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How to Use Sponsored Display Ads to Attract Highly-Qualified Buyers

Being aware of the opportunities that that converts our potential customers into buyers is one of the most important aspects of advertising. Amazon sellers can target through Sponsored Product Ads which helps in growing seller’s brand awareness. During different phases of online shopping, it helps in engaging and re-targeting. Today we will be doing an in-depth analysis of How to use Sponsored Display Ads to attract highly-qualified buyers.  Sponsored Display Ads has features and creatives which enables shoppers to finally purchase. It helps in generating brand awareness, bringing in new audiencences through targeting and then converting them into potential customers.   Targeting is mostly done by behaviour by Sponsored Display Ads. Products categories are looked upon where the seller's product falls under. Then listing of similar products are done which previously have been bought or related categories. By leveraging the power of Sponsored Display Ad, there is usually an increase

How to Get Better Results from Amazon Advertising

The competition is heating up with the increased amount of Amazon users every month. Every hour Amazon advertising keeps growing due to the expansion of the sellers across the world leveraging it. A massive budget does not matter if you are having an advanced strategy to increase your sales according to the competition lined up. As the Amazon consumer attention intensifies, advertising tips should be followed in order to have a hike in this advertising activity.  Recognize your Target Audience In order to see a rise in the outcome of your Amazon advertising, one of the most important aspects is knowing the target audience. Recognizing the target audience for your products and then marketing is the essential step to be taken towards success. Knowing who our target audience is, what their needs and desires are, will help increase the relevancy to make better sales ad copy.  Shoppers usually look into the benefits of a particular product while shopping. An image So, you should probably

Here is how to make money by selling books on Amazon

Today Amazon is the largest e-commerce website with an endless line of products in their stock. There is almost nothing that you wouldn't be able to shop from amazon. While some of those products are sold in large numbers, some make just a normalised quantity of selling but that is depending upon the kind of product and the demand it has among customers.  Books are among the top sold products on Amazon. The stats are increasing daily with the increase in the number of readers and books. In 2019, the average annual expenditure on books per consumer unit in the U.S. was $25.42. In this article we'll be talking about how you sell books on Amazon and make money through it.  Book Sales When it comes to online book selling, Amazon has absolutely no competition. Approximately 28 million books were sold in 2018 just in India. A total of 675 million print books were sold in just the U.S. last year. The figures are much higher on the global level. Books sold on Amazon include not just th

Star Performer Keywords

We are excited to share with you an upgrade to our AutoPilot algorithm. The new changes includes bonus points if your keyword has more than average conversion performance of your campaign and penalty points if the keyword is performing worse relative to other campaigns. This means that if a specific keyword has good conversion ratio in the last quarter and it is currently performing poorly, autopilot will be more patient and provide more time for it to recover. Conversely if a keyword has historically poor conversion and also the current conversion performance is poor, it will be double penalized. This effectively brings out the best keywords on top and removes the clutter of non-performing keywords. Remember that the more keywords you have, the longer AutoPilot will take to fully optimize your campaigns. Additionally there are bonus points if the keyword has generated more than average sales in the last quarter and penalty points if the keyword has generated subpar sales. Combining bo

Tips and Tricks: How to Sell Books on Amazon

Well, selling books on Amazon can be quite tricky but is also one of the best and trusted platforms to start selling online. Starting your own business takes a lot of time to gain the trust of the customers. But Amazon has already gained trust of millions of customers across the world. So, selling books on Amazon can be of great profit and without any money to spend in any offline stores.  In this article you will get to know about ‘How to sell books on Amazon?’ It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in this process, instead one can even start their business through selling their old books on Amazon.  Selling Books on Amazon is Beneficial After making a library of your read books, one always feels to replace or sell some of it. So, if you have some Dan Brown collection, or Manga books, some amazing fantasy books, etc., then you can earn some quick bucks out of it through Amazon. This can be the most healthy of earning something out of your niche collection. But before starting all

