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Brands and companies have to be as close as a friend to consumers in the different profiles they have in social networks. It is one of those lessons on how to operate in social media that everyone has come to assume. Social networks are an informal environment, which means that companies can not get stuck in their dry corporate language. They have to be close, nice and friendly with their consumers. In the end, in fact, they do not have to do anything they have not done before. They have to be as they are supposed to be the dependents of the stores with their consumers and as is often expected to be the customer service. They have to work in a close, near and pleasant way. Be authentic. But, although in reality if you think about it is nothing new, brands and companies have created a kind of new language for social networks. They have assumed that they have to be different. And this is where failure often occurs. Companies have realized that they have to be close, but in that capac
Multivariate Time Series Forecasting is an important problem in many domains. Be it forecasting the demand for a product, or finding weather patterns, using time series parameters from the present to predict the future is vital to many organisations. In this article we are going to see how to use recurrent neural networks with convolutional neural networks to predict time series forecast for grocery store sales. The data can be found here, and the code can be found here. This implementation was developed as a prototype for AI Hello, a company based in Toronto that provides e-commerce solutions including sales prediction for sellers on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Woocommerce, and Shopify. We are using an implementation called LSTNet to perform this prediction. LSTNet uses convolutional networks and recurrent networks in conjunction. Additionally, it also provides the capability to detect long or short term patterns according to the nature of the data. Data Preparation and Exp
E-commerce is one of the new tools that brands and companies have discovered in recent years to connect with consumers and to offer their products and services. Its growth has been increasing in recent times, which has meant that more and more sectors have been incorporated into online sales. There is more to see, for example, what has happened with food. The super online has become a new competitor with strength in the market. But this growth of e-commerce not only implies more opportunities but also more work and more analysis. Firms need to understand what consumers want in that environment and how they can adjust to it to position themselves. How can you get into the online shopping habits of consumers? How can you connect with potential customers and get them done with your own products and not those of the competition? 1) The battle begins with the click One of the mistakes that are usually made in e-commerce is to see it as a kind of isolated reality, in which it only matter
The smartphone is currently the consumer's best friend. It is the one who spends 24 hours at his side, the first thing he looks at when he wakes up and the last thing he sees before closing his eyes. And just as the mobile has completely transformed our way of communicating, entertaining or informing us, it has also given a 180-degree turn to our way of buying and relating to brands. Thus, actions like researching a product on the mobile web, comparing prices or making a suggestion through social networks have become something everyday. However, many consumers still find in the purchase through the computer (or even in the store) facilities that do not find a mobile. Vendors should pay more attention to facilitating the purchase process through smartphones and tablets. Among other things because consumers themselves ask for it, most consider that the shopping experience via web and app can greatly improve. And it is more than half of consumers say that it is easier to see the p
As e-commerce has become an increasingly important element of branding and business strategy, a number of elements have been added to the list of things businesses have to worry about and in which they have to focus if they want to connect with your potential buyers in the new times. One of those elements is delivery. Unlike traditional commerce, where consumers have things at the same time they buy them, in e-commerce one has to wait for purchases to arrive home. For companies in this sector, this is one of their most crucial issues and one, moreover, that they have to leave in the hands of a third party. They can not control the deliveries, but they have to contract them to third parties, which implies a new expense that is transferred to the consumer and that has become one of those elements of the eternal debate. Because... what do consumers prefer? Do you want to have your purchases right now and therefore are willing to do anything to have things as soon as possible? Or, on t
When e-commerce appeared, many people rushed to announce the death of traditional commerce. Consumers were increasingly buying online and, therefore, they were condemning physical stores to a possible future death. His luck was set and it did not seem to be very positive. But in spite of it, the physical stores are still there and they are a very important part of the buying habits. In fact, consumers are quite far from being buyers of one or the other scenario. They want to buy in all the stages and they want to do it also how and when they please. That does not imply, however, that they do not see the different sales channels without problems and without fail, and that they have no complaints and negative opinions about them. That physical stores have been around for so long does not necessarily mean that everything is seen in them with special good eyes. Consumers remain highly critical and continue to find defects that should be addressed. What are the things that most frustrat
First, you buy the products from a supplier to sell them under your brand name. You don’t actually manufacture them, which is the conventional way of doing business. You create a private brand and then put all the bought products under that brand so you can resell them. For this, you need to get custom logos printed on the items and their packages, and get the previous brand identities (if any) removed. This ensures that the customer will associate the product with your brand, not with that of the manufacturer. This strategy is extremely popular right now and most online sellers use it. You can find companies that will help you in creating your own brand identity. They’ll advise you on extending, promoting, and positioning your brand in the market, so you can make the best of it. Here are a few things that you need to know about this practice. Easier to handle Trading is easier than manufacturing, that’s pretty obvious. There’s a lot less trouble in comparison, so you need to throw
