Amazon PPC Automation Software: AiHello AutoPilot Roadmap.

We are releasing our internal roadmap for building and releasing our roadmap in order to better help your ecommerce business scale up.

March 2021

- Sponsored Display: Campaigns, Reports and AutoPilot support (Released on March 23)

- Support for better campaign creation for UAE, India, Japan and Australia (Released on March 20)
- Support for campaign creation for KDP, Merch By Amazon (Released on March 7th)

April 2021

- Self Support: Deactivate your account via preferences pages (Released on March 28)
- Automated Amazon Ads Audit Reports. This will let you find out why some campaigns perform good while others don't
- Actionable items Weekly Email. This will be sent on Mondays and will display your highest priority actionable items suggested for the coming week
- AI analysis of Product Targeting campaigns and automatically add/remove targeted products.
- Organic sales boost via AutoPilot (Exciting new feature!)

May 2021

- Improve Automated Day Parting for faster forecasts. AutoPilot will start automated day parting in one week rather than the current 3 months period (Exciting feature!)
- Automated creation of Sponsored Display campaigns
- Your PPC trends and any drastic changes to acos, revenue, click through ratio or conversion ratio. This will help you A/B test your Amazon campaigns and watch the progress.
- Improve Keyword miner and automated harvesting to find better keywords, competitor keywords
- Ad network for your Shopify and Woocommerce shops (Exciting feature!)

June 2021

- Automated Creation of Sponsored Brand Campaigns
- Amazon DSP Support

July 2021

- Video Editing feature for Sponsored Brands videos
- Video Library to quickly create Sponsored Brand videos for all your campaigns
- Create Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand campaigns from existing sponsored Products
- Automated creation of video ads for Sponsored Brands (Exciting feature!)

We will be adding more features as we get more feedback from you. Feel free to live chat with us or send us an email about your thoughts and ideal to help you scale

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