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The lack of information or provide contradictory documentation on shipping costs or exceptions that are not admissible to the right of withdrawal are just some of the most common faults that can be found when buying online. Information not available or contradictory about the shipping costs. Often online retailers are missing information on shipping options. In many cases users find that the expenses indicated previously do not match the calculated actual expenses of the final shipment. It should be added to this situation that information on shipping costs is often incomplete: not all countries to which the products are supplied are listed, missing details and weights of the product groups and have not been registered possible reimbursement expenses that may arise. How to solve it? Before the customer places a product in the shopping list, he must be able to calculate the shipping costs, including additional costs, such as a shipment per carrier. If the shipping costs have bee
  Entrepreneurship is essential for the development of your sales force. Companies that are doing well right now have a winning scenario, a code, a mind, a precise way of working with their customers. Entrepreneurship is above all, including when choosing your salespeople. A lack of definition of your codes and your commercial approaches is tantamount to failures in recruitment. A commercial approach can not be improvised. To sell, you need a mix of selling techniques and commercial qualities of the seller: enthusiasm, situational intelligence, persuasion, etc. The fact remains that the ecommerce developmentor Magento developmentis better placed to get recommendations and advices. Have you prospected and targeted your potential customers upstream? Most companies face the same issues in the field of sales. - Sales growth is sluggish - Most sales and margin are based on a small number of sales people - Not enough new business - Difficulty selling value again
If you have an online store, on more than one occasion you have considered if you should broaden your eyes and offer your products to the Amazon marketplace. If you still have not thought of it yet, I assure you, you'll get to that point, so think about it and consider this series of recommendations to sell in the largest online sales portal in the world.   Advantages of selling on Amazon   1) Largest online retailer in the world Putting your products on Amazon is opening your store to the world. Your showcase will be accessible to millions of people who enter every day.   2) More convenience and freedom to manage your store   Depending on your margins, you can send your merchandise directly to Amazon and they will be in charge of managing the orders, preparing them and sending them to the final customer. 3) Expansion of customer database Through Amazon you can reach customers that have not arrived in another way and these can become recurring the next time they want
Machine learning is the next big wave after the Internet that's going to change lives especially in developing world and it's interesting for us, as an AI focussed companny, to practically see how it is making life easier for our customers. It's very hard knowing what challenges ecommerce sellers face in developing world unless we speak to them and for us at AiHello speaking to one of the biggest sellers on Amazon India was a very informative session. In the process of attempting to solve the problems for our customers, we learnt how Amazon India works differently compared to Amazon US or Europe and are more impressed with how Amazon India has adapted to Indian challenges in ingenious ways and is not only thriving, but also succeeding against all competition. We recently signed up an Amazon Professional Enterprise who sold around 10,000 different items (SKUs) on Amazon India and were interested to try our software to ease their pains of selling. The major challenge fo
If you have a product that you want to sell on amazon, chances are you are probably thinking about advertising it to the right audience, so that it garners more eyeballs. However, there are a number of ways to market your product, and it might seem confusing when trying to decide on a way to start advertising. You have two choices in this regard. You can either advertise on Amazon, or go off Amazon and advertise elsewhere. 1. Try Ranking Optimization: Amazon offers free SEO tools to optimize your listing text, it’s pictures, keywords, price, shipping, and also helps in responding to negative reviewsHere’s the things that you can do if you decide to go with Amazon: 2. Amazon Vine: Vine is an on-amazon club for vendors only. Products here are given away for free in exchange for honest reviews. 3. Try Promotions: You can creat coupon codes or money off codes in Seller Central. You could then apply for entry into amazon lightning deals too, which is sure to get you a good number of sa
Competition is tough in the eCommerce landscape, especially given that brick and mortar stores turned to eCommerce for more sales during the pandemic. The global health crisis led to a surge in eCommerce as more brands, and traditional businesses went digital.  In a statement from former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Isabelle Durant, she highlighted that the pandemic "sped up a digital transition that will have lasting impacts on our societies and daily lives." With more entrepreneurs transitioning into eCommerce, online sellers must make necessary adjustments to improve their performance. Having a robust pricing strategy is one of the effective means of achieving a competitive edge in the eCommerce industry.  What Is an eCommerce Pricing Strategy? The necessity of understanding eCommerce pricing strategy is crucial for the overall success of your online business. Knowing the different pricing strategies you can i
