Star Performer Keywords

We are excited to share with you an upgrade to our AutoPilot algorithm.

The new changes includes bonus points if your keyword has more than average conversion performance of your campaign and penalty points if the keyword is performing worse relative to other campaigns.

This means that if a specific keyword has good conversion ratio in the last quarter and it is currently performing poorly, autopilot will be more patient and provide more time for it to recover.
Conversely if a keyword has historically poor conversion and also the current conversion performance is poor, it will be double penalized.
This effectively brings out the best keywords on top and removes the clutter of non-performing keywords.

Remember that the more keywords you have, the longer AutoPilot will take to fully optimize your campaigns.

Additionally there are bonus points if the keyword has generated more than average sales in the last quarter and penalty points if the keyword has generated subpar sales.

Combining both Conversion Ratio and Sales percentage effectively helps you weed out the better performing keywords from the worst one.

Including these two parameters, AiHello AutoPilot now considers 103 total parameters to optimize your bids 24x7.

We release new updates & features to our Amazon PPC Automation software on the last week of every month.

Feature updates for next month.

1) Constrain your keyword max bid to a percentage of historical average CPC. This prevents AutoPilot from over bidding on keywords that historically have low CPC
2) Fine tune AutoPilot with separate ACOS and Max Bid for individual keywords. This would allow you to set higher/lower acos for specific keywords. For eg, you can set higher target ACOS for branded keywords and much lower acos for competitor keywords.
3) Bird's-eye dashboard. A new simple visually pleasing dashboard that shows you how each region and profile is performing in one single chart.
With one glance you can find out which Amazon region/country is performing the best for PPC and which has the worst performance.

We are also getting ready to open up Sponsored Brands and Video ads for everyone this coming week. I will be sending an email to update you

If you see any drastic changes in your campaigns or even if it's performing much better feel free to reach out to us and give us your opinion.

Critiques and compliments are welcome.

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