The Good Part About Amazon as a Sales Middleman

All the facts about having middlemen in a business have been known since years, and while there are a lot of demerits to them existing, they do carry a certain number of merits. With the case of a marketplace like amazon, you as a seller might find certain things too harsh with them. However, there are quite a lot of advantages in doing business with them as well.

1.    Being able to work anywhere, anytime, no questions asked 

     One of the perks of running an online seller business is that you can work whenever you want, and at whatever time that is convenient to you. You can work from home, from your office, in your PJs, in your suit, whatever rocks your boat.


2.    The cost of start-up is low
If you have ever tried setting up a website, you know how difficult it is too get it all up and running. If you are planning on starting out as an individual, then you have to juggle between a lot of stuff! There’s infrastructure costs, server costs, maintenance costs, personnel costs, and many more that you will have to manage along with the headache of setting up a payment solution for your customers. Having your own website makes it difficult to find you on the web as well, and that means that you will have lack of exposure while starting ground-up, which is definitely not something that you want when you are starting out as a seller.

3.    Things on Amazon can be automated
Bill generation, inventory management, shipping – the three things that will scare the crap out of anyone who is starting out, can all be managed in a partnership with amazon for a price. Now whether this is good or not, is debatable, sure, but if you are someone who wants things done fast and with no frills and if you have a margin that can accommodate these costs, then you have one of the best scalable seller platform available on the world-wide web open just for you.

4.     You’re working on adding a valuable asset to your portfolio
Any business can be sold to another person. People purchase established stores and restaurants all the time. There’s no reason that an online business can’t be a turnkey operation, too. Once you have things in place, you can sell your business to someone else.

5.    Selling on Amazon is the first step in going big
Whenever you’re selling your own product and you’re in it for the long term. Starting your own store is a much slower process than selling on Amazon because you have to build your own marketplace. You have to build your own audience. Expect it to take longer.

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