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We’ve been working on upgrading our AiHello Autopilot with new features and better algorithms, and until recently, we only had an individual account. We’ve been focused on building a great core experience for our customers, and so far we think we’ve done that. But we always knew we’d need a team account, and when we started building it, we wanted the experience to be on par with the rest of the product. If you’re like us and started managing your Amazon account. with only an individual account, you know how exciting adding on a team account can be. It’s something our customers have been asking for and for a very good reason: Selling on Amazon and running an ecommerce business can be an exhaustive venture. It's almost impossible to do it alone. You always need a specialist or team member or mentor to guide you at various stages of your business. And to help you with this various stages, we're releasing the team member feature. This feature is available to all editions
Using search volume to calculate the number of giveaway units needed to drive product ranking is an is inefficient method. Way of launching your products. A number of sellers are running their giveaways and launching their product on Amazon wine by giving away free product In hopes of boosting their product ranking. Most sellers use keyword search volume as a basis for determining how many products to give away. This can be a wrong and inefficient way to do it. As a result of these incorrect suggestions, many sellers are wasting thousands of dollars in extra inventory and advertising spend. Due to this inefficiencies we have created this Amazon launch calculator that gives you a very good idea of how many products to give away to launch your product. We hope you enjoy this product.
What is the Amazon A9 algorithm? Want to increase the ranking of your product in the amazon search results? Then it is important for you to know about the Amazon A9 algorithm. Amazon A9 algorithm is a system that will decide the ranking of your products in the Amazon search results. It helps the customers find the most relevant product through the search keywords. This also helps the Amazon sellers gain traffic for their products which in turn leads to a higher ranking of the products. Amazon A9 algorithm considers the sales conversions too unlike the Google algorithm. This will lead to products that have more sales history ranking higher and better than those with fewer sales history. This is because the A9 algorithm of Amazon will promote the products that are most likely to be sold compared to other products. Amazon’s A9 algorithm takes relevancy, reviews, keywords, sales history, product promotions, search terms, availability of the product, price, and many more into considerat
On the Amazon selling platform, online eCommerce businesses have a variety of alternatives on how to approach their business. One of them is the ability to employ "Amazon Sponsored Products" advertising to promote products and increase sales. Is it, however, worthwhile to spend money on Amazon advertising? Is it possible for Amazon Sponsored Products to generate higher revenue? In this article we will answer all your queries. What exactly are Amazon Sponsored Ads ? Amazon Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) model that differs from that of certain other marketplaces, such as eBay Promoted Listings, which uses a PPS (pay-per-sale) funding model. On Amazon, there is a direct link between advertisements and organic search. The platform's purpose is to generate revenue by displaying high-converting and best-selling items that are related to the inquiry. As a result, Amazon aims to prioritize the goods that are most likely to sell, i.e. those with a solid track record
What is amazon advertising? Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces. It’s so famous amongst online buyers that a number of them are so dependable to Amazon that they won’t even bear in mind shopping merchandise off the platform. Amazon’s main role is going hand in hand with excessive opposition amongst Amazon dealers. Thus, Amazon Advertising is developing and dealers want a strategic and bendy marketing and marketing plan on the way to carry them the pleasant feasible ROI. Simply put, advertising on Amazon is much like advertising on Google Ads. When you type in a keyword withinside the Amazon search field and outcomes seem, a number of the pinnacle outcomes could be subsidized posts - those are taken into consideration Amazon Ads. They are denoted with subtle “subsidized” or “ad” text. Advertisers who need to benefit from greater visibility to their merchandise on Amazon pay for those positions via way of means of bidding on particular keywords, with a purpose to result in be
Amazon SEO : A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Higher Product Rankings In today's complicated, multichannel eCommerce world, using Amazon is not only a luxury but also a need for merchants looking to develop a successful brand. Amazon merchants understand that improving their Amazon listings has a direct impact on their product rankings – and sales. What most sellers don't know is how to create a winning Amazon SEO plan and beat the Amazon A9 algorithm. There are numerous misconceptions regarding Amazon SEO and how it works. Given this, AiHello has created a comprehensive guide that not only explains how Amazon's product ranking algorithm works but also emphasises the essential methods and tools for outranking your competition. So, let's get started. Understand How Amazon Search Works Amazon, like Google and other related search engines, uses an algorithm to rank products for specific keyword queries, taking into account a variety of parameters. Amazon s
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Tired of high Amazon Campaign ACoS and don't know where to start? We are excited to introduce you our first step in IntelliScore for your campaigns. This is a scoring system that our algorithm assigns for each of your campaign. The score is blended score of number of Ad Groups, number of products, conversion rate (CVR), click through rate (CTR), Advertising Cost (ACoS) and general trend of sales.The score is wholly based on your campaign information and a low score means there is much more opportunity for your to optimize and tweak the campaigns. A score of below 20 usually means its in critical state and it might be worthwhile to just archive the campaign and start a new one. It is usually recommended to create a campaign from within AiHello as that will help you create the campaign in the right structure. If you can't see the "IntelliScore", click on the Actions button on the right and then click "Reset Layout" We will soon be adding reasons fo
Amazon has a new way for Amazon sellers to request reviews from their customers within Seller Central: Amazon’s "Request a Review" button. This feature is easy to access and can help you boost your product reviews and ratings, improve your Conversion Rate (CVR) for your ecommerce products and in turn helping you to be more competitive on Amazon. AiHello AutoPilot now allows Amazon sellers a completely automated review request experiencewith Review Solicitation Automation.Just switch ON the Solicitation and AiHello users can automatically send review requests for all orders that have been delivered For your Ads on AutoPilot this will be an important tool since this improves your Conversion Rate (CVR) and your CVR rate under pins your ACoS in a major way Higher CVR eventually leads to lower Advertising Costs (ACoS) We hope you find this feature useful and use it to grow your business.
