How to Use Sponsored Display Ads to Attract Highly-Qualified Buyers

Being aware of the opportunities that that converts our potential customers into buyers is one of the most important aspects of advertising. Amazon sellers can target through Sponsored Product Ads which helps in growing seller’s brand awareness. During different phases of online shopping, it helps in engaging and re-targeting. Today we will be doing an in-depth analysis of How to use Sponsored Display Ads to attract highly-qualified buyers. 

Sponsored Display Ads has features and creatives which enables shoppers to finally purchase. It helps in generating brand awareness, bringing in new audiencences through targeting and then converting them into potential customers.  

Targeting is mostly done by behaviour by Sponsored Display Ads. Products categories are looked upon where the seller's product falls under. Then listing of similar products are done which previously have been bought or related categories. By leveraging the power of Sponsored Display Ad, there is usually an increase in sales and acquisition of new customers. 

Leveraging Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads are Pay-Per-Click Ads through which sellers are only charged when someone clicks on their ads. Amazon will automatically adjust the bid per ad according to the conversion rates. In order to gain these aspects of Sponsored Display ads, sellers have to be eligible for Amazon's category. They should be enrolled in Amazon’s brand registry and agencies. Then they can leverage all of these following factors:

  • Ads can be displayed to broader audiences by sellers. 
  • Targeting can be done after looking into the customers interest. 
  • There can be an increase in reach and brand awareness in their niche. 
  • Potential customers can be retargeted and re-engaged.
  • Complementary products can also be targeted. 
  • Competitors list should be looked upon and best products should be placed. 

Retargeting to Scale up Sales

Sponsored Display Ads can basically be used to drive awareness, to encourage brand loyalty and also when customers are in the decision making phase. For instance, a decision making phase is the one in which a customer is thoughtful about whether to purchase that item or not. They are still in the cart page where the product is yet not bought but is in the process. So, targeting these customers will help secure and increase sales gradually. This process is known as Views Retargeting features. 

Views Retargeting is a productive way to scale up the sales through Sponsored Display Ads. Customers who just viewed your listings and didn’t purchase the publicized product are the high intent audience which should be Retargeted. So, these retargeting is done with those people who you can allure them back with the high purchasing intent. 

The highly-qualified buyers are retargeted and following everyone on the internet. In order to keep your products firm in the minds of the potential customers; Views Retargeting plays its parts quite well. They just follow them everywhere as a reminder pushing them up to click on the ‘buy now’ button. 

Adjustments of the bids are automatically done by Amazon depending upon the potential customers clicking on your ads. Like that, higher bids can be placed on those prospects who are quite familiar with your products and are on the verge to buy it. So, Views Retargeting is great for sellers as it gives a good amount of visibility to the audiences. 

ASINs to Scale up Sales  

One of the prime factors of sellers is their product details page. An increase in sales can be seen in another possible way by placing your ad in the competitors product page. This scaling up of the sales strategy is accomplished by taking into consideration the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which can be found from the search term reports. 

ASINs particularly reports those levels of optimization through which a conversion is taking place. Your Ads may appear in the most premium location like that of a search results page or  across customers reviews. Bids should initially be low but with good ACoS, it should be changed accordingly. So, optimization should be followed on a timely basis.

 Product Targeting

Based upon each targeted ASIN, Product Targeting can be adjusted accordingly. So, the targeting of products can now be according to their visibility and ratings in a more accurate manner instead of bidding equal bids on everything. 

Unlike Keyword Targeting which enables sellers to select particular search terms during product searches, Product Targeting enables sellers to set Review Ratings they wish to target, pick out specific brand categories and price range for that product. Through this manual targeting, the customers rather than seeing relevant search terms, will be able to see ads relevant to their category. 

So, Product Targeting permits sellers to promote their product with Sponsored Display Ads to reach potential customers surfing for similar or complementary products. Sellers can themselves choose which product to market and boost their complementary products. These ads will help draw customers attention to the seller's product page, promotions and offers.


In order to incur precise Amazon ads data-driven decisions, it is quite important to leverage the correct analytics which identifies and estimates the results of each campaign, ads of individuals or of groups. Evaluation of your ad success in reaching the targets which helps in scaling up sales can be done by using KPIs that are Key Performance Indicators.

ACos: It is the Advertising Cost of Sales which is used by Amazon for Sponsored Display Ads. It measures the efficiency of your Amazon ad campaign and can be calculated as Ad spend/Ad sales= ACoS. 

Conversion Rate: It is the rate of percentage those online shoppers who moved on to buy your product after clicking on it. It is calculated as No.of order/ No.of visits= Conversion Rates. 

ROAS: Return on Ad Spend is the market strategy which lets you determine  whether your ad is making profits or not. It gives you results through which you can upgrade the strategy from before it was in order to gain profits. It is calculated as Sales/ Spends= ROAS. 

Tracking the above following methods will help scale up your ads as it shows the results of the amount it spends and the revenue it gives in your ads. 

While optimising Sponsored Display Ads:

  •  You should ensure that you have enough budget that your ad campaign is live throughout the day. 
  • Organise the ad campaign from time to time by adding relevant products. 
  • In order to make informed bidding decisions, campaign metrics should be used. 
  • Ad performance should be measured and audited against the goals that were made. 
  • Campaigns should be tracked on a regular basis in order to ensure they are running properly. 

Brand Loyalty can be maintained by leveraging Sponsored Display Ads with its potentiality to engage and serve the existing customers. It is a fact that existing customers tend to spend and purchase more than new customers as they have acquired trust and are familiar with your product. Brand Analytics reports should be checked in order to have a clear view of listings and competitors. It will help escalate the sales with the introduction of new strategies for scaling up the sales. 

Sponsored Display Ads should be added to the marketing arsenals as they help build brand awareness, retargeting potential customers who viewed particular products on Amazon and awaken interest among consumers. If you are looking for someone who can manage your Amazon advertisement then Aihello can be considered as it  will help scale your Amazon business and brand royalty.

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