With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, there has been more dependency on automation in almost every walk of life. Amazon retailers must also start accustoming to this latest technology to drive more traffic and boost sales effectively.
What is Amazon PPC Automation?
Automation is a technology that reduces human intervention in a task by replacing it with artificial intelligence. The same concept can be applied in structuring your PPC Campaign. Usually, PPC takes around three months to work. The problem with PPC advertising is that you constantly need to test and keep checking your campaigns. It does consume a lot of time and effort that you can put into something more productive.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies, you can optimize your PPC campaigns to bring out better results in less time and effort.
Why should you automate your PPC?

- Staying ahead in the competition

There's no doubt that there is fierce competition in this field. Every amazon seller would give their all to survive this competition. If you want to stand out, you must use all the resources at hand. By automating your PPC campaign, you will learn from the data and thus, have total knowledge of what and why should you take a certain step.
You will also have an edge over the race if your competitors are using manual PPC marketing.

- Decreases ACoS

When you automate your PPC, you can choose your target and the rest will be taken care of. You can avoid unnecessary costs by trial and error of keyword bids. This reduces ACoS and increases the profit margin at the same time.

- Your campaign is no longer based on just your gut feeling.

When you use manual PPC campaigning, you will have to choose certain keywords solely based on your hunch and then wait for the results to see if your intuition is right. How about having the chance to choose keywords based on the data that is proven to be useful? Automation has complex algorithms that let you decide accurately based on hard data. This will save you from incurring loss due to trial and error.

- Runs on Artificial Intelligence

PPC automation software runs with the help of  Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI makes sure that your marketing campaign decisions are solely based on facts and data not just on your hunch.
This logical and fact-oriented approach to making decisions makes sure that you get the best out of your Amazon PPC campaign, which is crucial for your business to thrive.

- Avoid human errors

No matter how attentive you are even to the most minute details of your campaign, you can still be prone to committing errors. A small mistake might end up wasting all of your efforts. Your decision might also be influenced by peers and your state of mind. The possibility of this happening with AI-based advertising is almost zero.

- Better luck at winning Buy Box

The Buy Box refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart. Not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box.  For Amazon sellers, the Buy Box is everything.

There are a dozen factors that are taken into account to get the Buy Box. Your return rate, product reviews, customer response time all play a significant role in deciding whether or not you get the Buy Box. You can use an automated sponsored ad campaign to enhance your sales, and then generate a decent amount of product reviews. This will let Amazon know that you are worthy of having the Buy Box.

- Less Cost

Through advanced bid algorithm technology, sellers can analyze the bid of each keyword in meeting their goals. This makes sure that unnecessary spending on advertising can be avoided. Since you will be bidding for data-based keywords through automation, you will avoid spending unnecessarily on futile trials.
Anomaly detection also helps prevent the complication before it hurts the performance of the campaign, targeting, or keywords.

- Enhancing campaign

There is a very high possibility of not getting expected results despite spending a lot of money and time. These poor results mainly occur when you miss specific relevant keywords or are targeting the wrong audience.
Sometimes, though you might really be good at PPC  advertising, there are probably some tweaks that you can make to the campaigns that can help you enhance them. Using Amazon PPC Automation software helps you in overcoming these obstacles and enhances your PPC campaign.

- Saves time and effort

A manual PPC campaign must be carefully monitored to note what's working out and what's not. This requires most of your time and attention for obvious reasons. If you can automate your PPC advertising, you can efficiently divide and manage your time and efforts into tasks that cannot be automated.

What can you automate in your Amazon PPC Campaign?
Now that we've understood the importance of automation in your PPC campaigns, let us look at what can we automate:

- Bids
- Keywords
- Campaigns

Best practices of Amazon PPC Automation
Before you start automating your PPC Campaign, it is important to follow these tips to boost your selling business.
Set goals: 
Having clear-cut goals and the right plan is essential for any business. So, decide what you want to achieve through your campaigns, increasing visibility, boosting conversion rates, increasing organic ranking, etc.
Choose the right PPC Automation Software
Choosing the right  Amazon PPC Automation software enhances your campaign structure, decreases ACoS, increases visibility, boosts sales, and much more. Likewise, making a wrong choice in selecting the software might cost you a lot both in both money and time.
How to choose the perfect Amazon PPC Automation software?
Choosing the right software for your PPC advertising is as important as deciding to go for an automated campaign. Opting for the wrong PPC software does more harm than good and ends up leaving you with barely satisfying results.

