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We just launched the Auto Campaign harvesting and negation feature on AiHello AutoPilot that will link your Auto Campaigns to Manual Campaigns to help you increase sales. This setting is available on your AutoPilot settings. A screenshot is show below. This setting is only available on Auto Campaigns and helps you migrate customer search terms to manual campaigns. The high performing customer search terms can be moved to a manual campaign with high budget and higher ACoS to help you increase sales. The low performing customer search terms can be moved to a different manual campaign with low budget and much lower ACoS to help you remove ad spend on unwanted customer search terms. These terms will also be added as negative exact on the AutoCampaign. While you can transfer the high performance and low performing keywords to the same manual campaign, its strongly recommended to keep them separate. We have new exciting features coming up this month to make you truly standout amon
We had some great new features released for AiHello AutoPilot this month. If you can't view the below changes, please clear your cache and reload the browser. 1) New charts to track progress of your Ads Performance: View historical charts of ACoS, CTR, Conversion Rate and number of Click for each campaign in your campaigns page. Sample screenshot is below. 2) We have added a bulk edit feature that allows you to modify AutoPilot for multiple campaigns at the same time. 3) We have also re-arranged the flow of the app to make it more dynamic and changes according to your profile. 4) We have made multiple iterations to our AI platform to optimize your bids better. If your profile is older than 30 days, you should be able to notice the performance improvements for your ads. We also worked on numerous bug fixes and cosmetic fixes on the UI. For October we have major updates planned, so stay tuned. Walk Through of Aihello:- https://www.aihello
AiHello AutoPilot PPC Specialists working for ecommerce businesses under the Hybrid Plan may require additional seller central permissions apart from handling your account on AiHello. The first step is to grant the AIHello PPC specialist permissions to manage your account. 1) Login to Amazon Seller Central, click on the settings (The cog wheel on top right) and in the menu that drops down click on User Permissions 2) The Users Permissions screen has changed recently. Click on Add User in the list of users screen. In the "Add User" screen enter the name of the specialist and and the email of the specialist. Your PPC Specialist will provide you with those details. Don't forget to check "Add to global account". Once you send the request, please wait till the Hybrid Specialist accepts your invitation. Once they have accepted the invite, you will be notified by Amazon and you can click on Manage Permissions and enable the below permissions. Please see the
      Hi there, welcome to AiHello AutoPilot. My name is Linara and in this video I am going to give you a very quick overview of of what is AutoPilot, how it works, how it will help you succeed as an Amazon seller. AutoPilot is an Amazon PPC Automation tool First off lets start with the basics: whats AutoPilot? AutoPilot is an amazon PPC automation that adjusts bids continuously in order to hit your target ACoS. The software not only optimizes your bids, it can also harvest and mine for keywords, transfer keywords from auto campaign to manual campaign, boost your placements and boost bids depending on the time of the day. We will talk in much more detail about all of these features in our later videos so make sure you hit the subscribe button down below. So coming back to the question of how it will help you There are multiple ways AI based automation can help you. First and most important is that it will help you save time and money spent on managing your Amazon PPC a
We had plenty of updates for March and almost all of them were suggestions by our customers. We strive to make you business a success and since we charge majorly for success we work tirelessly to ensure your success as that means we grow as well. Here are some quick updates 1 Time Machine: Now you can go faster or slower with AutoPilot velocity. Its highly recommended to always set it at Normal speed. However there might be situations where it pays to risk money to save time. In this case, set the AutoPilot to make faster updates which will risk money to find better performing products/campaigns/keywords faster. This is also useful for just launched products or campaigns which are taking longer to get the first sale. If your campaign is closer to your target ACOS and you are happy with the revenues, you can slow down AutoPilot to ensure that it doesn't make rapid drastic changes.   2.  Direct access to AutoPilot logs   Another great suggestion from one of our custom
We are excited to share with you an upgrade to our AutoPilot algorithm. The new changes includes bonus points if your keyword has more than average conversion performance of your campaign and penalty points if the keyword is performing worse relative to other campaigns. This means that if a specific keyword has good conversion ratio in the last quarter and it is currently performing poorly, autopilot will be more patient and provide more time for it to recover.Conversely if a keyword has historically poor conversion and also the current conversion performance is poor, it will be double penalized.This effectively brings out the best keywords on top and removes the clutter of non-performing keywords. Remember that the more keywords you have, the longer AutoPilot will take to fully optimize your campaigns. Additionally there are bonus points if the keyword has generated more than average sales in the last quarter and penalty points if the keyword has generated subpar sales. Comb
