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Writing A Great Title for Your Product Listing

The title of your product is the first thing that your potential buyer will look at, followed by the product imaging , if the title is of interest to your buyer. Sellers tend to concentrate on other things that might catch the eye of the buyer but quite so often forget the key thing that buyers are looking for. The buyer will never connect with your product if the name on the listing is inaccurate or contains info that does not satisfy the consumer. Here are a few key things to keep in mind while giving your product a title. Include the brand name, artist or designer: By doing this, your item is more likely to be found by people who may be searching for a certain brand, as well as those looking for a specific item Include the item’s specific details: Potential buyers want to see details such as size, color and condition. Check your spelling This is really important, as one misspelled word in the title can have a huge effect on whether anyone will ever discover your listing.