Customers in Sweden can start shopping on from Q4 2020,for more than 150 million products across more than 30 categories and reliable, free delivery on eligible orders above SEK 229 that are fulfilled by Amazon. Customers can shop from thousands of European and local Swedish businesses on If you are a seller on Amazon Sweden, we have added support for Amazon AutoPilot, Automated Product reviews soliciation and Amazon Sweden Advertising management Additionally we have first class support of our Specialists for AutoPilot Hybrid program to launch your products on Amazon Sweden if you are thinking of expanding your Amazon selling to Sweden. In Connect page, simply click on Amazon Sweden flag to connect your Amazon Sweden to AiHello In Connect page, simply click on Amazon Sweden flag to connect your Amazon Sweden to AiHello
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Imagine changing hundreds of bids, pausing keywords, and/or creating thousands of campaigns in just a few clicks. You can already do that with Bulk Files from Amazon but if you need even further fine tuned editing then we have that covered. Select your campaigns (single or multiple), choose the adgroups and in the keywords tab you can select as many keywords as you want and perform bulk action on your keywords. You can enable/disable, change the bid or even change the AutoPilot max bid or AutoPilot max acos. The last two are important if you have several important keywords across multiple campaigns and you want to set a different max bid and max acos for those keywords. A screenshot of how to perform this activity is given below. Q4 is our sprint month. We are sprinting with features to help you conquer the last quarter!
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With over 2,000 new sellers joining the Amazon marketplace every day, you must always be aware of what your rivals are up to. To go ahead, you need to know precisely what your rivals are doing: how they price their items, where they source their materials, what their product quality is like, how they promote their products, what's in their listing content, and so on. There is just one factor that separates top-earning Amazon sellers from the others, and that is research. Competitor analysis is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to running a successful business. Check out this post to learn more about competition analysis on Amazon, whether you want to do it yourself or subscribe to an Amazon rival analysis service. How to identify and define your Amazon competitors One of the most important factors to consider when performing product research for your Amazon business is competition from sellers who sell comparable items. If you don't know who your competitors are, how ca
Q3 was a big milestone for AiHello. We started on Managed Services where we will handle all your PPC Management and even include listing optimization. We have major plans for Q4 and have the following features planned out. - Invite Users to your account to help you manage your account. Right now this can only be accomplished by raising a ticket with our support. In Q4 we intend to release this feature to everyone to help them invite their team members to help them manage their PPC account. - Score for campaigns. A health bar that shows your campaigns health and details stats about it. - Quick suggestions for improving campaigns. Click on scoreboard to see suggestions for improving your campaign performance. - Show Keywords harvested by AutoPilot: Currently the keywords that are transferred from AutoCampaign or harvested in Manual PPC Campaigns are buried in AutoPilot logs. New module will surface these keywords and make it readily available to you. - Smart filter for campaigns-
This is the roadmap for AiHello AutoPilot for last quarter of 2021; some of these features might spill over into next quarter. This is going to be an eventful quarter for most sellers as supply chain backlog issues are causing PPC bids to spike. We will be focussing most of this quarter on our customers success with our specialist. However this does not mean we will be slowing down our tech growth. Below are some of the features that we plan to release for AutoPilot. The ones in italics have already been released. - Customer search term transfer from Manual Campaigns to other Manual Campaigns - AutoPilot v3 - Keyword Research Module. - Urgent email tasks: (high ctr, high cvr, too many targets, too many products) - AutoPilot tab:a. Switch on AutoPilot wizardb. Show stats about autopilot - Better recommendations by campaign audita. Release Budget suggestion module b. Warning if majority of your keywords are hitting ceiling for autopilot with no impressionsd. Warning if Campaig
Welcome to June! May had major release to AutoPilot algorithm know as "Jump Start". It's by default switched off for all users and you can switch it on from your AutoPilot settings. However in few weeks, we will be switching it on for all users in a rolling update. More Major changes include 1) Campaign Audit: As promised in our last feature update, we now have the ability for you to diagnose your campaigns and find out what's wrong with it. You can run your campaign through our Campaign Audit module and it will rank each part of your campaign including products, keywords, CVR, CTR and much more. If you have recently synced wait for at least a week to get the best results. 2) Keyword Quality: In your Keywords tab we have two new columns: Keyword Quality Score and Keyword Quality Rank. Keywords are ranked by their future potential not their past performance! For your manual campaigns especially for campaigns with hundreds of keywords, this will rank the keyword