Imagine you plan to drive across your country and visit some cool places along the way.What is the most important technology you would need to have a successful enjoyable cross country trip?Most people take this for granted, but it’s our GPS. we don’t even need a separate device for it, it’s built into our phones. Twenty years ago people had to print out their maps, draw the route and and follow it. They had no idea of the traffic or the road closures or any alternative routes or diversions due to changing conditions. So why I am telling you this?Because people using rules based system are a lot like people downloading their maps and planning their journey rather than let an automated GPS show you the way.In this blog post I am going to walk you over some ways that Rules based PPC system is destroying your PPC game. - Death Spiral Of all the worst things that could happen when you use a rule based system this one stands out as the worst. So what’s the death spiral?Imagine that
Plenty of Updates for the year ending 2020. Few of them are summarized below - Placement Boost More details on this feature here 2) Auto Target Campaign Performance Charge AutoPilot for Autotargeted campaigns were upgraded with better forecasting algorithms. In our internal test, this performed 7x better than our existing algorithms and increased sales by more than 13% for our beta customers. After exhaustive testing and numerous iterations, we have released this to all of our customers.There are no settings for this features. All your Autotargeted campaigns will be automatically upgraded to use our new algorithms 3) Faster Dashboard This was the number 1 feature that we focussed on this month. We have tweaked, optimized and upgraded our UI for faster and responsive feedback. You can see it for yourself how snappier the new dashboard is now. There are more bug fixes and minor feature updates1) The default range of dates shown for all campaigns is now last 30 days (It used
  Being able to start your own brand along with an international business was not something that was easily available to entrepreneurs in the past. Getting products designed and made, having them shipped, then finally marketed and sold used to be a very strenuous process. It can still be a lot of work. However, with the way that Amazon is structured today, this option has never been more easily available for anyone.  Right now you can start your Amazon business with only a few hundred dollars, and you can do it all at your computer without ever having to hold or ship any inventory. This is all thanks to Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA). There are a few steps to take in order to go from 0 to having a product available to be sold on Amazon to millions of customers. Let’s explore those steps: Step 1 - Product research  This is actually the most important decision that you are going to make throughout this process. Even if you do everything else perfectly, it will be your product
For some sellers, putting their campaigns on AutoPilot will reduce their AdSpend and make their products profitable. However common side effects includes lowering of sales.Though this should be preferable to make lower sales but higher profit rather than selling more at a loss, some sellers would like to also increase their sales with AutoPilot Amazon PPC Automation. If that is you, then read on how you can accomplish this task by using a combination of following recommendations. 1) The first thing you should take note of is the CVR and CTR rates. More will be written about this in our subsequent blogs but for now note that CTR is the Click Through Rate and CVR is the Conversion Rate. CTR and CVR columns are available at Profile, Campaign, Group, Keyword and Targeting expression level. CTR is the percentage of people that look at your ad and click on it. CVR is the percentage of people that view your product and buy it.Your CTR and CVR rates depends on the category you are sell
Connecting your ad platform on is straight forward process and you can do it in couple of ways.You can either connect your Amazon Ad platforms from the setup wizard which pops up when you register and land on the dashboard for the first time or you can connect from the Campaigns connect page.If you accidentally dismissed the wizard or would like to bring up the wizard later, you can click on the quick action bar on the top and then click on the "Run Setup Wizard" button.You can also click on the "Amazon Ads" menu in the navigation bar on the left and then click on the "Connect" submenu. In the Amazon connections page, you will have a list of regions and a connect button below it. If you have already connected a platform the button will be highlighted green with "Connected" as it's caption.You can always click on it again to reconnect. If you wish to connect for the first time or if you would like to connect a new region, click
AiHello updates the reports from your campaigns frequently but the budget and status of the campaigns are updated weekly. If you update the budget for a campaign, enable/disable a campaign, create a new campaign or just want to get the latest campaign changes from Amazon, you can hit the refresh button in your profiles tab. You can access the profiles tab from your Campaigns page This process takes around 10-20 minutes and might take longer to complete depending on the number of campaigns you have and the number of keywords in each campaign. AiHello will start syncing all your campaigns with Amazon Advertising and start updating the campaigns one by one. You can refresh the page in sometime to get the latest campaigns and latest campaign updates.
