Keys to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy (part 1)

At present, digital marketing strategies play an important role in the distribution channels of products or services of different companies or companies. Digital marketing represents an innovation channel that demands more investment every day and is the fastest growing sector thanks to the high commercialization of desktop computers and mobile devices worldwide.

Its main advantages are: Measurable results, Viral power, Low production costs and Flexible budgets.

If you are a marketer, business administrator, project manager, SEO, entrepreneur and you need some steps to carry out a strategy guided by the results, these are some steps or tips to be focused on converting new users for your business, get traffic Quality and have good ROI (return on investment) results. They are in an order of execution (which I recommend) but you are free to make variations according to what you need:

- Analyze the product (introduction or diagnosis): List each of the variables of the product in the market: why your audience will select this product or service ?, solve a specific problem ?, how does it perform ?, offers a Value added ?, what is its price unlike others? Analyzing these variables will help define a concept on which you can start the strategy.

- Make a creative solution (the concept): From the variables that have been defined, you can design the message with which the product, its advantages and its added value will be made known.

- Deepen the differentiating elements: Remember that there will always be elements in your product that stand out above others. Before making decisions, Benchmarking (actions that study different processes of the competition); Will show you different alternatives and you will know important elements of your competition.

- Analyze the scope: What do you want to achieve with the campaign? Keep in mind that if you want your campaign to work, you must provide enough tools to generate a high impact on your target.

- Set goals (general and specific): plan measurable objectives (traffic, sales). When you set a goal, there will be a horizon or a way to go forward but be realistic and do not promise heaven. The more consistent you are, the better your results will be.

- Set actions: How are you going to do it? What steps should be followed? Specify them one by one so you will not have bumps in the process. This will help you evaluate the results of each action without losing sight of their reactions and what impact it generated.

- Requirements: What do you need to do? Specifies, relates the actions of each and names the entities responsible for each.

- Budgeting: For a digital marketing campaign, it is important to evaluate the performance of the numbers invested. It calculates a total for the global investment, then divides the investment corresponding to each of the different means. I advise you to use a table where you propose an emergency budget in case of serving as a bid to achieve the objectives.

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