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Online eCommerce enterprises that use the Amazon selling platform have a variety of alternatives on how to approach their business. One of them is the possibility of using "Amazon Sponsored Products" advertising to raise product visibility and (hopefully) increase sales. Is Amazon Advertising, however, worthwhile? Does Amazon Advertising help organic sales? Yes is the short answer! Amazon's Sponsored Products advertising alternatives are crucial to your overall performance, not just for business on the popular marketplace platform. Businesses who use Amazon to expand their eCommerce reach should explore Amazon advertising if they want to see long-term growth. Advertising revenue on the online marketplace giant reached about $10 billion in the United States by 2019, accounting for roughly 8% of the digital ad market. As marketers recognise the platform's potential, it might be closer to a tenth of total US ad revenue by 2021. Sellers and corporations run their own Amaz
Amazon is a digital Mecca in the world of eCommerce. Amazon currently accounts for over half of all eCommerce sales (45%). Winning on Amazon is crucial for businesses and retailers. However, with more than 9.7 million vendors vying for first place—and new merchants joining every day—doing so is easier said than done. So, how can merchants, particularly smaller businesses, stand out in an overcrowded market? The answer is Amazon brand analytics. Here's how you can use it to your advantage. What Is Amazon Brand Analytics Tool and How Does It Work? The enormous retail behemoth just introduced ABA, a new "analytics" for its marketplace businesses (Amazon Brand Analytics). It's available to brand sellers who: - An internal brand employee -  And, who is in charge of selling the company's items on Amazon? "Brand Analytics is a feature that provides significant insights to enable Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and mar
The world's top ecommerce market is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to sell online, with about £12.84 billion in sales and 579.5 million visits to Amazon UK alone in 2020. Businesses should explore tapping into Amazon's multiple markets for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to fast increase revenue. Selling on the world's most popular commerce platform can be a wonderful way to gauge interest in your products without committing too much time and money to setting up your own web store and sales procedure. So, where do you begin? How much do items cost, and how do you list them? We'll walk you through all you need to know about setting up shop on Amazon, including possible earnings - and potential dangers – in this article. Who is eligible to sell on Amazon's marketplace? In exchange for a charge, Amazon Marketplace lets merchants and distributors to tap into Amazon's infrastructure and offer your products under their banner. Casual and profe
We often talk about how to sell on Amazon in the United States, but what about our Canadian friends? While Amazon Canada is not as large as Amazon United States, it is growing, and there is still plenty of room for Canadian merchants to succeed. Amazon Canada, in fact, attracts millions of unique visits each month - 15.9 million to be exact. We'll walk you through the simple start-up procedure if you're a current Amazon seller outside of Canada, or if you're a Canadian resident wishing to get started selling on Amazon. What are the benefits of selling on Canada is a beehive of potential for any Amazon seller, with income from e-Commerce sales expected to exceed 33 billion US dollars by 2024. (Source). This indicates that if you sell something to Canada, you can expect a 10% -20% increase in sales over The competition will continue to grow as grows in popularity among Canadians; but, if you decide to expand your Amazon business into Canada, n
Anyone may create a campaign for a product, run it for a certain length of time, and hope for sales. Marketers who do business in this manner are simply betting on finding a winner before their finances run out. In order to launch a successful Amazon ad campaign, they’re looking for a miraculous break. To be successful in the Amazon advertising sector, every Amazon seller must master the art of PPC Optimization and PPC Expansion. These are two competing yet balanced forces at work in every Amazon campaign, the yin and yang of Amazon PPC. Knowing how to optimize on Amazon requires mastering both of these skills. You spend more money on ads when you expand, but you get more clicks and conversions. You receive fewer clicks and conversions when you focus on optimization, but it's easier to keep your budget in check. In the end, it's a trade-off, and you'll need to create a balance between the two in order to expand your campaigns while staying under budget. We're goin
You're on Amazon to help more people learn about your company, purchase from it, and interact with it. Every aspect of your brand is significant, from your logo to your backstory to your top-selling items. Sponsored Brands may help you communicate a strong, on-brand narrative in addition to helping you build your audience. You have complete control over the design and meaning of your advertising, ensuring that they appropriately represent your brand and provide customers with a reliable, interactive experience. And that is where Sponsored Ads come in We'll show you all you need to know about Sponsored Brands in this guide, so you can connect your brand, product selection, and narrative with buyers all around the world shopping for similar items. What are Sponsored Brands? Sponsored Brands are fully customized advertising that includes your logo, a unique headline, and a variety of items. These advertisements display prominently in shopping results and product detail p
We had plenty of updates for March and almost all of them were suggestions by our customers. We strive to make you business a success and since we charge majorly for success we work tirelessly to ensure your success as that means we grow as well. Here are some quick updates 1 Time Machine: Now you can go faster or slower with AutoPilot velocity. Its highly recommended to always set it at Normal speed. However there might be situations where it pays to risk money to save time. In this case, set the AutoPilot to make faster updates which will risk money to find better performing products/campaigns/keywords faster. This is also useful for just launched products or campaigns which are taking longer to get the first sale. If your campaign is closer to your target ACOS and you are happy with the revenues, you can slow down AutoPilot to ensure that it doesn't make rapid drastic changes.   2.  Direct access to AutoPilot logs   Another great suggestion from one of our custom
With two-day shipping and nearly limitless products, sellers, and vendors, Amazon has raised the bar for online buying. If you've been selling on Amazon for a while, you're probably aware that being competitive isn't enough. Using Amazon Lightning Deals is one approach to entice your audience. They are Amazon promotional offers that are only available for a limited time. They usually last 4-6 hours on Amazon's Deals page. If you're running a Lightning Deal for your goods, you'll be able to quickly increase your sales. Running a successful Lightning Deal demands not just a thorough understanding of how they function, but also a rethinking of what to expect in terms of outcomes. It's not simply about making quick money. The risk is just as important as the return. We'll teach you all you need to know about Amazon Lightning Deals, including if they're worth your time and money. What are Amazon Lightning Deals? An Amazon Lightning Deal is a fla