You’ve already seen how easy it is to get started selling on Amazon’s Marketplace, and this is definitely the place for you to begin. For those just starting out without deep pockets for marketing, “Amazon is by far the best online marketplace for small businesses who do not have a big advertising budget,” says Bing Yang of Augustina Jewellery. If you’re already selling in an online market, you will be delighted to see how simple it is to move business to Amazon. But, even if you’ve never sold anything on the Internet, you’ll be on your way in no time. For a new seller, you can’t beat the fact that listing your items for sale on Amazon is free.

That’s right, you don’t pay a thing unless your item sells. Whether you list a single item or start out with dozens, your only cost will be in commissions when your items sell. Then you’ll pay Amazon a flat 15 percent commission on the sales price. Amazon will charge your customers a set fee for shipping and handling, and if you buy your supplies carefully , that allowance usually more than covers your costs.

Amazon has its upsides

The items you put up for sale on Amazon remain listed for 60 days (unless they’re purchased, of course). After this 60-day period, Amazon sends you an e-mail inviting you to relist for another 60-day period if the item doesn’t sell. Because you don’t have to pay to list, you can easily test out new items for your product line as you get started. If you think you’ve come across a good item, go ahead—list it and see. You’ll know soon enough whether you’ve found a winner, and you won’t risk much as you lower the sails and look around. Charise Richards of OneChicBoutique thinks Amazon is the best online selling venue, partly for that very reason. Amazon has just “one price to list as many items as you want, with only a final fee on sales only! Great system, “she says. Amazon customers have been sold on the Amazon philosophy that the customer comes first and that a guarantee is behind every purchase. You should know before you go any further that your customer will expect the very same from you. This philosophy empowers customers and forces sellers to bring their A games when they come to Amazon. Andy Mowery of dobro has heard people suggest: “I’m an Amazon buyer, so don’t mess with me.” Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee is virtually bulletproof, Andy says. For Amazon buyers, “It’s like they have a club in their hands.” So be prepared to shield yourself with excellent products, prices, and customer service. If you can’t make this promise to yourself and your customers, you simply won’t thrive on Amazon.
Behind all those high customer expectations is the knowledge that Amazon offers an ironclad guarantee. Here’s how Amazon describes its A-to-z Guarantee program to customers:
We want you to buy with confidence anytime you purchase products on That is why we guarantee purchases from Amazon Marketplace, Auctions, and Merchant sellers when payment is made via the website. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the A-to-z Guarantee.
No wonder some Amazon customers feel they have a club to protect them! But this guarantee also helps sellers by making buyers more comfortable with doing business on the site. As long as you’re prepared to meet the standards, you’ll find yourself offering your items to serious and dedicated customers. They’ll trust you, because you’re on Amazon, and you can trust that they simply want to make their purchases and move on. The levels of buyer fraud are greatly reduced when this type of trust is built into the marketplace.

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