We are excited to share new Automated Bulk Campaign creation feature for AiHello AutoPilot : Amazon PPC Automation Software. This enables you to create campaigns for unlimited SKUs, create auto and manual campaigns, setup AutoPilot PPC automation and link the auto to manual campaigns for keyword transfer. Once the campaigns are created, you can fine tune the AutoPilot parameter including target ACoS. Here are the steps and description to follow. Step 1: Click on the create Campaign Button. For the button to be enabled you must have selected only one profile so the system knows in which profile to create the campaigns. If you have selected no profiles or more than 1 the button is disabled.       Step 2 Now is the time to select all your skus for which you want to have the campaigns created. There are two ways to do this. Either search by the skus and select all the SKUs that match your search criteria. If you do not have MWS keys connected or if you are a KDP user or a M
November 2020: Create Campaigns Bulk: Allow the ability to create auto & manual campaigns in bulk from just providing the SKUs. The keywords for manual campaigns will be automatically harvested from existing campaigns, amazon suggestions or AiHello machine learning algorithms. December 2020: Manual AutoPilot: The new bids are offered as suggestion. This is for large agencies that need one extra step to manually approve new calculated bids. Bids can be approved as single or in bulk. Sponsored Brands: First release of Sponsored Brands Watch YouTube video for more understanding- Jan 2021: Sponsored Display : Images Sponsored Display: Videos   Feb 2021: Product Targetting: More refinement and better algorithms   April 2021: Instagram Ads:View data and insights AutoPilot for Instagram   June 2021: Facebook Ads: View Data and insights AutoPilot for facebook ads
One of our highly used feature in the AutoPilot is "Automated Keyword Harvesting" or keyword finder.  This feature of autopilot will find relevant, highly converting keywords and automatically add them to your campaigns every day. You can choose what type of keywords: Keywords that have made sales or keywords that have highest impressions or keywords with the highest clicks. Screenshot below on how it looks like within the autopilot settings. Few important things to note here - We find keywords with our AI as well as Amazon recommendation. Usually our AI outperforms Amazon Recommendations. -  New keywords have unknown CPC and influence your ACoS on the day it's added. - The default settings suits most sellers - Raising the number of keywords added daily influences the ACoS to a higher degree - Reducing the number of keywords or disabling the feature all together stabilizes the ACoS much more. In a nutshell, choose a balanced approach. If your ACoS i
Partnering up with a global 3PL (third-party logistics) warehouse network can give you an opportunity for unlimited potential by enabling you to accommodate growth and ensure optimal customer satisfaction and experience. If it’s your wish to make your business more seamless, cost-effective, and scalable, then an experienced 3PL warehouse network could be all you need. The role of logistics in e-commerce can never be underestimated today. If you’re wondering how you can quickly expand your e-commerce business, then here’s how a 3PL partner can effectively play a role: How to Scale Your e-Commerce Business with 3PL Flexibility and Scalability to Accommodate Growth The growth of e-commerce sales can be explosive and unpredictable. If you don’t act swiftly as you notice order volume increases- changing customer demands, seasonal promotions, and fluctuations in your business, then unlimited success may just be a dream. Growth requires you to have the right amount of wa
In Saudi Arabia, Amazon is thriving in a full-fledged method to attract customers in a long-term perspective. The online sales on these platforms are quite captivating and attractive, attracting a sizable audience to any certain brand goods. Today's online sales successfully balance the supply and demand of the goods to maximize efficiency. The sales process on Amazon is rather sophisticated and easy to use in order to build a lasting relationship with the buyer, seller, and customer. Launch of Amazon in Saudi Arabia The entrance of Amazon in Saudi Arabia by 17 June 2020 is the most exciting development for the Saudi Arabian public. For long-term growth, the website is expanding around the country and the Middle East to draw in clients. The fact that Amazon is present in Saudi Arabia and other nations in the middle east makes it simple to operate the platform successfully. It was simple to debut Amazon in Saudi Arabia because it collaborated with, a major online store, to
External traffic, or exposure to your products from sources other than Amazon, has long been a useful tool for Amazon merchants. Off-Amazon traffic provides several potential advantages, such as improved ranking power, more brand recognition, and the capacity to control your traffic source and develop a clientele. Cost, however, prevents many vendors from generating their traffic. It's true that many of the most effective sources of outside traffic, like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, may be pricey, especially when you're initially getting started. As a result, a lot of sellers opt to continue with Amazon PPC because it is more lucrative initially rather than investing in the long-term advantages of external traffic. Amazon is now launching a new initiative that will completely alter the playing field. The Brand Referral Bonus programme encourages sellers to generate their traffic, which makes it much simpler to be profitable when using paid advertisements or any other type of ex
