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March: Faster ppc automation,view logs directly, performance upgrades

March: Faster ppc automation,view logs directly, performance upgrades

We had plenty of updates for March and almost all of them were suggestions by our customers. We strive to make you business a success and since we charge majorly for success we work tirelessly to ensure your success as that means we grow as well.

Here are some quick updates

1 Time Machine:

Now you can go faster or slower with AutoPilot velocity. Its highly recommended to always set it at Normal speed. However there might be situations where it pays to risk money to save time. In this case, set the AutoPilot to make faster updates which will risk money to find better performing products/campaigns/keywords faster.
This is also useful for just launched products or campaigns which are taking longer to get the first sale.
If your campaign is closer to your target ACOS and you are happy with the revenues, you can slow down AutoPilot to ensure that it doesn't make rapid drastic changes.


2.  Direct access to AutoPilot logs


Another great suggestion from one of our customer. You don't have to fiddle around in AutoPilot logs to find the campaign and check your logs. Just click the logs button next to the campaign and check what our AutoPilot has done to help you out.


3. Mobile Friendly


We are working to make our app more mobile friendly and made significant progress over the last few weeks. You should be able to do major activities like connect amazon ads, setup autopilot, view ad stats etc from your mobile or tablet.

4. Performance tweaks to AutoPilot logic for keywords with very low bids and are severely under-performing. We had some minor issues with keywords that have a very low bid (less than 25 cents) and has severely under performing history. AutoPilot would refuse to lower the bid any more. With our recent updates, the bids can be lowered even further till the minimum allowed bid by Amazon.


Other changes include
1) Your currency preferences in ads dashboard are saved across sessions

2) Connecting MWS is now one step process and you don't have to run the Setup Wizard all over again.

3) Create Campaign functionality has been upgraded to get better quality keywords

4) The UI for create campaign button has been updated to show a error message if you have not selected a profile. Earlier the button was just disabled and confusing to users.


For April we have "Campaign Audit" feature planned. This is an exciting feature where our AI will recommend what you should do to revamp under performing campaigns.

That's it for March. Keep marching ahead!
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AiHello AutoPilot RoadMap 2021

Amazon PPC Automation Software: AiHello AutoPilot Roadmap.

We are releasing our internal roadmap for building and releasing our roadmap in order to better help your ecommerce business scale up.

March 2021

  • Sponsored Display: Campaigns, Reports and AutoPilot support (Released on March 23)

  • Support for better campaign creation for UAE, India, Japan and Australia (Released on March 20)

  • Support for campaign creation for KDP, Merch By Amazon (Released on March 7th)


April 2021

  • Self Support: Deactivate your account via preferences pages (Released on March 28)

  • Automated Amazon Ads Audit Reports. This will let you find out why some campaigns perform good while others don't

  • Actionable items Weekly Email. This will be sent on Mondays and will display your highest priority actionable items suggested for the coming week

  • AI analysis of Product Targeting campaigns and automatically add/remove targeted products.

  • Organic sales boost via AutoPilot (Exciting new feature!)

May 2021

  • Improve Automated Day Parting for faster forecasts. AutoPilot will start automated day parting in one week rather than the current 3 months period (Exciting feature!)

  • Automated creation of Sponsored Display campaigns

  • Your PPC trends and any drastic changes to acos, revenue, click through ratio or conversion ratio. This will help you A/B test your Amazon campaigns and watch the progress.

  • Improve Keyword miner and automated harvesting to find better keywords, competitor keywords

  • Ad network for your Shopify and Woocommerce shops (Exciting feature!)

June 2021

  • Automated Creation of Sponsored Brand Campaigns

  • Amazon DSP Support

July 2021

  • Video Editing feature for Sponsored Brands videos

  • Video Library to quickly create Sponsored Brand videos for all your campaigns

  • Create Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand campaigns from existing sponsored Products

  • Automated creation of video ads for Sponsored Brands (Exciting feature!)


We will be adding more features as we get more feedback from you. Feel free to live chat with us or send us an email about your thoughts and ideal to help you scale
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Amazon PPC Automation: Bid vs Acos analysis

Amazon PPC Automation: Bid vs Acos analysis

As a part of ongoing initiative at AiHello to make PPC Ads optimization more efficient, we are working to upgrade all our algorithms from our current ARIMA model to a CNN or a LSTM model.
We will be running a series of tests and comparing the results between simple regression, machine learning by CNN, machine learning by LSTM and finally using Deep Learning by other Neural Networks.
Our initial observation and hypothesis is that bids are affected by seasonal variations. We will be running a non-time series machine learning via CNN and a time-series based LSTM network and comparing their differences.
The below post outlines the initial data, observation and analysis of data.