Negative feedback is the bane of any seller on a marketplace website. It not only means that you will be ranked down, but also that your potential customers will think twice before ordering from your online store. These things are very important if you want to run a successful online business via a marketplace, since you are competing with 100s of other sellers to get your product noticed, and if it is downranked in natural search, your product will never get they eyeballs it deserves. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your feedback always remains positive. 1.    If you get a legitimately negative feedback, act on it. We are humans, we tend to make mistakes. The first thing that you want to do if the product you supplied to your customer is damaged or broken in some way is to apologize to the customer for the inconvenience that you have caused to them. You should try and make up for the error on your part. Freebies are a good form of additional compensation if the ord
Elevate is looking to feature Canada’s most promising AI startups on stage at this year’s festival through our ElevateR Pitch. ElevateR Pitch is a March Madness-style pitch competition where Canada’s best AI startup companies compete for the attention of international media, investors and global tech leaders. Finalists from across Canada will face-off with over $1,000,000 CAD in funding up for grabs for select finalists. On Tuesday, September 25 at the Sony Centre, the final four companies will get to pitch live on Elevate Main Stage right before Al Gore’s keynote. We interviewed Ganesh Krishan, from AiHello, an AI startup founded in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto. Read below to learn more about Ganesh’s experiences at a startup and valuable advice he gives to the next generation of startup founders. What problem is your company solving and how? We forecast sales of inventory by location. AiHello is a two-sided logistics company working to solve India’s shipping and supply chain
One piece of advice that’s thrown around most in entrepreneurship communities is that before you can succeed, you need to start - and you need to start today. But that’s not so easy, is it? At least, traditionally, if you wanted to sell something you would need to build your own store, spend money on marketing and advertising, manage logistics of shipping and handling orders, and very slowly, build a reputation. But all of that work was cut-short with online marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, and most importantly, with Amazon.  Seeing it’s been 13 years since Amazon launched its revolutionary Fulfilled by Amazon program, we thought it’d be useful for our readers to know if the FBA program is still as viable as it was in a decade ago. Or is there a better alternative - your own eCommerce store?  Benefits of Amazon FBA Working with the world’s largest internet company by revenue has its benefits.  - 300 million active customers (and Prime users) You can’t ignore the fact that Am
This video will show you how to use other ecommerce marketplaces to increase your sales and profit margins. We will also discuss diversifying outside of just selling on Amazon like using Shopify and Woocommerce and moving onto your own website. Some benefits of that include having the customer as a direct customer, guaranteed income, Amazon not being able to shut you off, and best of all increased credibility which can help you out if you’re also selling on Amazon. However, Amazon does provide you with all their customers and the exposure of your products to those customers, whereas with Woocommerce you’ll need to advertise extensively. Firstly, we’ll have to connect Woocommerce to Amazon FBA so that any sale completed on Woocommerce can be fulfilled by Amazon FBA. You could also use 3PLs but if your numbers are not above a certain threshold, it’s more effective to use Amazon FBA. Amazon has the potential to make sellers a lot of money, but you don’t want to rely completely on Amazon
Brands and those responsible for their strategy have to face each time more and more varied problems and more demands. In the case of the internet and what they do in that environment, companies can no longer continue to bet on everything and they have to be careful with the type of advertisement they use. This, until the stage they choose to show it to the world. Consumers are increasing with more and more things. Not only do they not want ads to be annoying. They expect brands and companies to strive not to be intrusive, but are also increasingly concerned about who the companies are partnering with when launching those ads. That is, for the consumer, the values ​​of the medium in which they have found the advertisement have a effect on the brand and the company that appears in that advertisement. People in Internet do not separate the content and assume that if you advertise in one place you are supporting that editorial line. That thought has some logic. After all, the media li
