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If you aren't on the internet you don't exist and soon you will not be able to sell either

Many were those who did not want to believe that Bill Gates phrase, when he mentioned that " If  your business is  not  on the  Internet , then your business  will  be out of business" .  That phrase is perfect when it comes to verify the true importance of the internet for businesses. Now, the most immediate future, augurs us a new generational change where electronic commerce and the way of selling will be protagonists. The Internet is an increasingly important part of the day to day and is also becoming a fundamental part of understanding the future. The network is appropriating all the parts of our day to day and is integrating all our needs. The Internet is no longer an element or part of what we are or do, but has become a vehicle element that unites everyone and everything. Therefore, and especially as the penetration of the network becomes deeper and as its importance is touching more and more points (do not forget that the immediate future is undeniably

Can you survive and sell on the internet without being the cheapest?

In the offline world, there are many types of stores and not all bet on the same criteria to try to reach the consumer. Not everyone wants to have a low cost supermarket or a discount store in which the main offer are products at low prices. So why is there a certain belief that when selling online you have to sell at a low price? Is e-commerce marked by offers to the point that it is only successful if it is sold cheap? For years, what most worked on the net were the offers. Consumers made the network their main ally when they were looking for things at lower prices. The trips started to be bought online because the internet was able to find the lowest prices, last minute offers of hotels or the cheapest fares of the low cost airlines. Then came the coupon pages or online outlets, which were the entry point for many consumers for e-commerce. And then many large e-commerce companies that invoice millions have made offer low prices a decisive element of their corporate image an

Why packaging is decisive when it comes to succeed in e-commerce?

When a buyer receives an Amazon package, he can see quite easily (sometimes it is printed on the same box, sometimes it is on the packaging tape with which they have closed) a message that invites you to rate the package in which the product has been shipped to you. The company is one of the most concerned about how to design their packaging and how they work when the consumer receives it at home. And whoever has ever received a package from this online store already knows that they are very easy to open and that with many times simply pulling a tab the thing will already be done. Amazon is also one of the recurring examples used when discussing the importance of packaging in e-commerce and how the form in which products are shipped can completely change the way in which the company is perceived. One of the general mistakes made by e-commerce firms is to think that their work, the main job that the consumer will take into account when evaluating their work, ends at in moment i

Importance of costumer service for e-commerce

In e-commerce is equally important what happens before as what happens after the purchase. Before the consumer makes the final click that will cause the product they want to become a purchase, the brands have to pay special attention to a large list of items. The design of the web, the photos of the product, the comments of other consumers, how the prices of different products or services are presented. All these elements are crucial to convince the consumer and all of them have become the elements of manual that all the brands and all the companies take care of. But the truth is that these are not all crucial elements and are not the only ones that brands should watch with falcon eyes. One of the trends in e-commerce is that of thinking that once the sale has been closed the work is already done. The consumer has bought, the product has been shipped and everything the seller has to do or should do is done. However, this reasoning is a mistake and only causes problems and fail