Tired of high Amazon Campaign ACoS and don't know where to start?

We are excited to introduce you our first step in IntelliScore for your campaigns. This is a scoring system that our algorithm assigns for each of your campaign.

The score is blended score of number of Ad Groups, number of products, conversion rate (CVR), click through rate (CTR), Advertising Cost (ACoS) and general trend of sales.The score is wholly based on your campaign information and a low score means there is much more opportunity for your to optimize and tweak the campaigns.

A score of below 20 usually means its in critical state and it might be worthwhile to just archive the campaign and start a new one.

It is usually recommended to create a campaign from within AiHello as that will help you create the campaign in the right structure.

If you can't see the "IntelliScore", click on the Actions button on the right and then click "Reset Layout"

We will soon be adding reasons for your score and ways to improve the score.

Remember that ads just brings the right customer to your product. If your listings, images, pricing is incorrect then a conversion won't happen. It's not a problem with your ad, Its a problem with your listing.

Hopefully the campaign scoring system can provide better insights on why your ads are not performing

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