It feels fantastic to use superlatives. Whatever it is that you are "best at," whether it is the bestselling item, the most well-liked product, or the newest model, find pride in the fact that you have reached the top. The orange ribbon-like icon in the top left of a product's image known as the Amazon Best Seller Badge not only makes you feel good, but it also improves sales. Customers adore it, and when you have it, Amazon will reward you with higher ranks. Amazon prioritizes its customers and won't recommend goods that they could find disappointing. Some products have the potential to reach their maximum sales potential and fast become bestsellers if listed properly. What elements influence your likelihood of getting the Amazon bestseller badge? How do you obtain it? To get all of your questions answered, continue reading. The Amazon bestseller badge: what is it? The #1 bestseller badge was established by Amazon a few years ago. It is represented by the orange ribb
  If you are a seller and you haven't thought of integrating Shopify with Amazon, then most experts will probably tell you that you are missing out a great deal. To some extent, the statement may be right. But hold on, not so fast; looking at it from a broader perspective, I think Amazon has its fair share of disadvantages for any business that is looking forward to building its own brand. Look, the truth is that Amazon has no interest whatsoever in helping a seller build his or her business, even if they advertise. Just like you, all they care about is building their own brand and having a firm grip on the marketplace. One advantage Amazon has is that they have gained millions of buyers' trust; which is a good thing- I mean they deserve it since it was not an overnight success.   The backbone to this is that buyers: - Use reviews from other verified purchasers to assess sellers and throw out the bad ones. - Believe the marketplace will put things right for them if t
We do not live in a perfect world. It never happens that everything goes as per plan. Something always goes wrong no matter how hard you try. You’ll find you have your share of issues and challenges to address as an Amazon seller. Have you ever had a relationship that was completely perfect in every way? Finding that perfect client is difficult We don't think so. This one won’t be different either. However, on a more positive note, you’ll have advice from the others who have found success before you, you’ll meet many who have found success before you. You don’t have to forge the path yourself, which is good. But coming into the game after others who are thriving has disadvantages as well as advantages. Since so many sellers already have caught on to the tremendous opportunity that is Amazon, you’re facing growing competition. Amazon is obviously an overcrowded marketplace. Your margins will shrink, and that is inevitable. Still, Internet commerce continues to grow. If you kee
When a consumer is looking for a particular product over the Internet, what is it that takes you to click on the "buy" button? Is it a low price? Very positive ratings? Product images and videos? Detailed information about it? In a context in which the buyer is increasingly demanding, and actively seeks to compare different items to find the one that offers the best value for money, all these factors are decisive. But according to a new Salsify report, detailed and correct information outweighs all others. It is specified that 90% of consumers already buy online and that almost all (88%) expect the information they find about the product to be rigorous, complete and varied before making a decision about the purchase. Specifically, and as we said before, a good description is the most important when deciding whether to buy or not, over other issues - also key - as the reviews or the price that are second and third place. As Salsify explains, "Consumers are very natu
Introduction My primary aim was to predict the sales of an item given the Best Seller Rank on Amazon. Predicting the sales helps me in other use cases like suggesting sellers the best products to sell. My final aim is to provide data insights about any product: How much it will sell as well as when, where and how. What is Amazon's Best Seller Rank? Best Selling Rank is a ranking system provided by Amazon that is linked to the number of sales of that product. This rank is calculated frequently. An important point to note is that Best Selling Rank is a 'ranking system' and by itself it doesn't mean anything.     A rank of #1, therefore, means that the product has sold more than any other product in that category, on that marketplace.   This kind of makes it relatively easy to predict the number of sales of a product if we know the sales of other products ranking close to it.   How did we get the initial sales data? I have been selling professionally on Amazon and
The Big Traffic Question The key to running any successful business is to have clients that buy products from you. Customer acquisition is the number one priority for any company that is selling online. Suppose you have or are planning on increasing your sales online, then you must make sure that you follow these ways to get traffic to your store, without spending a ton of money doing advertising campaigns. Make Sure Your Store is Beautiful! Having a beautiful website means that there will be people looking at your store for a longer amount of time. The design of your store is surely going to have a positive impact on future customers if it has a professional looking design. A store’s website represents what the store stands for. If you are selling products that look amazing, then the clients will expect that your website also looks stunning. For example, if you are running a store that sells wedding gowns and dresses, but your site looks like it was last redesigned in the turn of