April featured major upgrades to our AutoPilot. The algorithm is now Efficiently Updateable algorithm that mass updates the bids of keywords, targets and placements in one go rather than updating them individually.

We also worked one making our platform easier to use, more responsive and with your feedback implemented more features to help your Amazon PPC Automation life easier.
Amazon Sponsored Display:
Major upgrades to Amazon Sponsored Display algorithm. AiHello AutoPilot PPC Automation can now better optimize your Sponsored Display ads including product targeting and category targeting.

Off-Amazon marketing
Audience re-marketing including off-amazon also received major upgrades this month. The AutoPilot PPC automation can now accurately and instantly forecast bids and optimize your existing campaigns in a short while.
Sponsored Display is hard to manage manually with hundreds of moving pieces and is one the hardest puzzle to solve on Amazon ad platform. With our new AutoPilot upgrades, this is no more a challenge for all ecommerce sellers.

Action Reports email
Every Monday we now email you "Action Reports" email. This email looks similar to the "Daily Ad Reports" that you already get. The major difference is that this report shows the trend of campaigns for the last 30 days and also campaigns that need your immediate attention for the following week.
This email is work in progress and we will be adding much more useful information in the coming months.
This report also forms the basis of our new Audit module which will be released in May
AutoPilot log exports
Frequently requested by our users, AutoPilot Logs can now be exported as XL, doc or as PDF.

Reset autopilot
Another most requested feature especially from the daily tinkerers is the "Reset to default" feature for AutoPilot settings. You can now click on "Reset Default" button and then save the AutoPilot to revert to the original AutoPilot settings.

Support for AED, SAR currency types
Amazon is expanding into the Middle East and especially UAE and Saudi Arabia. While we had always supported UAE and Saudi, current formatting and date formatting was always in US format. With this new release, the currency/date/time are all formatted for individual Middle East countries.

Troubleshoot feedback form
You can use the troubleshoot feedback form for account level issues, billing issues or if you need help with AutoPilot.


There are many more minor updates
1) Date time picker has new upgraded look
2) Amazon Sponsored Brands has new updated AutoPilot algorithm.
3) New FBA calculator has been added to home page
4) Fixes to charts for keywords/placements in the Campaigns reports section


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