If you aren't on the internet you don't exist and soon you will not be able to sell either

Many were those who did not want to believe that Bill Gates phrase, when he mentioned that "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business". That phrase is perfect when it comes to verify the true importance of the internet for businesses. Now, the most immediate future, augurs us a new generational change where electronic commerce and the way of selling will be protagonists.

The Internet is an increasingly important part of the day to day and is also becoming a fundamental part of understanding the future. The network is appropriating all the parts of our day to day and is integrating all our needs. The Internet is no longer an element or part of what we are or do, but has become a vehicle element that unites everyone and everything.

Therefore, and especially as the penetration of the network becomes deeper and as its importance is touching more and more points (do not forget that the immediate future is undeniably smart and that everything will be connected to the Network, from the city where you live to domestic appliances), the weight of the internet in the business world is greater and greater.

Brands, products and companies have to be present in the network and have to adapt to the needs it imposes. If you are not on the internet, you will hardly reach the consumer. And if it is not on the internet, it is hardly going to be sold, now and especially in the immediate future. What makes the network crucial for survival?

The audience is on the internet: the search engines are the new Yellow Pages

One of the main reasons that explain the need to be on the internet is the fact that consumers are there. The net is the source of wisdom to which they come at all times, either because they need to consult the life of a dark king who appears on a plaque in a museum on Wikipedia or because they want to find a restaurant to have a dinner and do not know where to go. The network has become its source of information for everything and has done so for all generational groups. The Google search is no longer old.

And if the audience is there it is absurd not to be where they are looking to be found, especially as the passage of time points to a change in this behavior that will make consumers to be even more on the internet. Mobile devices are becoming more popular and year after year they improve the conditions of mobile internet connection while the prices of these services are reduced. This is increasing the number of consumers connected and that the use of the internet to find information is year after year higher. Therefore, relying on the network to be found when consumers need the services or products on offer is even more important.

Do not forget: internet and search engines are the new Yellow Pages.

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