Connecting your ad platform on is straight forward process and you can do it in couple of ways.You can either connect your Amazon Ad platforms from the setup wizard which pops up when you register and land on the dashboard for the first time or you can connect from the Campaigns connect page.If you accidentally dismissed the wizard or would like to bring up the wizard later, you can click on the quick action bar on the top and then click on the "Run Setup Wizard" button.You can also click on the "Amazon Ads" menu in the navigation bar on the left and then click on the "Connect" submenu.

In the Amazon connections page, you will have a list of regions and a connect button below it. If you have already connected a platform the button will be highlighted green with "Connected" as it's caption.You can always click on it again to reconnect.

If you wish to connect for the first time or if you would like to connect a new region, click on the connect button below the region.You will be taken to the Amazon Authorization page. You might be asked to login if you are not currently logged into Amazon.In the Amazon Authorization page, you can click on the Allow button to allow AiHello which will bring you back to the Amazon connect button and you will be show the status of your connection.If successful, AiHello will start syncing your platform immediately. The whole process takes around 20 minutes. In some case if you have a large number of campaigns with thousands of keywords it might take longer.

Head over the campaigns page and refresh it to check the sync status.

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