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Why everyone should care about the brand within the company.

There are many temptations when talking about brand management and the value of the same ones. One of them is to think that the brand and everything that corresponds to it is an issue that is only relevant for certain professionals and certain sectors. You can fall into the trap of compartmentalizing everything and put everything in its box, in its specific space and its specific niche, which makes you lose sight of the major problem. In today's world of business, things no longer work exactly that way (if they ever did), and companies have to focus everything much more holistically than they did in business. It is becoming more important to see everything as a whole. From the outset, consumers' own relationship with brands has changed. Consumers are increasingly able to access more and more information and are able to see in a much broader way what they have in front of them. Now they not only care about the products they are consuming, for example, they also w