Welcome to June! May had major release to AutoPilot algorithm know as "Jump Start". It's by default switched off for all users and you can switch it on from your AutoPilot settings.

However in few weeks, we will be switching it on for all users in a rolling update.

More Major changes include

1) Campaign Audit: As promised in our last feature update, we now have the ability for you to diagnose your campaigns and find out what's wrong with it. You can run your campaign through our Campaign Audit module and it will rank each part of your campaign including products, keywords, CVR, CTR and much more. If you have recently synced wait for at least a week to get the best results.

2) Keyword Quality: In your Keywords tab we have two new columns: Keyword Quality Score and Keyword Quality Rank. Keywords are ranked by their future potential not their past performance! For your manual campaigns especially for campaigns with hundreds of keywords, this will rank the keywords according to the best potential. Top ranked keywords have the maximum potential while bottom ranked keywords have lowest potential.

3) Language switcher: Switch between our 9 supported languages.

4) Preferential treatment of keywords with most potential. High performing keywords have higher preference by AutoPilot.

We will be posting more indepth blogs on each of the algorithm update over the coming few days. Till then stay tuned!

For the month of June, we will be releasing more upgrades to AutoPilot algorithms, advanced day parting techniques and improvements to campaign audit.

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