AiHello AutoPilot PPC Specialists working for ecommerce businesses under the Hybrid Plan may require additional seller central permissions apart from handling your account on AiHello.

The first step is to grant the AIHello PPC specialist permissions to manage your account.

1) Login to Amazon Seller Central, click on the settings (The cog wheel on top right) and in the menu that drops down click on User Permissions

2) The Users Permissions screen has changed recently. Click on Add User in the list of users screen.

In the "Add User" screen enter the name of the specialist and and the email of the specialist. Your PPC Specialist will provide you with those details. Don't forget to check "Add to global account".

Once you send the request, please wait till the Hybrid Specialist accepts your invitation. Once they have accepted the invite, you will be notified by Amazon and you can click on Manage Permissions and enable the below permissions.

Please see the screenshot below to view the permissions that are required by AutoPilot Hybrid Specialists for managing your Amazon account effectively.

You can zoom into the image to view better.

The one permission that might be odd is "manage cases". This is required in case the specialists want to send across bulk inventory update to Amazon help. This is an optional permission. Please discuss with your specialist if you are not comfortable sharing this permission.

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