A short clip demonstrating how to activate amazon email campaign in aihello. The same process is for ebay, shopify & woocommerce for multichannel integration. Activating email engagement engine allows you to get 10x more ratings and reviews for your amazon product. Get more ratings and sales for your ecommerce store including amazon ebay shopify and woocommerce with AiHello 100% automated email engagement engine. What to know what goes into a successful ecommerce business? The trick is to keep your revenue flowing , reduce warehouse costs and to increase profits. How? Three step process 1) Enable email engagement engine 2) Setup inventory forecasts 3) Connect with 3pl warehouses for fulfilling orders Get ready to sell better, smarter and faster across multiple ecommerce platform.s More channel more sales. The primary objective is to get more amazon reviews and sellers feedback. Increasing your amazon reviews increases your sales. How to get more amazon reviews? And also how to get more reviews on Amazon, Ebay. Shopify , Woocommerce? By automated email support engine. This email generator is one module of the entire AiHello platform

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