April featured major upgrades to our AutoPilot. The algorithm is now Efficiently Updateable algorithm that mass updates the bids of keywords, targets and placements in one go rather than updating them individually. We also worked one making our platform easier to use, more responsive and with your feedback implemented more features to help your Amazon PPC Automation life easier. Amazon Sponsored Display: Major upgrades to Amazon Sponsored Display algorithm. AiHello AutoPilot PPC Automation can now better optimize your Sponsored Display ads including product targeting and category targeting. Off-Amazon marketing Audience re-marketing including off-amazon also received major upgrades this month. The AutoPilot PPC automation can now accurately and instantly forecast bids and optimize your existing campaigns in a short while. Sponsored Display is hard to manage manually with hundreds of moving pieces and is one the hardest puzzle to solve on Amazon ad platform. With our new AutoPil
This is an important and critical step while setting up your auto-campaigns on Amazon Advertising console/ Amazon seller central. While creating sponsored products auto-campaigns ensure that you set your auto campaigns to target groups by selecting "Set bids by targeting group" See screenshot below. This ensures that you are not overpaying for placing your products on substitutes and complements both of which usually have lower conversions, higher click throughs and lower sales ultimately resulting in very high acos. Select "Set bids by targeting group" and then change the bids for lower performing group and set it to low bids. Unfortunately this highly optimal setting is neither the default option of Amazon and to top it off, it's well hidden. This used to be the default option in 2019-20 and now the default option is the same bid across the group which results in extra expenditure for displaying ads which won't deliver optimal results. This was a
How to lower your amazon seller fees     The digital era has opened up new opportunities for those that are willing to start a business. If you are searching for a spot in the online market, Amazon can become a great marketplace for your company. In order to sell on Amazon, there are two options: either we take care of the entire selling process, or we rely on “Fulfillment By Amazon” (FBA). With FBA we basically "rent" space at the warehouses of the American company, which from that moment is the sole responsible of processing your shipments. For many companies, this represents a great advantage, since the logistic management of an e-commerce business can become a real headache. However, despite the attractiveness of this system, paying FBA fees can cut into your bottom line.      To combat overcrowding in their fulfillment center, Amazon began instituting a penalty on a low Inventory Performance Index (IPI) for their third-party sellers, who provide just over half of t
Millions of people around the world use Amazon to make purchases of all kinds of products. Regardless of whether or not you have your own e-commerce, we recommend you use it to increase your sales in the Online Channel. To this end, here are some tricks to improve your visibility in the # 1 marketplace and make it the best ally, either online or offline.   Optimize the product listing on Amazon. For this you have to follow the SEO guidelines that the same platform offers. A good Amazon title should include essential elements like the brand, the type of product, its material or ingredients, in case it is a consumable. In addition it is essential to add a keyword integrated in it and define the product (eg tool, phone, glasses, etc.) Including quality images is essential and if they are over 1000x1000 pixels, This will activate the zoom function to see your product in more detail. Amazon also allows you to define your own search terms for each product, through 5 fields that accept
Amazon provides a range of advertising solutions so you can decide who or what your advertisement targets as well as where it will appear. Sponsored Display Ads, formerly known as "Product Display Ads," are innovative remarketing advertising product from Amazon that enables you to display your ad to customers who have previously viewed your product or comparable products, used search terms related to your product, or purchased from you. Now let's discuss how display advertising can benefit your brand. You may find the answers to frequently asked questions, including What Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, where to locate them, whether you should use them, how to utilise them, and more, in this post. For a detailed explanation of Amazon's Sponsored Display Ads, continue reading. What Are Amazon Sponsored Display Ads? Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are providing enormous chances for advertisers using Amazon Ads. By connecting to appropriate audiences both on and off Amazon, it