- Choose software that mainly focuses on reducing ad costs and boosts your sales.

AiHello AutoPilot is a First Class Full Automated platform. Just switch on AutoPilot for a target ACoS and our AI engine will automatically optimize bids daily, mine keywords, transfer keywords between auto and manual campaigns, and boost bids depending on peak hours and off-peak hours. There is zero configuration and no rule-sets required as our AI learns from your sales and optimizes daily.
It also saves you the effort to remove keywords that aren't meeting the targets and add new optimized keywords.
It simplifies your PPC campaign and reduces unnecessary fuss which makes it easy for you to analyze and inspect your PPC Campaign.

It ensures every dollar spent on Amazon advertising goes to what matters most: growing your business and increasing profits. It handles everything from scheduling, boosting to bidding. You can choose your target ACoS to achieve the required target.

Connecting and Syncing your Amazon account to AiHello:
There are a couple of ways to connect and sync Amazon ads on the AiHello platform.
 The first is via the wizard that pops up when you are registered on the platform and land on the dashboard for the first time. If you miss this setup wizard or would like to view it again you can always start it from the quick action button on the top.

In the setup wizard you can scroll past these few screens which are for setting up your amazon eCommerce platforms and on the Amazon Ads section there are connect buttons for each region.
Depending on which region you wish to connect, click on the connect button. You will be taken to the amazon advertising console where you will have to sign in and will be presented with information on allowing AiHello to connect.
Once you approve the connection, you will be brought back to the AiHello campaigns dashboard. Now you can connect other regions in the same way.

Once you have connected all the regions, the AiHello platform will start syncing all your amazon ads. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to few hours depending on how many campaigns you have. Don’t worry, you will get an email and will be notified once your campaigns are successfully synced.
Once the campaigns are all synced up you should be able to see them in the campaigns section of AiHello. That's all there is to connect your Amazon Ads to AiHello and start syncing them.
In short: click on connect button for your region, sign in to the Amazon advertising console and approve AiHello to sync your ads.

Step by Step procedure to avail AiHello Autopilot:
1. You can enable AutoPilot by clicking on the autopilot button for a campaign. Autopilot is by default switched OFF for all campaigns and you have to switch each one individually.
2. "Switch On" enables autopilot for the selected campaign. The rest of this document focuses on each setting and how you can further tweak it for your individual campaigns.
3. Set ACOS Target The goal of the AutoPilot is to either reach this ACOS or remain below this ACOS depending on the strategy of the AutoPilot chosen.
4. The ACOS for a target is by default sales vs costs calculated over the course of 7 days. This provides a smooth tweaking to AutoBid. However, you can choose to calculate the ACOS for a different duration.

5. AutoPilot won't run on a target if this minimum spending threshold is not reached. This prevents autopilot from premature optimizing of targets.
6. Set the maximum allowed bid by the AutoPilot. Set the maximum auto-bid to a lower value if you would like to restrict experimenting with a higher target.
7. You can automatically add two kinds of keywords to your campaign continuously every 24 hours: Customer search terms and Amazon suggested keywords.
8. Top Amazon Suggested Keywords are the top keywords recommended by Amazon. It is recommended to focus more on customer queries rather than Amazon recommendations as amazon recommendations are usually more expensive to bid on.
9. The bid aggression lets you choose the 'aggression' in choosing the percentage of bid value from the suggested value.

Summing Up
Automating your PPC Campaign is the most advisable decision there is for obvious reasons. You can achieve your targeted goal within less time and using fewer resources. To automate your Amazon PPC Campaign using AiHello Autopilot, visit www.aihello.com


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