E-commerce has positioned itself as one of the main markets, growing by leaps and bounds. However, it is a trade dominated by the female sector, since a large part of the women make purchases on the network. While in the case of men few are using the click to make their purchases.

The star product that women in the network are looking for are household items and decoration, what is the reason? Furniture stores are often separated, on the outskirts of the city. Visiting them all, on many occasions, means losing an entire afternoon and more if you have to wait for the couple to buy together. While for men, electronics is the star product for similar reasons; buy a plasma television or the game console of the moment, in just one click, without moving to the physical store or having to load the order.
Fashion is the common ground of both sexes
Both women and men, see on the Internet the opportunity to buy clothes without having to go to the physical stores and try it at home comfortably. One of the reasons is the proliferation of vintage clothing stores online that allow you to buy accessories and accessories from large brands at much lower prices or belong to collections that are no longer manufactured.
You could also say that they look for cosmetics and fragrances that, despite being very personal and need to be smelled or tested on the skin to see the result. The online world has become a great window to find fragrances or cosmetics that have stopped selling in physical stores.

Finally, the sale of beauty treatments is going up and it is generally women who spend more time on personal care and buying these services.
One of the fundamental reasons why they have increased in the network is by a number of discount coupons offered by these types of companies to encourage sales. For men, mechanics, even if it is the last in the ranking, is one of the articles that has seen increase their online sales in recent times. As they are specific pieces, it is not necessary to see them before buying them, and there are already many stores available only on the net that offer more competitive prices by not having the costs of a physical store.

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