We just launched the Auto Campaign harvesting and negation feature on AiHello AutoPilot that will link your Auto Campaigns to Manual Campaigns to help you increase sales.
This setting is available on your AutoPilot settings. A screenshot is show below.

This setting is only available on Auto Campaigns and helps you migrate customer search terms to manual campaigns.

The high performing customer search terms can be moved to a manual campaign with high budget and higher ACoS to help you increase sales.
The low performing customer search terms can be moved to a different manual campaign with low budget and much lower ACoS to help you remove ad spend on unwanted customer search terms.
These terms will also be added as negative exact on the AutoCampaign.

While you can transfer the high performance and low performing keywords to the same manual campaign, its strongly recommended to keep them separate.

We have new exciting features coming up this month to make you truly standout among your competition. Stay tuned!

If there is any feature you would like to add , are facing an issue in using our platform, or would like early access to our features just get in touch with us and we will work with you.
Setting up AiHello Autopilot.



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