Why a good photo makes the difference in e-commerce

Por qué una buena foto marca la diferencia en el ecommerce

One of those pieces of popular wisdom that we have all heard is that the face is the mirror of the soul. In the business world, this has meant that companies need to take care of the external image they show to their consumers. There are offices and stores that show certain colors because they represent the values ​that the brand wants to transmit. If the Starbucks 'baristas' are always smiling is not a coincidence, but rather part of a business strategy. Their smile transmits something that the company wants to position.

Therefore, it is often surprising to see certain practices that brands and companies have in the internet era. Although the network is one of the most powerful showcases for companies in these times and one of those that has a greater impact at the present time, not a few companies forget that what is seen is what will end up causing the first impression on consumers.

Thus, there are many companies that have official pages with outdated and unattractive appearance, which do not invite a click beyond, or those that upload neglected and poorly finished content. In online stores, either on their own or using third-party marketplaces, not a few companies use images and content that do not have a professional finish. And this is a serious problem.

Because, in the end, the credibility of that company and the interest that consumers can have to consume those products (or not) will be very marked by how they see it. In an environment where there is nothing more as a point of contact between consumers and the company than the image that is spilling over the network, that image is the point of validation, the element from which consumers make their decisions.

That is why it is recommended to increase the angles of the image, to vary the type of photos (from close-ups to photos at a greater distance) and have to use professional resources. The simple camera of the holidays is not worth to obtain some quality photos that sell the product.

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