As e-commerce has become an increasingly important element of branding and business strategy, a number of elements have been added to the list of things businesses have to worry about and in which they have to focus if they want to connect with your potential buyers in the new times. One of those elements is delivery.

Unlike traditional commerce, where consumers have things at the same time they buy them, in e-commerce one has to wait for purchases to arrive home. For companies in this sector, this is one of their most crucial issues and one, moreover, that they have to leave in the hands of a third party. They can not control the deliveries, but they have to contract them to third parties, which implies a new expense that is transferred to the consumer and that has become one of those elements of the eternal debate.

Because... what do consumers prefer? Do you want to have your purchases right now and therefore are willing to do anything to have things as soon as possible? Or, on the other hand, do you feel like is bad to pay for the delivery of something you've bought? Actually, if you ask the consumers they would say that they want both. They want to have their purchases at home as fast as possible and they also want this delivery to be free. After all, they have already paid for the things they are getting.

But you can’t have everything and, above all, companies can not offer everything. If delivering a purchase made online is, by the way, already something expensive, is more expensive to do it in record time. And if consumers have to stay with one thing or another, they will decide for the free option.

Consumers want free delivery and sellers do not know

The sellers are convinced that the most important thing for their consumers is that the deliveries are fast and some people believe that the most important thing is free deliveries. For consumers, receiving their shipments without a cost is a very important element in the purchase.

Despite the disparity of opinions, this has a very important impact on the decisions made by e-commerce companies. Since they believe that fast is more valuable than free, consumers also recognize that they would be open to expanding the content of their shopping cart if they offered free local deliveries (e.g, "we will take your product home within an hour").

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