The problem that comes with being a seller is that you are often faced with a tough choice when you receive negative feedback – Should you take a hit and move forward? Or should you fix that by trying to get more positive feedback?

The thing is that positive feedback looks good on your seller profile, and also provides you a boost in search rank. But, boosting your positive feedback in any way that is not organic is against amazon’s policies. And, if you remember what we have always told you, you probably remember this – You are inside amazon’s walled garden, and here, you must abide by their rules or be kicked out. You probably don’t want the latter, so you’ll have to play it by the rulebook. Even then, there are a few things that you must always remember, even if you are playing it safe, and here they are.

1.   Do not contact your friends or family and ask them for reviews.

     When you signed up as a seller you have signed an agreement with amazon which means that you are abound by their legal terms. This means that any violation of their legal terms will lead to an account suspension. This is something that you probably don’t want in your life, so you should never think about asking your close friends or family to help you out with positive reviews.

2.     Never give away your product in exchange for reviews. As we have discussed in point #1, you are in a legally binding agreement with amazon, which means that there are certain things that are just not acceptable to amazon, which are prohibited by them. Among that, giving your product away for a positive review is one of the most serious offences that you could possibly do. You are trying to game the system, which is not only unethical, but is unfair for your fellow sellers who are trying to compete with you.
     If amazon finds even a shred of doubt against you in such a violation, your account will be temporarily suspended. Amazon will investigate this issue further, and if you are found guilty, you will be removed as a seller.

3.     Do not ask your buyers for a positive review. You are also not supposed to ask your buyers to leave you a positive review. This can be in any way, on the web, offline on the box or something else. This practice is also banned by amazon, which means you are better off not trying to do such a thing, ever.

4.     Do not email/spam your shoppers for reviews. This not only looks rude, but it is also another prohibited practice that you are better off avoiding.

Please don't spam your customers for reviews

At the end of the day, all you really need is a good product and the marketing knowhow to sell your product to your consumers. Trying to game the system in any way in order to make sure you earn a profit can be easily detected by complex algorithms designed by amazon.

The punishment for such a thing is a straight ban, which means your entire business will come to a stop, which you are probably not aiming for.

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