The boom of mobile devices has made the Internet users stop using their computers - and therefore the desktop - as the only entry point to information and consumption. Their smartphones and tablets have been erected as the space they get when they want to see a movie, to read those news that interests them in a media, publish a status update on their social network and, of course, search the product they want to buy or about which they are looking for data. M-commerce has become an increasingly common reality and consumers are more comfortable. Do not ignore the power of an app When thinking about m-commerce, many are the elements that are open to debate and of which brands have to make decisions. One of them is to establish if the brand stays only with the mobile version of its e-commerce website or if it also creates a mobile application that offers direct access to products and services without going through the web. It may seem that once you have a mobile access, the app no l
It is not very difficult to find examples or at least think about them. We have all met with some product that advertised what it was with enthusiasm. The mini bottle of gel in the hotel room that exclaims I'm soap, use me! The chocolate that is sold as a remedy for difficult days.You just have to think about any product and it is possible that somewhere someone has already tried to sell with that presentation to the friendly and nice, the nice. It is what is known as friendly branding. The product is presented in a fun and friendly packaging, one that is charming and friendly. These types of designs have a clear explanation and justification. To the user, these products are more accessible and it is easier to establish a connection with them. For example, you just have to think about the Dropbox case. Dropbox is a product that, at first glance, does not look anything particularly accessible or especially nice. In the end, what we are selling is storage in the cloud, something th
Every seller is looking for new ways to increase sales on Amazon, but 95% of them fail to achieve real growth because they don’t know which strategies actually drive results. That’s why our PPC team at AiHello put together a list of the 19 tricks to improve your Amazon sales that have helped us grow our 5000+ Amazon seller accounts over the past few years. In this list we’ll cover the best way to advertise Amazon products, our top Amazon selling tips, how to increase organic sales on Amazon, and how to boost your Amazon sales overall in small bite-sized pieces of advice that can be implemented in 30 minutes or less. Understand Which Metrics Matter If you’re looking to increase your Amazon product sales, you’ll need to understand what metrics actually matter when it comes to getting results. That’s because winning on Amazon is a numbers game, and the three numbers that matter most are your sessions, your unit session percentage, and your Average Order Value.  All of these numbers can be
E-commerce has positioned itself as one of the main markets, growing by leaps and bounds. However, it is a trade dominated by the female sector, since a large part of the women make purchases on the network. While in the case of men few are using the click to make their purchases. The star product that women in the network are looking for are household items and decoration, what is the reason? Furniture stores are often separated, on the outskirts of the city. Visiting them all, on many occasions, means losing an entire afternoon and more if you have to wait for the couple to buy together. While for men, electronics is the star product for similar reasons; buy a plasma television or the game console of the moment, in just one click, without moving to the physical store or having to load the order. Fashion is the common ground of both sexes Both women and men, see on the Internet the opportunity to buy clothes without having to go to the physical stores and try it at home comfortabl
Let's continue with some advice for your marketing strategy! - Schedule: Place each of the actions of the plan in a calendar where each responsible agent of the campaign is compromised. It will help you locate, evaluate and arrange not only the execution of actions but also budgets. - Target your audience: Define your target audience in a clear and accurate way. Research the pattern references very carefully so you do not waste your budget. Target your ads to a specific audience group. You will ensure conversion and you will have quality traffic. - Specialized metrics: How will you measure the results? This is one of the most important stages of the process because thanks to the web analytics, you will realize if the actions taken are bearing fruit. I recommend using: Google Analytics, Wroopra, GetClicky, W3Counter and ClickHeat. - Advertising Modes: Identifies the mode under which you want to target: CPM (cost per thousand), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead) or CPA
The lack of information or provide contradictory documentation on shipping costs or exceptions that are not admissible to the right of withdrawal are just some of the most common faults that can be found when buying online. Information not available or contradictory about the shipping costs. Often online retailers are missing information on shipping options. In many cases users find that the expenses indicated previously do not match the calculated actual expenses of the final shipment. It should be added to this situation that information on shipping costs is often incomplete: not all countries to which the products are supplied are listed, missing details and weights of the product groups and have not been registered possible reimbursement expenses that may arise. How to solve it? Before the customer places a product in the shopping list, he must be able to calculate the shipping costs, including additional costs, such as a shipment per carrier. If the shipping costs have bee
