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Amazon is the most popular online shopping destination in the United States. How can you assist your Amazon product listing pages to get to the top of the marketplace's 353 million product listings? The answer is simple, do what amazon wants. And what Amazon desires is evident in the new scheme they have announced. What is Amazon's New Scheme? In a new Brand Referral Bonus scheme, Amazon now explicitly rewards sellers for sending traffic to Amazon product listings from external sources. Brands can receive a bonus from non-Amazon marketing activities and increase their advertising efficiency through the Brand Referral Bonus programme. To put it another way, Amazon is rewarding off-Amazon traffic to steal sales from competitors like Shopify and Walmart. As a result, Amazon wants to compensate you if you drive traffic to Amazon from another source (such as Google). Why should you use external traffic to drive visitors to your Amazon listings? As Amazon's competition grows and
Do you ever think about research and adding new keywords to your Amazon Advertising Campaigns and feel a bit overwhelmed? I’d be surprised if you didn’t – most people would rather not deal with the seeming uncertainty of Amazon search, how it operates, how to find the best keywords etc Add some competition to the mix and they run scared. Now Imagine if you were able to reverse engineer competitor's success and identify their strengths and pain-points so you can win bigger and more frequently. That’s the beauty of competition. The way to tap into that is through Competitor Analysis via AutoPilot . Your goal is to get insight into the bids of competitors that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge. The most exciting feature of this Competitor analysis is that it provides real time bidding information about the keywords directly from Amazon. This ensures that the bidding information you view on our dashboard is most up to date. Acce
AiHello AutoPilot PPC Specialists working for ecommerce businesses under the Hybrid Plan may require additional seller central permissions apart from handling your account on AiHello. The first step is to grant the AIHello PPC specialist permissions to manage your account. 1) Login to Amazon Seller Central, click on the settings (The cog wheel on top right) and in the menu that drops down click on User Permissions 2) The Users Permissions screen has changed recently. Click on Add User in the list of users screen. In the "Add User" screen enter the name of the specialist and and the email of the specialist. Your PPC Specialist will provide you with those details. Don't forget to check "Add to global account". Once you send the request, please wait till the Hybrid Specialist accepts your invitation. Once they have accepted the invite, you will be notified by Amazon and you can click on Manage Permissions and enable the below permissions. Please see the
Sellers always find a solution when they choose the most profitable products they offer on Amazon. Buying products is a very simple thing that every seller should know about.  To buy and optimize your products on Amazon in chronological order, follow these steps: - Buying Amazon Products? - Product Sourcing from Amazon - How to Buy Products From Amazon - Conclusions Buying Amazon Products? Not all sellers make their own products, so you should rely on reputable and trustworthy sources to get your product. The source is the manufacturer, wholesaler, or shipping company. In the era of eCommerce, there are many new and unprecedented sources, methods, and platforms emerging for potential sellers to make profits beyond imagination on giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon. But getting directly involved in competing with random products can be financially damaging, even for the smartest salespeople. Therefore, product research can provide the best information on market trends, cust
When creating and configuring campaigns, determining how many keywords to show in an ad group may not be your priority. However, the number of keywords or product ads you choose to include in your ad group can affect its performance. Keyword dumping You may feel that adding all of the keywords assuming that the most successful will naturally rise to the top but it seems that is not the case. It's called keyword dumping.  You can add up to 1000 keywords per ad group. If you add a lot of keywords indiscriminately with a keyword research tool, it is probably keyword dumping. Keyword dumping can lead you to a situation I call "whack a mole". Whack a mole? If your ad group / campaign doesn't have enough keyword budget and because of this you're stuck in a constant cycle of keyword optimization, then it is probably keyword dumping. For example, a seller has 1000 keywords in an ad group, but doesn't have enough budget to get impressions of 1000 keywords,
         Amazon PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click) has become a powerful marketing channel for Amazon. Amazon's PPC ad allows sellers and merchants to "buy" product visibility at the top of Amazon's search results page. The number of sellers taking advantage of the potential of Amazon PPC continues to grow dramatically from year to year. Therefore, without a defined plan, it can be difficult for Amazon to achieve its PPC goals. What is Amazon PPC? A Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign is one of the impressive strategies Amazon has come up with to increase the number of sales all along with profits. Likewise said, there are collectively various methods to optimize your PPC Ad campaign. Not all Amazon sellers might think alike. Few techniques might work out well for some and a few would disappoint some. We have discussed most of the factors that have a serious effect on a PPC ad campaign above. Put in the best of your efforts and make sure to try all of them. Why sh
