Amazon Ads Cost and Profit breakdown by ASIN/SKU

Just released! Product Analysis breakdown is now available in the newly created "Reports" tab.This has been a frequently asked report since this is not available even in the Amazon dashboard.

This report provides the ad cost and ad revenue by ASIN. This is particularly useful when you have an ASIN across multiple campaigns and different campaign types.

For examples most of our ASINS are in different Sponsored Product Auto Campaign, Manual Campaign, Sponsored Display Targeting, Re-marketing, Sponsored Brand campaigns etc.

In a single report you can see which products are performing best across all your campaigns.

This report can also provide you insights on which products to focus more for your ads.

To use this functionality: Head over to the "Reports" tab and then click on a profile for which you want to view the product breakdown. As with all reports you can select multiple profiles and view your product performance across countries with one single report.

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