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AutoPilot October Update: Better charts, bulk enable Amazon PPC Automation and more

We had some great new features released for AiHello AutoPilot this month. If you can't view the below changes, please clear your cache and reload the browser. 1) New charts to track progress of your Ads Performance: View historical charts of ACoS, CTR, Conversion Rate and number of Click for each campaign in your campaigns page. Sample screenshot is below. 2) We have added a bulk edit feature that allows you to modify AutoPilot for multiple campaigns at the same time. 3) We have also re-arranged the flow of the app to make it more dynamic and changes according to your profile. 4) We have made multiple iterations to our AI platform to optimize your bids better. If your profile is older than 30 days, you should be able to notice the performance improvements for your ads. We also worked on numerous bug fixes and cosmetic fixes on the UI. For October we have major updates planned, so stay tuned.

Machine Learning in Demand Forecasting: The Hero of Supply Chain

  Many business executives complain that the top pain point to them is the sudden negative variations in the demand of the product. Changes that no one saw it coming! The world’s largest IT research firm, Gartner came up with a term for the same problem that many organizations suffer from : Demand Volatility.    There are numerous factors that affect the demand of a particular product or service, be it weather fluctuations, trends, availability of alternatives, period of recession and looking at the power of Social media- even posts by Social influencers or celebrities impact the buyers.     For instance, let's look at both sides of the coin here.    Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch startup, is one company that uses a global network of influencers to market their watches. One of the influencers on Instagram posted an eye-catching and well-composed image with a caption that not only talked about the watch in photo but also how her followers could get one with a discount. Due to it

A Tour into the World of Amazon SEO

  SEO, keyword research, optimization- these are some of the terms relevant for online content to rank high in search engines. But do you consider only Google while optimizing your content?    Well, let me tell you that Amazon SEO is equally important if you want to up your game of selling any products online!    If you go on Amazon, you will see that there is a search bar where customers or potential buyers do their searches. Now if you want your products to rank first in the search list and want to increase your sales, then you must be well aware of Amazon SEO procedure. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that Amazon is a buying platform; hence the working of Amazon SEO is a tad bit different from Google SEO.    Why Amazon ranking is better and crucial is because, in these past decades, the growth of Amazon is humungous. It has become one of the most trusted and biggest e-commerce sites. And obviously, as a seller you want your product to be listed on top of Amazon searches so that i

The Art Of Amazon PPC Optimization

  Amazon is epitome of the saying- “ Little drops of water make a mighty ocean ”. Amazon has flourished into an international E-commerce company with separate retail websites in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and so on. According to the latest reports published by Statista , during the second quarter of 2020, Amazon generated total net sales of almost 88.91 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing even the 87.44 billion U.S. dollars in the holiday season quarter of 2019. When Amazon emerged as a powerful advertising giant, it threatened those already in the run for almost a decade like Google and Facebook. The executives of Amazon realized that they were sitting on the top of the most valuable online asset that is Data, which they could monetize somehow without any negative impacts on the customer’s experience. The company also grew as one of the biggest search engines in the world. All this led them to innovate and grow into advertising and marketing,

Role of AI in Advertising

ROLE OF AI IN ADVERTISING  Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, has now become an integral part of our daily lives. AI-based technologies heavily influence both our personal and professional lives, be it Alexa, chatbots or the recommendation tools on Netflix, Youtube and Spotify.     In a similar manner, it has changed the face of advertising!   AI can be considered as a revolutionary thing in the advertising and marketing sector. With AI, the procedure of creating ads, buying ads and targeting the right audience has become simple with less or no human intervention.    AI uses ML or Machine Learning algorithms that can predict responses of customers and use it in ad platforms towards specific ads. In Fact, AI has totally taken over the world of advertising, and it has the capability of doing every task that brands require for advertising.    This article will bring forth how AI is genuinely transforming the advertising industry and what is the role of AI in advertising. The a

Marketing Automation In E-Commerce : The Light At The End Of Tunnel

Let's start with the term Automation, shall we? The dictionary defines automation as the method to make an apparatus or a system to work automatically. In this modern world the unsung value of Automation has been recognized by many industries of diverse fields . So, the experts define automation with more clarity as “the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention”. Automation in today’s era plays a key role as it comprises vital elements, processes and job functions. We can apply automation from scratch up to making the final product. Automation has its major influences also on marketing and sales management.   Influence of Automation on Marketing, want to know more? Keep on reading. There goes a saying, “IF CONTENT IS THE KING, MARKETING IS THE QUEEN”. Let’s face the reality, it becomes utmost difficult for business owners especially small ones who have just kept their foot in the market, to do tasks related