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The journey from being a writer to that of getting your book published is quite craggy. But there are people willing to get their name published as an author which is now very easily fulfilled by the biggest platform like Amazon. With the introduction of Kindle books in 2007 by Amazon, it actually transformed the whole publishing world. E-books indeed took the reading world into a whole new tangent where the readers don’t worry about various paperbacks. Instead, they can start their eBooks wherever they want to and have pleasure time reading it.  Most of the Indie authors directly opt for Kindle Direct Publishing. It allows independency and the authors can create their own account within hours unlike the tradition of going to the publishing house to get your book published. But with the flourishing market of eBooks which has brought authors from all over the world to opt for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, there are not all things amazing in KDP, with great opportunities comes great p

7 Lessons I Learned Spending nearly a Million Dollars On Amazon PPC Ads Last Year

All those working in the domain of Amazon know the importance of Amazon Pay-per-Click ads. It is no new fact that all of us advertisers and sellers spend millions on Amazon PPC. However, after spending a million dollars on Amazon PPC last year, I have learned a lot many things that were not quite obvious at first.  Amazon PPC is very much a new platform. Even now if you research it, you will definitely get new strategies and new tools to enhance your profitability. Hence, it is evolving day by day. Since new things are coming up each day, this platform is still unknown from various aspects. It is not like Facebook ads.  Penning down the lessons I learned is a great way for others to know how much they should spend and how much is actually worth it. This is one of the reasons why I want to share my findings over the years.  There are 7 lessons I learned and these can be termed as strategies for making more sales on Amazon and increasing your profitability.  1. Running Ad Campaigns at a

Marketing Your Merch By Amazon with PPC: Beginner’s Guide

From it’s beginning, Merch By Amazon (MBA) has attracted an influx of users who wanted to start their apparel business. But don’t be mistaken that the road will be filled with petals, though. While Amazon Merch t-shirts are the “ next big thing ” , it can be difficult promoting your shirt designs in a saturated market. So how can a seller promote their shirts ? Keep on reading, and you’ll be surprised that there is an available choice by Amazon itself for tackling this challenge. (And it’s the best one!)  Some years ago, Amazon announced that Amazon Advertising (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)) was launching to some selected Merch by Amazon accounts! They gradually started rolling this out to the broader Merch community, but if you see a unique code on the bottom “Advertise your Merch” module of your Merch dashboard, Wohoo! your account is now eligible to register for an Amazon Advertising account. And what's so cool about this? The benefit of this is that you c


Climb your way up... Whenever a person wants to buy any product there is a higher possibility that he/she will go on Amazon. According to a study, it’s the largest online retailer in the world selling over 12 million items and is one of the most trusted e-commerce sites all over the world. So being an Amazon seller is a perfect way to start your business as you have such a giant marketplace. But, there are many hurdles to reach at the top, be a successful merchant on Amazon as it’s competitive and one has to have all the A-Z tricks and strategies up in their sleeves to drive revenue with mesmerizing profits! Be rich by selling on Amazon! Hence, the sheer size of the marketplace means simply posting your products may not be enough to get the attention and, more importantly, the purchases you need to sustain and grow your business. This article will let you dive deep in the world where you will be enlightened about the tips to maximize your returns. Now all your questions will be answer

PPC Keywords Optimization

For any activity you do online, keywords are one of the vital factors for the success of the visibility and performance of that activity. Keyword optimization is one of the fundamental acts of researching and finding the best keywords to drive the traffic of your website or ads. For the success of your activity online, it is imperative to understand how to research keywords and incorporate these in your ads, posts and website.  Keyword optimization isn’t a targeted process, rather it’s more of researching, analysing and then inserting keywords that can increase your online traffic. You need to continuously perform a keyword analysis and change the set of keywords to grow your sales.  Advantages of Keyword Optimization Optimising keywords for PPC or SEO is one of the integral yet toughest tasks for digital marketing. Basically, for more sales, more views and more traffic, you need to use keywords that your potential buyers are looking for. Advantages of keyword optimization are as follo

Importance of Using Software for Managing Amazon PPC

Amazon has engulfed every space, every area and enjoys a global presence. Naturally Amazon PPC has become essential in the domain of marketing and especially for sellers.  For rightfully selling your products on Amazon, you need to plan and manage your ad campaigns. Without this, your product will not be visible to the potential customers and you will not be able to sell your product to a much larger audience.  Now handling Amazon PPC can be done manually and must be done manually for first time users. This is the time when you understand the nuances of ad campaigning. But after a while, this task becomes quite tedious and you might require that time to diversify your product or think of other ways to upgrade your selling. Hence at such times, it is a good option to utilise the softwares available for managing Amazon PPC.  PPC advertising does require a lot of performance testing, new ideas for campaigns and basically everything to refresh your ad campaigns. In such a situation softwar