17 Best Amazon PPC Software Tools for 2023
Changing bids, creating campaigns, and finding new keywords is no fun, which is why Amazon PPC softwares have seen tremendous growth in popularity over the last few years.

A seller armed with the right PPC software can shift their focus from Amazon ads management to other things like actually launching new products and growing their business.

However, this explosion in popularity means that there are now too many PPC automation tools to pick from. And as a seller, this can make finding the right one difficult.

That’s why we created a list of the 17 best Amazon PPC softwares with all the info you’d need about pricing, reviews and features to pick the right one for you.

1. AiHello

The first tool on our list of best Amazon advertising software is, AiHello, a complete A-Z advertising solution.

AiHello is one of the most advanced software tools when it comes to bid adjustments, campaign creation, and keyword research. What makes AiHello special is its ability to not only automate your old campaigns and get them to their target ACoS using the correct bids but also to create 100s of campaigns for you in minutes.


Efficient Campaign Creator

Creating campaigns with AiHello could not be easier, all you have to provide is your ASINs, your budget, and the type of campaigns you want to set up. From there AiHello will start setting up dozens of auto, manual, keyword targeting, product targeting and category targeting campaigns to expand your reach and grow your sales rapidly.

Real AI Bid Automation 

While many PPC software companies claim to use AI to change your bids, AiHello is one of the few who actually do. You also get to track your bid changes through the ‘Autopilot Logs’ and discover the reasoning behind each adjustment.

Customizable Day Parting 

Automatically figure out your peak and off-peak hours using AI and have your bids adjusted up and down to make the most out of your ad spend.

Keyword Management 

Using its own keyword management system, AiHello is able to refine your targeting and spend more on the keywords that drive outlier results. It does this by automatically harvesting converting search terms from auto, phrase, and broad campaigns and turning them into keywords while also negating wasteful search terms and adding AI-identified keywords into your campaigns.

Dedicated Account Manager 

With an AiHello subscription, you get your very own PPC expert who’s there to give you advice, help with strategy, and work through problems with you. You can also speak to them for up to 8 hours a month on Zoom and get unlimited support over email.


AiHello’s pricing is straightforward and tier based.

For sellers between $0-$7k in spend its $175/month

For sellers between $7k-$20k its $400/month 

For sellers above $20k its $450 + 1% of ad spend 

And for agencies, it's an $800/month flat fee for unlimited accounts


“For just about one year I have been searching and testing several tools to keep PPC costs and performance under control. AiHello AutoPilot does what it says! After just a month of testing on multiple campaigns, I have been able to cut ACoS to less than half of what it has been for months, well below my expectations, and regain control over my PPC spending.”

“AiHello’s major strength, among others, is in the AutoPilot uncanny ability to micro-manage bids to the intraday level where it can boost bids on peak hours and decrease them on off-peak hours. The AutoPilot is very reliable and based on a robust algorithm, there are just a few settings that the user needs to adjust to let AiHello work the magic. It's truly a "set and forget" piece of software.”

Who should use AiHello as their Amazon PPC Software?

AiHello’s unique features make it attractive to many sellers, but the people who benefit the most from AiHello are the ones looking for precise and scaleable campaign creation to expand their market share and sales. 

Another major benefit of AiHello is the Amazon PPC experts they provide, which makes it a great option for sellers who need guidance on strategies that bring results.

Learn More About AiHello

If you'd like to learn more about AiHello, checkout out their website or click here to book a call with their team of experts.

2. Perpetua

Second up is Perpetua. Perpetua is a popular PPC software provider that merged with Sellics, another software company, not too long ago. They’re known for their clean UX, their rules-free automation, and their impressive customer support - which is why they're always a good option to consider.


Campaign Creator – One downside of Perpetua is that it can’t automate your current campaigns, it can only automate the new ones they make for you. The way it works is that Perpetua shuts down your campaigns and uses the keywords from them to create new ones then automates those instead.

Hands-Off Automation – Perpetua is completely hands-off, which may or may not be a good thing. On the positive side, this means practically 0 set-up time and less work in the long run. On the negative side, this means 0 control over your account, no customizability, and no way to interfere with how things are done if you’re not satisfied with the performance.

Rank Tracking – Using the help of a 3rd party service provider, Perpetua is able to track your ASIN’s organic rank on your 25 most important search terms. This is very useful but comes at an additional fee of $50/month.

Video and Image Builder– Using on-platform image and video creators, Perpetua users can make custom creatives for their sponsored brand and display campaigns for an additional fee of $25 each.


Perpetua’s pricing depends on how much ad spend they manage for you. It starts off as a flat fee of $250/month and keeps increasing as they automate more campaigns for you. 

$250/month until $5k in spend

$550/month until $10k in spend

$550/month + a percentage of spend until $200k in spend


“Intuitive UI with all the functionality required to simplify and speed up mundane tasks and larger scale campaign build-outs. Sales history and visibilty on a wide variety of metrics including TACOS/Organic sales. Simple onboarding process for new starters to learn the basics ad get to grips with the platform. In general a great tool for beginners and pros alike, customer service overall good when issues arise.”