Guide to How To Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

Amazon being the world famous platform for aspiring authors and passionate readers is developing new features in order to give whatever the customer desires are. Among many other features, the Kindle Direct Publishing best known as KDP is quite trendy. This is the platform where authors can self publish their book without the burden of approaching a publishing agent. Now the main problem is that many authors don’t know the right way of publishing their work on Amazon. So, today you will get to know a step by step guide to how to self-publish a book on Amazon. KDP or KDP Select There are basically two things you have to choose before publishing your book. We have already discussed KDP and KDP Select in detail, but in short will describe it again. Both platforms showcase your work with millions of readers all around the world. They both provide 70% royalties of the book priced between $2.99-$9.99. But a major difference between them is that through KDP Select one has to give exclusivity

Improve Amazon Ads for Authors: A Case Study

Since Ads are the most important tool of online marketing in any field, there is an increased number of competitions between Google ads and Amazon ads. Today the most demanded among the authors is Amazon ads after they introduced AMS i.e., Amazon Marketing Services.  There is also an increased number of searches on Amazon rather than on Google. Amazon is progressing quite quickly being the world’s biggest eBook retailer and bookstore and today we will do a case study in various aspects to improve Amazon ads for authors.   Its progressive advertising tools in marketing books are becoming the most favoured channels of all. Authors now are focusing more on advertising their book in order to make it visible which is quite the nice move as it indeed brings results. Through data analysis and iteration only success can be measured as Amazon ads have its own merits and demerits.  AMS Amazon Marketing Services has been a great talk this year especially among authors where special books are bein

Guide to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Those were the days when getting your book published was like a catch-22 situation, where the authors need to get past the most difficult gate. They spend months writing a book proposal and contacting agents in order to pitch their books up to great publishers. Who again are never satisfied with what they write and comments that it may not make good money.  So, when agents reject their book authors either abandon their dream of getting their book published or instill great confidence through contacting directly with publishers. Now publishers in turn send a rejection letter or quite a bad offer. Which is why Amazon created an incredible thing for authors as they can be a self-published author. This sounds great right!!! It actually paves the way for indie authors to bypass the traditional publishing method and be independent.  In this article we will get into the in depth knowledge of KDP like: What actually is KDP? What is KDP Select? What is CreateSpace? What is Amazon Associate? So,

Amazon Advertising for KDP Authors in 2021

It can be said that advertising is the most effective marketing tool in today’s world where people can reach a wide number of audiences. Product searches is one the important marketing tools among various others. Nowadays authors spend a lot of money on advertising through Amazon, as it is indeed the biggest bookstore in the world. Surprisingly people search for any product more on amazon rather than google.  Kindle Direct Publishing backs up the authors with advertising through AMS. Advertising through Amazon is one of the best things authors can get as people open it with a mood to buy something and not just to chit-chat. But all these advertisements go in vain if it is not carried in a proper way. Like one spends a lot of money but does not get results because of carelessness.  In order to have a successful advertisement these points need to be remembered, like: What are the bids you are making? Who are your target audience? Is the cover of your book effective or not? And various ot

Why AI based PPC automation is far superior to Rules Based Engine

Imagine you plan to drive across your country and visit some cool places along the way. What is the most important technology you would need to have a successful enjoyable cross country trip? Most people take this for granted, but it’s our GPS. we don’t even need a separate device for it, it’s built into our phones. Twenty years ago people had to print out their maps, draw the route and and follow it. They had no idea of the traffic or the road closures or any alternative routes or diversions due to changing conditions. So why I am telling you this? Because people using rules based system are a lot like people downloading their maps and planning their journey rather than let an automated GPS show you the way. In this blog post I am going to walk you over some ways that Rules based PPC system is destroying your PPC game. Death Spiral Of all the worst things that could happen when you use a rule based system this one stands out as the worst. So what’s the death spiral? Imagine that in th