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Make buying online a differential experience to buy in store A few years ago, all that mattered when buying online was that the price offered by the products was lower than that of the physical stores. Consumers based their interest in the online market in the fact that what they were going to find would be cheaper than what they found in stores as always. The price continues to be a differential element to buy on the internet, but it is not the only one that matters and is not the only one that pushes the consumer to the arms of the network. Online stores have to create a unique, quality experience that sets them apart from physical stores to attract consumers' attention. Let's follow the example of online furniture stores. How can you create a completely differentiating experience that makes consumers come to the network to get the products? Brands can draw on many elements that can create a potential for purchases that is even superior to that of physical stores. Online
If you have put your product on Amazon and have it listed, you are probably hoping that the description is perfect. Here is our checklist when it comes to your product listing. Do keep these in mind when cross checking your product descriptions Mention the benefits, not the features This is an elementary rule of selling anything. Don’t concentrate on the features of your product, concentrate on the benefits. The buyer is not interested in knowing what the product can do; she only wants to know how the product will benefit her. This is basic knowledge, and while it’s important to do this, you need to be careful about how you do it, too. Start with writing down everything you know about the product. Try and be interesting; be creative and witty. It’s okay to write anything good about your product, even things like the colour, the material, special features, or ergonomic comfort. Once you’ve done this, pick the best ones and rewrite them, this time focusing on the user and how it will