  1. Data Scale/size

1.1)  There are around 40k distinct keyword IDs in the dataset, with an average of 7 days records for each keyword ID. Most keywords have a one-week record rather than a long-term record.

1.2) Removing the Sales = 0 Records:

Over 83% of the data having Sales = 0, which indicates that most keywords ID fail, resulting in zero sales.

We drop the Sales = 0 rows, and there are around 8k keyword IDs left, However, the continuity of records decreases, compared with the original dataset. This indicates that even though lots of keyword ID fails the client still would like to try the ad bidding strategy for a longer time.

2. Correlation Analysis

1) Linear Correlation Check by Pearson Correlation

The Pearson Correlation Matrix indicates that there is a positive linear relationship between the Sales and the Bid Price, and a positive linear correlation between the Sales and Cost. However, the ACOS does not have an obvious linear correlation with Bid Price, Cost, or Sales. The reason might be ACOS is impacted by multiple factors, or it might because the correlation is non-linear.

[caption id="attachment_3697" align="aligncenter" width="408"] Original Data[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3706" align="aligncenter" width="449"] Without Sales = 0[/caption]

2.2) Data Plotting Visualization

To better understand the relationship between Cost, Sales, and ACOS, we plot the data distribution. We have the following findings: most data are not in a 1-v-1 relationship, for example, one ACOS can be mapped to multiple sales, bid prices, and costs. This finding proves the ACOS is impacted by multiple factors, instead of one. The second finding is the relationship between the data is non-linear, which means the basic linear regression is unable to handle the regression problem between ACOS and Bid Price. Another finding is the profit pattern, indicated on the right-lower figure. The figure plots Cost versus Sales and the size and color of the scatter points indicates the ACOS values, the smaller and darker scatter point means the ACOS is lower, in other words, it is more profitable. It can be found there are two obvious groups of ACOS: blue group and red group. The red group contains the keyword IDs that spend less cost but gain more sales than the blue group.

3. Trending Analysis

1) All Data

The data covers from April 2020 to February 2021, and are Min-Max normalized. The Sales changes significantly, especially after Sept 2020. Bid Price increases since Oct 2020. Please note there can be some bias caused by the currency rate due to many Japanese clients. It shows the ACOS does not vary very much, compared with Sales. Since ACOS = Cost/ Sales, it eliminates the impact of the currency rate naturally, it is only biased by the regional market condition. From ACOS, we find there is a peak region between Oct to Nov 2020, indicating the ad campaign works well at that time period, with less cost but more sales. The reason behind that might because of clients, or because of the market.

3.2) ACOS with Different Keyword Match Type

It turns out that the keyword with different match types could result in slightly different ACOS, especially from the data before Sept 2020. After Sept 2020, the difference tends to be decreased. After Nov 2020, ACOSs are almost in the same distribution. Combining with the figure from slide page 5, which says there are much more data from after Oct 2020, we could say once we have large enough data, we can see that the ACOSs of different keyword match types are almost the same.

3.3) ACOS and Bid Price with Different Keyword Match Type

Even though the ACOS of different keyword match types might be identical, the bid prices for different match types are not the same. The exact match type and broad match type have very similar bidding price distribution, but the phrase type is different. (Note the y-axis values and the trend.) This might indicate the relationship between the bidding price and ACOS may be different for different keyword match types.



4. Bias Analysis

The exploration results may be biased by the currency rate and the regional market condition.
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AutoPilot Update: Special keywords & Finetuning AutoPilot

AutoPilot Update: Special keywords & Finetuning AutoPilot

We are releasing couple of updates to our AutoPilot sysem.
1) Fine tuning AutoPilot for special keywords. Now you can override AutoPilot for special keywords to help you achieve your goal faster. We have written an exhaustive blog over here:

2) You can filter campaigns by only AutoPilot and "Not on AutoPilot". This will help you quickly see which campaigns are on autopilot or vice versa.

Minor updates includes:

  • Changes to the UI making it more compact so you can see more of data in one screen.

  • All your filtering & sorting preferences are saved so that anytime you login your favorite filter and sort is loaded up automatically.

  • Your region selection is saved if you have multiple regions connected.

  • New Ads dashboard that displays all your profiles across all your regions. We wil soon be displaying forecasts and actionable items in this dashboard.

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