What is a Product Listing Page on Amazon?

        A page on a website that displays all the list of the products based on your search query is called a Product Listing Page. PLP is the abbreviation of Product Listing Page. This page displays all the information/description of the product, its images, price, and titles. There are few steps to follow to create your product listing page and list the products in them.

What is the purpose of a Product Listing Page?

An online shopper knows how important it is to know about a product before you purchase it. Product Listing Page plays a crucial role in making an E-commerce website successful. A Product Listing Page usually displays all the products that are available for purchase in your store. A customer must have an idea about the different types of products that are available. Providing them with many choices to choose from also leaves an impact on them. A product listing page helps drive the attention of an online shopper to their website. These pages are the interface between the customer and the products. The main objective of these Product Listing Pages is

- To display your product when searched on the Amazon website.
- Convince the buyer to make a purchase.

In order to achieve the above goals, it is necessary to enhance the page. There are different methods to optimize your product listing pages on Amazon. 

Now, let us guide you through the process of product listing on Amazon.

How do you optimize your Product Listing Pages on Amazon?

     Optimization of product listing might show you a massive increase in the number of your sales. Product listing optimization mainly focuses or concentrates more on the product titles, product description, Keywords to be stressed on, specifications to be mentioned, and the product images.

Product titles:-  Attractive product titles leave an impression on the product to be sold. Amazon provides space up to 250-500 characters to enter the title of the product. Grab it as an opportunity to go into detail about the product. Few of them choose the brand over a product. So, try to revamp a product's name by including the brand's name in it. Including the color, model number, type, and size of the product would be beneficial.

Product description:- A product description gives you more information about the product that you are selling. When writing a product's description, think from the customer's point of view. What are different questions that they might want to know the answers to? Mention all its specifications from top to bottom without missing any. That must be all the information that you should include.

Images:- Upload related pictures of the product. There must be pictures of the product in different available colors. If possible, include a short video showing how the product can be used. Clicking pictures of the product from multiple angles can be helpful. Making customer images visible to other online shoppers can also be one effective way of attracting customers to your product. 

Reviews and ratings of the product

We all need people who give us their feedback. Product ratings and ratings are some of the quintessential components of the product listing. However, there is a possibility that these reviews might influence the buyers' decision on buying that particular item. A good review can create a positive opinion on it and help other customers choose products easily. 

By following the above optimization strategies, there's a possibility to increase your number of sales.

There are a few rules and regulations to be followed while creating your Product Listing Page.   

Let us now discuss few predominant methods which help you enhance your Product Listing Page on Amazon.

- To set the layout of the page.

There are different methods and views to place your product.

List view VS Grid view

Which view to choose from both of them?

From both list and grid view, you can choose one depending on the type of product you are trying to sell. It also can be based on the kind of access you are ready to provide to the customer.

What is a List view

This type of view is usually preferred when there is a lot of information to display on the product listing page. It is the most convenient way of arranging technical products like TVs, Mobile phones, Computers, laptops, etc. 

In the above picture, we can see the phones typically arranged in a list view. In this way, a lot of information like its specifications, delivery date, EMI, and rating are all shown at the same time.

When to use a grid view

When many products rely on pictures and when you want to display any number of products on a single product listing page, you have to use a grid view. This kind of view helps you compare between products quickly. You can't include much information in this type of view. Instead, upload some eyes grabbing pictures.

In the above picture, we can see the products arranged systematically in a grid view showing less information but more number of products on a single page.

In brief, the number of products to be displayed, the size or the resolution of the picture, and then the number of images per row/column depends on the view you choose to select. 

Amazon provides you with the option of selecting your own favourable type of view.

- How should a product description look like

Product description plays a crucial role in creating an impact on the product. The product description must give an idea of how the product works. The information must be limited up to at least 1500-2000 characters. 

What must the detailed information contain?

- The information may contain short sentences without any misuse of keywords.
- Highlight the main content by including the features and the benefits of the products.
- Usage of simple and easy language would be of much help by making it look less complex.
- Stress on the SEO optimization and the negative keywords.

- What else should I display? 

We have been talking all about displaying the features and the specifications of the product. Remember that you need to display information that helps convince customers to buy the product. Just in case and on the off-chance if you are wondering what else you can include, here are few suggestions:

- Discounts/Deals/Offers
- Highlight the brands' name and mention the best-sellers
- Availability of stock 
- Return/exchange policy
- Free delivery/shipping charges
- Colors/patterns available
- A brief introduction about the product with no further elaboration.
- Add to cart option.
- Add to wishlist option.

- Systematically place your products.

There are a few sorting ways and techniques to follow. Amazon provides you with the following options to choose from

- Price: Low to High
- Price: High to Low
- Avg. Customer Review
- Newest Arrivals

It helps the customer choose their product quickly and effortlessly.

On a short note, it's said that placing the new arrivals or the trending one's on the top of the product listing page has benefitted a lot of sellers. 

There's a process that you need to go accordingly by before listing your products on Amazon.

What are the steps you have to follow and take care of before getting listed? Have you been doing it wrong all this while? 

Don't worry. AiHello will guide you through every step of your product listing.

They are:

- Weigh and measure the products you are selling on Amazon 

Measure the length, breadth, and height of your product accurately. It is always important to mention the measurements of your product in the specifications section. Being aware of your product's dimensions might be helpful to improve your marketing strategies. 

- Get a Universal Product Code(UPC) code for all of your products.

The machine-readable barcode or the unique 12 digit number will help you identify the product with ease. Amazon counts a whole bundle as a single item. So one UPC would do for the complete bundle. For the rest of the products, you need to get a UPC for each one of them before the product gets listed on the product listing page on Amazon. 

- Make your products repertible

Place your product under the correct category. Make sure it's findable to the user. Assure that the product is displayed and is live under your specific categorized category.

- Upload Best attractive images

Putting some nice pictures of your products and short videos or animations might be effective in its way.

How to set up a listing of your products on Amazon?

It is easy to list your products on Amazon. All that you have to do is to follow few simple steps.

Make sure you're confident enough with all the work on the product. Follow the entire procedure and ensure everything's been up to date.

Let us now list your product on the official website of Amazon.

Step1: Login into your Amazon Seller Central account using your credentials 

Step2: Go to the Inventory drop-down menu and click on the option that says "Add a Product."

Step3: By clicking on the Add a Product Page, you can now access all three types of methods.

Type1 - You can directly add a product that exists on Amazon. Access this by searching or typing for the product ID or the name.

Type2- Click on "Create a new Product Listing" below the search box. Use this method when you are uploading a completely brand new product of a new brand. 

Type3- Assume that you are uploading multiple products at once. Then this is the best suitable method to be used. Click on the option which says "bulk upload" which customarily is displayed to the right side of the screen. 

Step4: Once you upload your product, it will direct you to a page where you have to choose and assign a category under which your product counts in and as.

Step5: Once you are done categorizing your product, fill in other details and answer the questions accordingly.

Customize your answers and now click on the option "Save and Finish" link at the bottom of the page.

Your Product Listing Page is now ready to display and access on the official website of Amazon.

To sum up

A product listing page is a page that is displayed that shows results to your search queries. This page contains the list of products along with their images beside them. It also includes specifications of the products starting from ratings, and reviews of the product to the delivery, and shipping charges of the product.

In the above blog, we have shown you how to set up your Product Listing Page on Amazon and the methods to customize it which helps you acquire more benefits and bag all the profits.

Stay tuned to AiHello to know more about amazon's marketing strategies.



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