We had plenty of updates for March and almost all of them were suggestions by our customers. We strive to make you business a success and since we charge majorly for success we work tirelessly to ensure your success as that means we grow as well.

Here are some quick updates

1 Time Machine:

Now you can go faster or slower with AutoPilot velocity. Its highly recommended to always set it at Normal speed. However there might be situations where it pays to risk money to save time. In this case, set the AutoPilot to make faster updates which will risk money to find better performing products/campaigns/keywords faster.
This is also useful for just launched products or campaigns which are taking longer to get the first sale.
If your campaign is closer to your target ACOS and you are happy with the revenues, you can slow down AutoPilot to ensure that it doesn't make rapid drastic changes.


2.  Direct access to AutoPilot logs


Another great suggestion from one of our customer. You don't have to fiddle around in AutoPilot logs to find the campaign and check your logs. Just click the logs button next to the campaign and check what our AutoPilot has done to help you out.


3. Mobile Friendly


We are working to make our app more mobile friendly and made significant progress over the last few weeks. You should be able to do major activities like connect amazon ads, setup autopilot, view ad stats etc from your mobile or tablet.

4. Performance tweaks to AutoPilot logic for keywords with very low bids and are severely under-performing. We had some minor issues with keywords that have a very low bid (less than 25 cents) and has severely under performing history. AutoPilot would refuse to lower the bid any more. With our recent updates, the bids can be lowered even further till the minimum allowed bid by Amazon.


Other changes include
1) Your currency preferences in ads dashboard are saved across sessions

2) Connecting MWS is now one step process and you don't have to run the Setup Wizard all over again.

3) Create Campaign functionality has been upgraded to get better quality keywords

4) The UI for create campaign button has been updated to show a error message if you have not selected a profile. Earlier the button was just disabled and confusing to users.


For April we have "Campaign Audit" feature planned. This is an exciting feature where our AI will recommend what you should do to revamp under performing campaigns.

That's it for March. Keep marching ahead!

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