  Entrepreneurship is essential for the development of your sales force. Companies that are doing well right now have a winning scenario, a code, a mind, a precise way of working with their customers. Entrepreneurship is above all, including when choosing your salespeople. A lack of definition of your codes and your commercial approaches is tantamount to failures in recruitment. A commercial approach can not be improvised. To sell, you need a mix of selling techniques and commercial qualities of the seller: enthusiasm, situational intelligence, persuasion, etc. The fact remains that the ecommerce developmentor Magento developmentis better placed to get recommendations and advices. Have you prospected and targeted your potential customers upstream? Most companies face the same issues in the field of sales. - Sales growth is sluggish - Most sales and margin are based on a small number of sales people - Not enough new business - Difficulty selling value again
If you have an online store, on more than one occasion you have considered if you should broaden your eyes and offer your products to the Amazon marketplace. If you still have not thought of it yet, I assure you, you'll get to that point, so think about it and consider this series of recommendations to sell in the largest online sales portal in the world.   Advantages of selling on Amazon   1) Largest online retailer in the world Putting your products on Amazon is opening your store to the world. Your showcase will be accessible to millions of people who enter every day.   2) More convenience and freedom to manage your store   Depending on your margins, you can send your merchandise directly to Amazon and they will be in charge of managing the orders, preparing them and sending them to the final customer. 3) Expansion of customer database Through Amazon you can reach customers that have not arrived in another way and these can become recurring the next time they want
Machine learning is the next big wave after the Internet that's going to change lives especially in developing world and it's interesting for us, as an AI focussed companny, to practically see how it is making life easier for our customers. It's very hard knowing what challenges ecommerce sellers face in developing world unless we speak to them and for us at AiHello speaking to one of the biggest sellers on Amazon India was a very informative session. In the process of attempting to solve the problems for our customers, we learnt how Amazon India works differently compared to Amazon US or Europe and are more impressed with how Amazon India has adapted to Indian challenges in ingenious ways and is not only thriving, but also succeeding against all competition. We recently signed up an Amazon Professional Enterprise who sold around 10,000 different items (SKUs) on Amazon India and were interested to try our software to ease their pains of selling. The major challenge fo
If you have a product that you want to sell on amazon, chances are you are probably thinking about advertising it to the right audience, so that it garners more eyeballs. However, there are a number of ways to market your product, and it might seem confusing when trying to decide on a way to start advertising. You have two choices in this regard. You can either advertise on Amazon, or go off Amazon and advertise elsewhere. 1. Try Ranking Optimization: Amazon offers free SEO tools to optimize your listing text, it’s pictures, keywords, price, shipping, and also helps in responding to negative reviewsHere’s the things that you can do if you decide to go with Amazon: 2. Amazon Vine: Vine is an on-amazon club for vendors only. Products here are given away for free in exchange for honest reviews. 3. Try Promotions: You can creat coupon codes or money off codes in Seller Central. You could then apply for entry into amazon lightning deals too, which is sure to get you a good number of sa
Negative feedback is the bane of any seller on a marketplace website. It not only means that you will be ranked down, but also that your potential customers will think twice before ordering from your online store. These things are very important if you want to run a successful online business via a marketplace, since you are competing with 100s of other sellers to get your product noticed, and if it is downranked in natural search, your product will never get they eyeballs it deserves. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your feedback always remains positive. 1.    If you get a legitimately negative feedback, act on it. We are humans, we tend to make mistakes. The first thing that you want to do if the product you supplied to your customer is damaged or broken in some way is to apologize to the customer for the inconvenience that you have caused to them. You should try and make up for the error on your part. Freebies are a good form of additional compensation if the ord
Elevate is looking to feature Canada’s most promising AI startups on stage at this year’s festival through our ElevateR Pitch. ElevateR Pitch is a March Madness-style pitch competition where Canada’s best AI startup companies compete for the attention of international media, investors and global tech leaders. Finalists from across Canada will face-off with over $1,000,000 CAD in funding up for grabs for select finalists. On Tuesday, September 25 at the Sony Centre, the final four companies will get to pitch live on Elevate Main Stage right before Al Gore’s keynote. We interviewed Ganesh Krishan, from AiHello, an AI startup founded in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto. Read below to learn more about Ganesh’s experiences at a startup and valuable advice he gives to the next generation of startup founders. What problem is your company solving and how? We forecast sales of inventory by location. AiHello is a two-sided logistics company working to solve India’s shipping and supply chain
One piece of advice that’s thrown around most in entrepreneurship communities is that before you can succeed, you need to start - and you need to start today. But that’s not so easy, is it? At least, traditionally, if you wanted to sell something you would need to build your own store, spend money on marketing and advertising, manage logistics of shipping and handling orders, and very slowly, build a reputation. But all of that work was cut-short with online marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, and most importantly, with Amazon.  Seeing it’s been 13 years since Amazon launched its revolutionary Fulfilled by Amazon program, we thought it’d be useful for our readers to know if the FBA program is still as viable as it was in a decade ago. Or is there a better alternative - your own eCommerce store?  Benefits of Amazon FBA Working with the world’s largest internet company by revenue has its benefits.  - 300 million active customers (and Prime users) You can’t ignore the fact that Am