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The 10 keys to seducing and conquering consumers online (Part 1)

E-commerce is one of the new tools that brands and companies have discovered in recent years to connect with consumers and to offer their products and services. Its growth has been increasing in recent times, which has meant that more and more sectors have been incorporated into online sales. There is more to see, for example, what has happened with food. The super online has become a new competitor with strength in the market. But this growth of e-commerce not only implies more opportunities but also more work and more analysis. Firms need to understand what consumers want in that environment and how they can adjust to it to position themselves. How can you get into the online shopping habits of consumers? How can you connect with potential customers and get them done with your own products and not those of the competition?  1) The battle begins with the click One of the mistakes that are usually made in e-commerce is to see it as a kind of isolated reality, in which it o

The newest professional profile that companies are looking for.

Brands and companies have to face a changing environment and a series of new demands and new challenges, which quickly move to their workforce. What do they have to know right now? What do they have to be interested in than ever before to meet consumer expectations and to be the latest in the needs of the market? Companies not only need to answer those questions, but the answer is also changing what they are looking for and what they need in their marketing teams. This is what has made that in recent times they've sought profiles specialized in Internet and particularly certain specific elements, have begun to seek profiles such as mathematicians and scientists for marketing teams to meet the needs associated with big data or that have been robbing professionals from other sectors, such as the media, to fit the growing needs of companies in content. Professionals have begun to be much more imaginative and creative as far as professional outings are concerned and also

Why logistics are crucial in delivering good e-commerce service.

E-commerce has become an increasingly important element in the day-to-day lives of consumers, who are increasingly buying online and are increasingly using the internet to access various products, services and brands. This has meant that the entire universe of traditional consumption has begun to analyze and to incorporate online tools into their sales processes. But the truth is that this is not the only change that has motivated e-commerce and its growing success. The situation is much more complex because online shopping has created new stress points for companies. In the new era of online shopping, they are no longer solely responsible for sales processes and making products reach consumers. Now, they are increasingly dependent on intermediaries. Logistics companies have become a sort of evil to assume for these companies. Online stores do not generally have their own delivery services and have a physical network, the recurrent problem is that brands continue to rely on me