“Really amazing software that's easy to use and understand. Time-saving automated campaign management is a real thing! Plus so many other amazing features - your 100 best-performing keyword management, branded and unbranded campaign data. Highly recommend!”

Who should use Perpetua as their Amazon PPC Software?

The ideal Perpetua user is someone who’d prefer to be completely hands-off with their advertising. They don’t want to use their own campaigns, add their own rules/settings or really dig deep into what’s going on, they just want to spend less time on PPC.

3. Teikametrics

Teikametrics, the company that developed the popular Flywheel 2.0 platform, has been around since 2015, helping Amazon and Walmart sellers automate their bids and campaigns using AI. They’ve become popular for the market intelligence tools that they offer among other things.


Simple Campaign Creator – Using keywords from your current campaigns and search term reports, Teikametrics is able to set up new campaigns for you automatically to grow your sales. While this isn’t as effective as software that’s able to do its own keyword research, it can still do a good enough job for most sellers.

Auto Keyword Harvesting and Negation – Teikametrics will analyze your search term reports and use them to harvest promising search terms from auto to manual and negate wasteful ones.

ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets – Unlike other softwares, Teikametrics will automatically set your ACoS targets and campaign budgets for you. This takes the guessing out of the setup process and makes getting good results easier.

Day Parting – Some days and some hours perform better than others and Teikametrics can help you take advantage of that. With Teikametrics, bids will automatically be increased during high-performance periods and decreased when your potential returns are low.

Intelligent Bidding – There’s more to bidding than just ACoS and targets. There are also other things that Teikametrics considers, like product price, inventory levels, and seasonality to make sure that all your bids are as optimal as they can be.


Teikametrics has 3 pricing tiers:

For sellers spending up to $5K/month its $199

For sellers spending $5K – $10K/month its $499/month

For sellers spending above $10K/month its 499 + 3%


“Working with Teikametrics has been great and agile! Not only do they understand our key objectives but they are super helpful in providing insights to ultimately achieving our goals. They help us pivot quickly when needed and provide their expertise in doing so.”

“It's been great working with Teika over the past few months. We hope to eventually get all of our advertising partners loaded into the system, but the people are really what make it. Matt is a wizard behind the scenes adjusting bids and targets based off our weekly conversations.”

Who should use Teikametrics as their PPC software?

Teikametrics is a good choice for sellers who are interested in AI rather than rule-based automation. They also provide a free trial for users and don’t require any long-term commitments so it's good for sellers looking to test the software first before really using it. 

4. BidX

BidX is a rule-based PPC automation company based out of Germany. They’re popular among European sellers because of their large customizable dashboard, their user-friendly features, and their comprehensive rule sets. BidX also offers managed service plans for sellers who need more support with their advertising.


Suggested Keywords– Using Amazon’s data, BidX is able to provide on-platform keyword suggestions for sellers to add to their new or existing campaigns.

Multi-Campaign Creator – Amazon’s campaign creator can be difficult to use, especially if you’re creating more than one campaign at a time. BidX’s campaign creator is the solution for that, allowing you to launch multiple campaigns at once, faster than you could on Amazon.

Customizable Analytics – One of BidX’s standout features is its customizable dashboard. Using it, you can create your own graphs to track whatever metrics you want and keep all your data in one place.

Harvesting and Negation – Similar to Teikametrics, BidX is able to identify potential keywords to use from your search term reports and potential negations to add to your campaigns to refine your targeting.

Rule-Based Automation – Set up your own personalized “If X then Y” rules to automate most functions of your ad account. This feature allows you to save time and get better results in the long run, but you might have to spend some time, in the beginning, testing different rules to learn how they work.


Bidx offers four ad spend-based tiers:

$199 up to $5k monthly spend

$399 up to $10k monthly spend

$599 up to $15k monthly spend

4% of ad spend after $15k monthly spend


“Really helpful tool for Amazon sellers, Amazon PPC marketers and everyone who deals with Amazon paid ads. Saves much time and efforts on managing Amazon ad campaigns because enables auto and full control over their performance and optimization. User-friendly interface. Responsive customer support - always helped to sort out the issues that naturally occur.”

“BidX facilitates some steps of PPC management. Campaign structures can, for example, be created on several marketplaces at the same time, which saves a lot of work. The core feature of BidX, the bid management, also works well and apart from 1-2 bugs, which have of course been fixed, I have nothing to complain about here.”

Who should use BidX as their PPC software?

I’d mostly recommend BidX for European sellers, and sellers who want rule-based automation but can’t afford more expensive tools like Pacvue and Skai.

5. Quartile

Quartile is a full-funnel advertising solution that not only automates Amazon ads, but also automates advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and many more. Quartile is known for holding 6 patents in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and bid optimization.


AI and Rules – Due to popular demand, Quartile released its own rule-based platform called Versa, which works with the already existing AI software to help you automate your advertising. This means you can get the best of both worlds, full control over your ads when you need it, and 100% automated algorithms.

