Negative Keywords are the phrases that prevent your ad from appearing on an Amazon Search Engine Results if those terms are in a customer’s search query.

In other words, use a negative keyword to tell Amazon when you do not want your ad to show.

Let’s say you sell seaglass jewelry on Amazon, and you bid on the phrase match keyword “seaglass.” Without negative keywords, your ad for jewelry could appear in a search for “Hawiian seaglass” because that search query still contains the phrase “seaglass.”

However your strength is not Hawiaan. You sell other kind of seaglass.

That shopper might even click your ad, realize it wasn’t what they wanted, and immediately leave. Amazon would still charge you for that click, but you’d have no sales to show for it.

Avoid wasted spend by mastering your negative keywords. With this new feature to add multiple keywords, just enter them in a list and hit the submit button.

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