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Amazon is a digital Mecca in the world of eCommerce. Amazon currently accounts for over half of all eCommerce sales (45%). Winning on Amazon is crucial for businesses and retailers. However, with more than 9.7 million vendors vying for first place—and new merchants joining every day—doing so is easier said than done. So, how can merchants, particularly smaller businesses, stand out in an overcrowded market? The answer is Amazon brand analytics. Here's how you can use it to your advantage. What Is Amazon Brand Analytics Tool and How Does It Work? The enormous retail behemoth just introduced ABA, a new "analytics" for its marketplace businesses (Amazon Brand Analytics). It's available to brand sellers who: - An internal brand employee -  And, who is in charge of selling the company's items on Amazon? "Brand Analytics is a feature that provides significant insights to enable Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product
The world's top ecommerce market is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to sell online, with about £12.84 billion in sales and 579.5 million visits to Amazon UK alone in 2020. Businesses should explore tapping into Amazon's multiple markets for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to fast increase revenue. Selling on the world's most popular commerce platform can be a wonderful way to gauge interest in your products without committing too much time and money to setting up your own web store and sales procedure. So, where do you begin? How much do items cost, and how do you list them? We'll walk you through all you need to know about setting up shop on Amazon, including possible earnings - and potential dangers – in this article. Who is eligible to sell on Amazon's marketplace? In exchange for a charge, Amazon Marketplace lets merchants and distributors to tap into Amazon's infrastructure and offer your products under their banner. Casu
Perpetua is a popular Amazon PPC automation tool that helps sellers with their advertising. They’re known for their sleek user interface, their AI-driven bids and the market intelligence tools they offer. Like any other software, however, Perpetua has its downsides. Like the fact that they need you to shut down your old campaigns to work. Or that the campaign structure they make you use is not good for performance, or that the software works as a black box, which leaves you with no control over how your campaigns are run.  Fortunately, though, there are plenty of other great PPC tools to pick from. Keep reading to learn about our top picks. 1. AiHello AiHello is a complete end to end PPC software solution. This means that in addition to bid automation, they also offer a completely automated campaign creator, an efficient keyword management system and a dedicated Amazon expert to help you with strategy and implementation. Features Complete Campaign
People have been utilizing Amazon for years as a method to make money online while maintaining a laptop lifestyle. E-commerce has flourished, with more and more people using their computers to buy almost anything and having it delivered to their door in a matter of days. With an average monthly traffic of 3.76 million visits in 2020, Amazon was the most frequented online retail website. It's no wonder that small and medium-sized enterprises want a piece of that traffic and money, but it comes at a price. In this post, I'll explain how Amazon FBA works, whether it's still worth considering, and what you, as the seller, are liable for when utilizing it. What is Amazon FBA, exactly? Fulfillment by Amazon is a service provided by Amazon that allows third-party businesses to automate their order fulfillment and delivery processes. It's a rather straightforward concept: sellers sell, and Amazon ships. Anyone who signs up for Amazon FBA may have Amazon manage every
The advertising possibilities on Amazon are far more effective than you might expect. Even if your customers haven't arrived yet, Amazon advertising alternatives can put you in front of them. This is due to the fact that their ad solutions are not platform-specific. Every month, Amazon receives over 2 billion visitors (Source). If you're a brand looking to extend beyond Amazon and reach new customers, the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP) could be the answer. Amazon became a profit haven for sellers from all over the world. All a seller has to do is post the goods, create the brand, collect reviews, and sponsor their products, and sales and money will follow. Sellers and their items multiplied like wildfire and continue to do so, while client numbers stayed constant. Because client numbers do not increase with search advertising, total sales with Amazon advertising via console are limited, resulting in a bottleneck situation. Isn't it true that Amazon requires consume
Starting your own business appears to be a simple task. Most individuals, however, only see the tip of the iceberg. They realize the benefits that come with starting their own business. However, they are clueless about the procedure for getting there. Creating marketing strategies that are productive for your Amazon business is one of those steps. Why should a business use an Amazon marketing agency in the first place? What benefits do they gain from working with an Amazon seller consultant? Over the course of time, the methodologies employed in marketing have undergone significant transformation. It is imperative for businesses to remain abreast of prevailing trends to maintain a competitive advantage. Digital marketing changed the way organizations interact with their customers. Creating a website for your company and running advertisements isn’t enough. You should make sure your company is running on a reputable eCommerce platform. With so many responsibilities on your plate, co
Looking to learn how to increase sales on Amazon?  Truth is, being an Amazon seller isn't as easy as it used to be. The algorithm is constantly changing and the competition is fiercer than ever - but some brands are still killing it.  How are they doing this? By using the right strategies… In this article, we’ll reveal our 19 favorite strategies that we used to sell over $2 billion on Amazon and we’ll break down the advice for both new and seasoned sellers. Expand Your Reach The most obvious, and probably most effective, way to get more sales on Amazon is to just reach more people, and reaching more people means showing up on more keywords. This can be done by adding new keywords to your old campaigns or setting up new campaigns from scratch. In the screenshots below, you can see one of our accounts here at AiHello before and after we added 1734 new keywords in. There are a few ways to find high-impact keywords that you can use to increase your sales on Amazon. The mo