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Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has grown at an exponential rate. With 9.7 million merchants and 197 million buyers on average each month, it's reasonable to say Amazon's expansion will continue unabated. As a result, in addition to the convenience that internet buying provides, many individuals choose to shop on Amazon. Being an Amazon seller is a low-risk, high-reward endeavour, but you must play your cards correctly. Amazon vendors will go to tremendous efforts to ensure that their products rank highly for specific keywords. They employ gifts, large discounts, rebates, black hat tactics, and relentless promotion. As a result, the starting point for successfully launching products on Amazon has risen. New sellers and brands that want to acquire a footing in the search results while adhering to Amazon's terms of service confront a tough task. The good news is that Amazon Advertising is a completely legal and profitable way to introduce products. Amazon provides a
eCommerce sales in the United States increased 14.2% year over year in 2021, hitting $870.8 billion. Amazon accounted for 41% of all sales. To put that market share domination into context, Walmart was the next closest competition, accounting for only 6% of total eCommerce transactions. Amazon is the king of the digital eCommerce business. It's also the place to be for vendors. Because of the benefits provided by Amazon's end-to-end Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services, not only because of its large user base. Is Amazon FBA worth it for new eCommerce firms, given that 85% of Amazon's largest sellers utilise it? Yes, in a nutshell. Today, we'll go over the reason's why it's the best place to be. The Advantages of Running an Amazon FBA Business 1. For Ecommerce, the majority of consumers rely on Amazon. As previously said, Amazon owns roughly half of the eCommerce sector. It has gotten so widespread that it has altered customer search and purchase habits. It has b
You're not alone if looking at all of your PPC analytics makes your head spin. But what if there was a magic number that could tell you if your efforts are doing their job — producing sales and profits? Online advertising is becoming increasingly difficult in the present environment. Advertisers want to know how PPC ads operate on different platforms because the average expenses involved vary greatly.  Although internet advertising is less expensive than traditional advertising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach people online. As a result, keeping lucrative ACoS or successful RoAS is critical to avoid losing money and keep your earnings intact. If you are an Amazon seller, you have probably heard of ACoS and ROAS since they are vital for assessing how much does Amazon advertising cost. But what exactly do they imply? And how do I compute them? This blog article will explain the distinction between these two indicators for Amazon e-commerce shops. Understand
      Hi there, welcome to AiHello AutoPilot. My name is Linara and in this video I am going to give you a very quick overview of of what is AutoPilot, how it works, how it will help you succeed as an Amazon seller. AutoPilot is an Amazon PPC Automation tool First off lets start with the basics: whats AutoPilot? AutoPilot is an amazon PPC automation that adjusts bids continuously in order to hit your target ACoS. The software not only optimizes your bids, it can also harvest and mine for keywords, transfer keywords from auto campaign to manual campaign, boost your placements and boost bids depending on the time of the day. We will talk in much more detail about all of these features in our later videos so make sure you hit the subscribe button down below. So coming back to the question of how it will help you There are multiple ways AI based automation can help you. First and most important is that it will help you save time and money spent on managing your Amazon PPC a
Selling on Amazon requires many important decisions that you’ll have to take at each step. If you’re worried about choosing the right shipping method for your products, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we will walk through everything that you need to know about Fulfillment by Amazon, a service provided to sellers for shipping their products. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) As the name suggests, Fulfilment by Amazon is a service offered by Amazon to third-party sellers to ship, pack and deliver their products. If you’re worried about how to pack and ship your products to the customers and are considering fulfillment by Amazon, there are few basic things you need to know before proceeding further. FBA or Fulfilment by amazon is especially advantageous for sellers who do not have room for storage of inventory. It is different from the merchant-fulfilled network or MFN where the seller takes care of everything including packing, shipping, and customer service. With FBA, all tha
HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR ADS ARE WORKING?           Advertising plays one of the prominent roles in online trading and marketing. Profit is not a purpose. It always is a result. An increase in your sales shows what you've earned, a profit or a loss. Amazon has come up with a simple way of determining it. It's called ACoS. ACoS is the key constraint to measure the effectiveness of ADS for AMAZON. WHAT IS ACoS ON AMAZON  What is ACoS? ACoS is the abbreviation of Advertising Cost Of Sale, which measures the performance of Amazon ad campaigns. It's the ratio of the ad spend to the revenue generated on it. It's calculated in the percentage to show you how much profit or loss you are making through the advertising campaign. As important as it is, ACoS is not just a number. Knowing how to calculate, how profitably can that be used, what damage can it cause, and how do you manage that. A proper advantage can be taken with the ACoS if practiced practically.  We'll w
What are Amazon Sponsored Ads?  Sellers who want to increase the discoverability of their products on Amazon, pay for these top positions by bidding on relevant keywords, which will lead to higher visibility in the Amazon Search engine result pages or SERPs. The advertiser will then be charged for every click made by a shopper on their ad. Sponsored Ads for Amazon are those ads that are placed on the top of Amazon's search results page because the advertiser paid for them to be placed there. When you search for a specific product in Amazon's search bar, you will be able to notice that the top products have a subtle text saying "sponsored" or "ad." These are sponsored ads. When shoppers click on your sponsored product ad, they’ll be directed to your ad's product detail page. These ads are keyword targeted and are displayed on the top or bottom of the search results page. Sponsored video ads for Amazon Sponsored video ads are relatively new ad form
Have you ever noticed that your Amazon sales have a seasonal component to them? Perhaps your sales increased significantly in the fourth quarter of the year or dropped dramatically in particular months. Most product categories are affected by seasonality, which necessitates examining its rhythms and figuring out how to take advantage of them. For example, if you succeeded to sell T-shirts on Amazon, you'd be correct in anticipating better sales throughout late spring, rather than throughout the colder winter months. However, you should not make the mistake that many merchants do of expecting bigger sales volumes during certain times of the year and then ignoring advertising throughout the slow season. When your product's demand is highly influenced by seasonality, you'll need three different strategies: one for the peak, one for the off-season, and one for the shoulder season, just before and after the peak. Seasonality necessitates a slightly different approach to campaign
Why should you consider paid advertising on Amazon? Over 200 million customers prefer purchasing with Amazon to any other store. Despite the astronomical figure, every single customer finds the exact product they are looking for. Amazon marketing provides great exposure for every retailer that wants to be seen by the target buyers. People searching on Amazon are more likely to be at the end of the buyer's journey (i.e. closer to a purchasing decision). On Amazon, they know what product they want, and they are just looking for the right deal and provider. Your ad is the face of your product, which will compel the buyer to view your product. This blog is all about different types of ads for amazon that you need to know before choosing "the one" for you. Are Sponsored Ads worth it? It is a known fact that Sponsored Ads are one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates and ranking for your products. As more and more sellers enter the amazon business, t
Image A main issue that ecommerce sellers face is not knowing when and how many items to restock. In a nutshell, ecommerce businesses need to know the optimal amount to restock otherwise it puts them at risk of overstocking and understocking. We want to avoid these three scenarios because overstocking means having excess inventory sitting on warehouse shelves where the long-term storage fees will start racking up (especially in Amazon warehouses) to a substantial amount. The long-term storage fees can be around 20-30% of you inventory cost, another reason to void overstocking. Understocking should also be avoided because you will lose opportunity cost for not being able to sell if the item had otherwise been restocked to the optimal amount. The table here shows the inventory status of these 5 items. The items are sorted by their restock status with the items that need immediate restocks showing up first and the least urgency on the bottom of the list. Items that
Launching a product on Amazon is a very exciting and challenging feat. It is also a great milestone for every growing business. If it takes off, your Amazon launch can be a great sales-driving force for your business. But this is not all just a matter of listing your products on Amazon products for sales and is more complicated than that. There are a few things to do and to keep in mind to be successful in this.  The next question that comes to mind is “where do I begin?”. Thankfully, we have here for you  a complete guide to Amazon products and the launch.    First of all, let’s divide the procedure into 3 stages Pre-product launch Product launch Post-product launch These steps will help us decide what needs to be done when. Let’s begin with stage  1. Pre-product launch   Have you done your product research? Some things are not easy to find because they are right in plain sight just like this question. Do hefty market research and understand gaps in the product