrees of the door the next time we face this situation. As the person who is ringing the most known or most expected was the door, we opened the door to receive it. With the brands, in the end, the same thing happens. The more we know a brand, the m