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How the media and social networks impact on impulsive buying

Social networks have created a new way of communicating. They have become a kind of inevitable, prominent element. We are all connected to all of our contacts and we are at the same moment in which we do things. We are on vacation, we upload a photo of our glorious hotel breakfast. We buy a product, we quickly tell it on Facebook or Twitter sharing how good (or bad) the experience has been. We share the information in real time and receive the information in real time and that has completely changed how we relate to it. And if things start to be so immediate, our reaction to them also begins to be so. We are always in a sort of real-time conversation with others and we are always commenting on what happens in the moment that happens. But this immediacy has not only an impact on information and our reaction to it but also modifies other elements. Our buying habits and purchasing decisions are greatly modified by what happens in social networks. The social environment has be

Maintaining Optimal Inventory with AiHello

Inventory forecasting is the need of the time for retailers as well as wholesalers. They can use it to determine their requirement of goods or inventory in the near future. It is mainly a predictive analysis that is mainly based on the reorder points and the order quantities. The reorder points tell us when we should order a particular inventory item and the Economic Order Quantity tells us how much we should order. Both are evaluated using special formulas. There are many factors involved in the process of stock forecasting. For example, there is a forecast period for which the prediction is made, the trends of the items in terms of their sale, and the base demand or the current supply of the goods. It is paramount for any retail business owner to have a complete analysis of his present stock and the future state of his inventory leveraged with the demand of the consumes. Estimating the future product demands is the starting point for any business to begin planning a

Why do consumers buy more and more online?

In recent years, consumers have begun to buy more and more over the internet. This has completely changed how it is consumed, how products are sold and how positioning strategies are created for them. Stores have to play with new rules and brands have to move in a scenario that is completely different from what they had in the beginning. Things have become something very different, something that brands and consumers have to keep in mind. What has pushed consumers into the arms of e-commerce? Everyone has their own story of why and how they started buying online, but the truth is that, if you analyze all those stories and all those testimonies, you can find some guidelines that explain this boom in e-commerce. Consumers value comfort One of the great tricks of e-commerce and one of the reasons that lead many buyers to make their purchases through it is in the ease of buying. One can simply have what it wants and search with a few clicks and sometimes (thanks to easier

Those over 50, the new opportunity for electronic commerce

Millennials have ceased to be the future of electronic commerce in favor of Silver Internet users. Internet use among those over 65 has increased greatly in recent years. The first users of Internet shopping were the Millennials, however, this generation has lost purchasing power in favor of their parents and grandparents, who are maintaining stable incomes and even pensions, have more time available and money to spend on the Internet. On the other hand, the population of the whole world is aging. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more people over 65 in the world than children under 14. In particular, the number of adults over the age of 80 is expected to quadruple by 395 million. The idea that Internet and online shopping are oblivious to this older consumer has become obsolete, however, the budget allocated to this target audience in marketing departments is minimal. However, online retailers are not easy because the category of over 50 is very varied