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Importance of Click Through Rate CTR and Conversion Rate CVR

In Online advertising, any business person or seller or developer constantly needs to evaluate their performance of the ad campaigns they have set up on be it on mobile games, Emails, E-commerce sites or any other platforms. Advertisements play a vital role in bringing you the right customers on your door, that is, the targeted audience who can boost up your sales, create brand awareness as well as more visibility online.   Marketing Specialists and Advertising Experts have their own jargon when it comes to the measurement terms that can examine the efficiency of your ad campaigns. To understand all this , there are loads of abbreviations, technical terms and words that seem to be very much confusing!  For Amazon Advertising there are various stats and if you want to tackle the competitions and be ahead in the game, well you definitely need to grasp some of the terms here! It’s important to know the average of Amazon advertising stats for everything from CTR to CPCs, Conversion Rates,

TroubleShooting: AutoPilot PPC Automation reducing Ad Spend and Sales?

For some sellers, putting their campaigns on AutoPilot will reduce their AdSpend and make their products profitable. However common side effects includes lowering of sales. Though this should be preferable to make lower sales but higher profit rather than selling more at a loss, some sellers would like to also increase their sales with AutoPilot Amazon PPC Automation. If that is you, then read on how you can accomplish this task by using a combination of following recommendations. 1) The first thing you should take note of is the CVR and CTR rates. More will be written about this in our subsequent blogs but for now note that CTR is the Click Through Rate and CVR is the Conversion Rate. CTR and CVR columns are available at Profile, Campaign, Group, Keyword and Targeting expression level. CTR is the percentage of people that look at your ad and click on it. CVR is the percentage of people that view your product and buy it. Your CTR and CVR rates depends on the category you are selling. H

HowTo: Connecting your Amazon PPC Advertising profile and sync

Connecting your ad platform on is straight forward process and you can do it in couple of ways. You can either connect your Amazon Ad platforms from the setup wizard which pops up when you register and land on the dashboard for the first time or you can connect from the Campaigns connect page. If you accidentally dismissed the wizard or would like to bring up the wizard later, you can click on the quick action bar on the top and then click on the "Run Setup Wizard" button. You can also click on the "Amazon Ads" menu in the navigation bar on the left and then click on the "Connect" submenu. In the Amazon connections page, you will have a list of regions and a connect button below it. If you have already connected a platform the button will be highlighted green with "Connected" as it's caption. You can always click on it again to reconnect. If you wish to connect for the first time or if you would like to connect a new region, click

HowTo: Refreshing your Amazon Campaigns to get the latest changes

AiHello updates the reports from your campaigns frequently but the budget and status of the campaigns are updated weekly. If you update the budget for a campaign, enable/disable a campaign, create a new campaign or just want to get the latest campaign changes from Amazon, you can hit the refresh button in your profiles tab. You can access the profiles tab from your Campaigns page This process takes around 10-20 minutes and might take longer to complete depending on the number of campaigns you have and the number of keywords in each campaign. AiHello will start syncing all your campaigns with Amazon Advertising and start updating the campaigns one by one. You can refresh the page in sometime to get the latest campaigns and latest campaign updates.  

Think Locally, Sell Globally - A Guide for International Selling on Amazon

Think Locally, Sell Globally - A Guide for International Selling on Amazon Are you a seller on Amazon who wants to venture into the international arena? Are you looking for ways to sell your products internationally? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right article!   Selling internationally on Amazon is great for any business, but it is extremely essential to know about it in detail.    Think Locally, Sell Globally! Let’s jump right into understanding the nuances of selling globally.  How Different is International Selling from Domestic Selling?   First things first, there are numerous options to expand the selling of your products globally on Amazon. In fact, as a destination for international selling, Amazon is full of opportunities, but one also needs to know the basic risks associated with it.  It is imperative to know some of the basics before getting started selling globally.    Understand the differences in International Selling   Selling global

How to succeed on Merch By Amazon by Automating your Amazon Advertising Ads

A short ride to MBA and Amazon Advertising  Merch By Amazon (MBA) is an on-demand clothing accessories printing service. In other words, it's a print on demand (POD) platform that enables any user to sell Merch on Amazon. The good news is that the program has enlarged from just t-shirts to an entire line of clothing that includes standard and premium tees, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.  There are no upfront huge costs and you get paid royalties when a customer buys your shirt with other valuable perks. The process is simple to execute, upload your design, select colours and set a price — then let Amazon take care of the rest. Merch by Amazon helps you to boost up revenues through the sale of branded products designed by you and produced, sold, and shipped by your teammate Amazon. MBA is a simple way for you to get started selling branded merchandise from a product page on And, there is no severe risk! Merch by Amazon costs include: materials, production,