Setting up Max AutoPilot Bid and Min AutoPilot bid
Some keyword deserve special attention while other keywords deserve... special hatred. Not enough to be put into negative keywords but enough that it's bid should never be higher than a set amount.

While we humans intrinsically understand this love hate relationship with keywords and while there might be reasons behind it, AI (and even other humans) can sometimes struggle to understand why we have this special relation with some keywords.

For this reason we have two new fields that is designed to help AutoPilot provide better focus on specific keywords

The Max AutoPilot bid is set to inform the AutoPilot that it should never raise it above a certain amount. In the example above the Max AutoPilot bid is set to 75 cents and while the AI will attempt to test and get maximum profits by raising the bids, the Max AutoPilot bid will prevent it from raising the bid above the set amount.

On the other hand of the spectrum you have the Min AutoPilot Bid. This tells the algorithm to never reduce the bid below the specified bid. This is specially useful for branded keywords for which you don't care about ACOS and have set those keywords for brand protection.

Setting a Min AutoPilot bid will prevent the system from optimizing and reducing the bids for the keyword below the specified set value.

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