Semi-managed Service – Quartile is more involved than the other software companies in the management of your account. As soon as you sign up, you’re assigned an account manager who’ll be there to onboard you, set up your account, and answer all your questions over call or email.

Full Funnel Advertising – Since Quartile is a cross-channel platform, it can also be used to automate your Facebook and Google ads to drive additional traffic to your listings and grow your sales more.

Automatic Campaign Creation – If you use Quartile’s campaign creator, it will start launching auto campaigns for each product then use the search terms from those auto campaigns to create new manual ones. The only issue is that each individual search term becomes its own separate campaign which means you can eventually end up with 5000+ campaigns.

Goal-Related Settings – Premade settings like ‘product launch’ or ‘conservative’ can help you optimize both your ads and the software towards achieving your goals without having to do much setup.


Quartile requires sellers to sign up for long-term contracts which can last a year or longer. During the contract period, they can charge you anywhere from $895/month to $10k/month, depending on your ad spend, which makes them one of the most expensive PPC softwares.


“Great AI-powered tool. It was able to quickly outperform other Amazon advertising tools, as well as full-service agencies. We've seen very positive ROAS on both PPC and DSP. You get full-service support from an account manager and a team behind them. You get regular calls where they go through all the updates on your account. That team is always working hard on new stuff.”

“I've been working with Quartile for over a year. My account manager and his team and very responsive to requests, extremely professional and always prepared with insights on how to improve results. They executed a successful ad strategy in multiple marketplaces. Working with Quartile has been instrumental for our business' success.”

Who should use Quartile as their PPC software?

Quartile has good rule-based automation, strong AI algorithms, and a team of qualified Amazon experts, which makes them a good fit for almost anyone. Their main drawback is their excessively high fees and the long-term contracts they force you into, which make them difficult to work with for small businesses.

6. Skai

Similar to Quartile, Skai is another omnichannel ad automation platform. They’re able to automate Amazon, Walmart, Pinterest, Facebook and almost 80 other ad channels from one platform using rule-based automation.


Fit for Large Brands –  Skai is best suited for sellers who spend millions of dollars per year on ads and advertise on more than just Amazon. Their platform, pricing, and customer success teams were primarily designed to handle this type of customer.

Rule-Based Automation – Sellers using Skai only have one option for automation, and it’s rules. As mentioned previously, rules give you plenty of benefits, like control and customizability but can also be very time-consuming and difficult to set up.

Good For Experimentation – Using the testing tools they provide, you can run experiments to test different strategies and find out which ones work best.

Cross-Channel Advertising – With access to more than 80 advertising platforms, Skai is the most complete advertising automation tool when it comes to full-funnel marketing.


While Skai isn’t exactly public about how their pricing works, we can tell you that their entry plan is $800/month and that they start to charge a commission on ad spend once you cross $10k/month in spend.


“Skai brings consistent analytical and bulk editing power to my workflow. This is especially useful since effort needs to be spread across many channels, each with a different interface and capabilities. By putting everything behind a single, powerful tool, Skai makes it possible to perform bulk changes and analyses quickly.”

“I enjoy how simple the user interface is. Having all accounts and campaigns in one place is tremendously useful. The support team is also very helpful and also responds quickly.”

Who should use Skai as their PPC software?

Skai is mostly used by large brands with a presence on multiple channels and a large ad budget. For 6-8 figure sellers who only need help with their PPC, I’d generally recommend a different tool.

7. Intentwise 

Next up is Intentwise, a popular rule-based PPC automation tool that works with Instacart, Walmart, and Amazon. They’re well known for their market analytics tool as well, with many sellers just using them for their dashboards and data.


Competitor Analytics – Good decisions require good data, which is why a lot of sellers love Intentwise’s competitor insights. Using Intentwise, you can get relevant, up-to-date information about how you’re performing compared to everyone else and your position in the market, allowing you to inform leadership about progress and make fast decisions.

Recommendations Machine – Automatic, on-platform recommendations will help you with key advertising decisions such as transferring or duplicating keywords from one campaign to another and negating wasteful search terms.

Rules and Algorithms – Alongside the rule-based automation that Intentwise is known for, they also have the option of algorithmic automation, which requires less effort to set up and still gets good results.

Performance Analytics – As previously mentioned, Intentwise is famous for its dashboards, analytics, and data. The tools that they offer are super useful for sellers who have large, complex accounts that they need help auditing.


The full details of Intentwise’s pricing aren't available online but the packages they offer are known to start from $500/month and have several ad spend-based tiers.


“The team at Intentwise is easy to work with and has brought their expertise with Amazon advertising to our brand with quick and effective results. The team moves quickly and their reporting is easy to digest. We started working with Intentwise weeks before Prime Day and we were able to pivot to cover multiple goals in a short amount of time with strong results - something I don't think we could have achieved with another agency.”

“The recommendation engine saves significant time and the ACOS optimization rules really help in getting campaigns performing. Above all the team go beyond the call of duty, where we think we have a real challenge on performance solutions are invariably found. We have worked with Intentwise for nearly 2 years and this level of attentiveness has been solid throughout.”

Who should use Intentwise as their PPC software?

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