Amazon PPC: Amazon PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a type of sponsored advertising on amazon which helps the sellers make their ads visible to the target customers by bidding on keywords. The seller only pays whenever a visitor clicks on the ad. But just like everything, Amazon Pay-Per-Click also has its pros and cons: Advantages of Amazon PPC Advertising through Amazon PPC ads has a huge impact on your sales. If you are wondering whether to choose Sponsored Advertising for your  Amazon products, here's why you should go for it. - Freedom of Choice Amazon PPC is cost-effective as you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. You can decide how much you want to spend without budget restrictions. You get to choose how much to pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Extra hidden costs are also not involved.   2. Relevant Traffic Another huge advantage of using PPC is that it is very useful in targeting the right traffic. You can choose your audience depending on location, language,
What is Amazon's first-scan refund policy? Amazon has extended its "first-scan" refund policy to more sellers to provide a more consistent experience, regardless of which buyer purchased the item they wanted to return. On May 4th, Amazon introduced Refund First Scan (RFS) to all merchants using its prepaid return labeling program. Items returned through Amazon's prepaid labeling program are automatically submitted to RFS and are already required for items delivered by merchants and sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon. “With RFS, we are in no rush to process refunds in a two-day SLA,” explains Amazon. "You will receive a refund after the first courier scan when you return or return an item using the Amazon prepaid return label. For all returns processed by RFS, via Amazon notification email, you will continue to receive refund notifications. What do other sellers think of this policy? Amazon claims that refunds issued through RFS are eligible for SAFET r
Amazon has always prioritized customer service over everything. Currently, Amazon's customer service guidelines are responsible for the latest updates, which puts some third-party sellers in trouble. Third-party sellers operating independently of Amazon's FBA must meet the same criteria as the FBA. Amazon's Policy Update From August 16, 2021,  Amazon will automatically authorize the US return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy, including items where sellers filed requests to exempt SKUs from the Prepaid Return Label Program. For returns of seller-filed SKUs that are exempt from the Prepaid Return Label program, sellers will continue to have the option to upload a merchant-paid label. Out-of-policy return requests or category-exempt will continue to be sent for manual authorization. For international seller-fulfilled returns, the sellers are required to provide one of the following return options: - Returnless refund: Offer a full refund without reque
According to a poll conducted by Third Door Media, 80% of Amazon advertisers intend to raise their ad spending in 2019. That means the rivalry is intensifying, and it's time to step up your Amazon advertising game. While it is simple to start up an Amazon business, obtaining exposure takes effort. It's challenging to get the exposure needed to make sales when there are so many sellers vying for the same goods. As a result, leveraging your business with Amazon advertising campaigns is your safest bet for selling on Amazon as quickly as possible. With over 119,928,851 products on the Amazon marketplace, having a very clear and planned Amazon advertising approach is essential for retail brands. This article discusses some of the most effective strategies for increasing advertising cost of sale (ACoS), conversion rates, and brand awareness. Continue reading to learn more about these six Amazon advertising options for your business. 1. Increase conversions with optimized p
Increased demand during the pandemic and supply chain disruptions forced Amazon to impose restrictions on shipments in the spring of 2020. In the same year, the retail giant introduced limits on the number of levels of shipping. ASIN during the holiday season. Despite Amazon's claim that "sellers have enough space to hold the equivalent of three months of sales per product," most sellers are turning to FBM. It was speculated that this was not a long-term decision by Amazon. Of course, this is not the case. The limit on the number of ASIN levels has been removed. Before the sellers sighed in relief, Amazon introduced additional limits for each type of storage. Amazon announced in its official newsletter: “From April 22, 2021, FBA products will no longer be subject to ASIN level restrictions. Instead, additional restrictions will be placed on the type of storage, giving you more flexibility in managing shipments. WHAT IS THE RESTOCK LIMIT? Basically, Amazon has four main
More often than not, we think of Google rankings whenever we hear 'SEO'. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a significant role to play in determining your product's Ad Quality Score. Whenever a potential buyer looks up for a product you sell, you would want your ad to show up first on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to increase traffic. However, if your SEO isn't just right, you will not be able to bring in the intended amount of traffic. Let's begin to unfold what seems like a mystery and understand how to enhance your Amazon Ad Quality Score!! How different are Amazon Ads from Google AdWords? Google AdWords ensure that every business, big or small has an equal chance to compete by introducing 'Ad Quality'. Here, the first ad to appear is not the one that has higher bids or reputation. Google takes into account two factors to determine its ad ranking: - CPC bid -  Quality Score. The CPC bid or the Cost-Per-Click Bid is the max