The competition is heating up with the increased amount of Amazon users every month. Every hour Amazon advertising keeps growing due to the expansion of the sellers across the world leveraging it. A massive budget does not matter if you are having an advanced strategy to increase your sales according to the competition lined up. As the Amazon consumer attention intensifies, advertising tips should be followed in order to have a hike in this advertising activity. 

Recognize your Target Audience

In order to see a rise in the outcome of your Amazon advertising, one of the most important aspects is knowing the target audience. Recognizing the target audience for your products and then marketing is the essential step to be taken towards success. Knowing who our target audience is, what their needs and desires are, will help increase the relevancy to make better sales ad copy. 

Shoppers usually look into the benefits of a particular product while shopping. An image So, you should probably be prepared with the solutions that your product provides by identifying its benefits. There are several processes to facilitate these features. 

- KEYWORDS: Sponsored Product ads appear on Amazon search results page and help advertisers build brand awareness. Through this you get to know that which search term or keywords helped in generating results. So, focus on these advantageous keywords in use as the online shoppers will find your product through those keywords only. These keywords should definitely be in your title, subtitles or description section. 
- REVIEWS: Today, people mostly depend on the reviews of any product they are going to buy. So, this comes as a major hurdle before the sellers as a product without any review is barely considered to be bought. Once they start receiving reviews from the customers, one should probably read and try to solve any impending problem. 
- ANALYTICS: Marketing skills also include clear understanding of our target audience through engaging with them. Through Market Basket Analysis, you can have an increase in sales and attract more customers. Market Basket Analysis will let you know What your target audience is shopping? What is there in their cart? After the in depth analysis of your target audience, you will be able to create more connecting and relevant ad copies. Now having known them clearly, you can have a transformed product description, modified product advertisement, and other marketing aspects. 

Modification of your Ad

One should pay attention to the ad spend while maintaining and modifying it. To reach the highest level of online shoppers, targeting should be refined. One cannot spend the same amount on all the keywords as different keywords gives different results. With a planned and compressed budget, you should see the relevancy of the keywords that you are targeting. 

Higher bids should be proposed during the initial stages of PPC campaigns even if the results are not so good in the beginning as anything takes time. During this time budget caps can be used where it will show you to stay within the boundaries of your set budget and be patient while any results are out. 

- Broad Match type targeting is least used but can be helpful in the starting while collecting useful keywords. In this words can be added in the front, middle and end of the proposed keywords. It is used to determine which search terms are eligible to match against your ad campaign. It tries to match the widest range of keywords possible which is why it is known as ‘Broad.’  

- Negative Keyword Match helps improve the PPC campaigns by refining the keywords with relevant targeted audiences. It is done excluding some words from the larger keyword search in order to avoid irrelevant traffic in the listing. In this the sellers ad spends are reduced and improve the performance of the keywords in use. 

Negative Phrase restricts the search terms which do not help in increasing the sales by breaking it into two categories: profitable search terms and high ACoS. So, leveraging Negative keywords eliminates a great amount of wasteful ad spend and prevents your ad from those search terms which do not yield good results. 

Optimization of Amazon Campaigns

An ad should usually be optimised on a weekly basis and look for any improvement to be made while reviewing it. The reviewing should be divided into a weekly process and all these points should be performed: 

- Budget sales should be adjusted by managing those campaigns that are doing well and investing more money into it. 
- Keywords with zero impressions should be optimized. 
- Those keywords which are getting clicks but there are zero sales should also be optimized.
- Negative Phrase Matching should be done where it will restrict complete phrase type in the search results. 
- In Manual product targeting, negative ASINs should be used for  category targeting. If an Amazon Standard Identification Number reaches a predetermined number of clicks without any conversion then it makes it negative. 
- Lower the bids of those keywords which have low converting values. This will lower the potential loss of ad spends for those keywords not resulting in conversion. 
-  As already discussed above, Negative Exact Match is useful when you have to add a full search term. It will help in blocking between the search term as added and who you target. 

There should be a continuous change for new ASINs and categories which suits best for the ad campaigns. In order to enhance the Amazon advertising results, you should probably look for categories which tends to be best for the ad. As already discussed, do brand analytics, search for new ASINs and use keyword software tools like Aihello. Apart from Sponsored ads, there are other ad types like that of product display ads and video ads. But it is not always advisable to spend such a lot in ad spends and does not see profitable results. You can make money with certain tips and tricks by selling on Amazon without so much of ad spend and yield good results.

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