We had some great new features released for AiHello AutoPilot this month.
If you can't view the below changes, please clear your cache and reload the browser.

1) New charts to track progress of your Ads Performance: View historical charts of ACoS, CTR, Conversion Rate and number of Click for each campaign in your campaigns page.
Sample screenshot is below.

2) We have added a bulk edit feature that allows you to modify AutoPilot for multiple campaigns at the same time.

3) We have also re-arranged the flow of the app to make it more dynamic and changes according to your profile.

4) We have made multiple iterations to our AI platform to optimize your bids better. If your profile is older than 30 days, you should be able to notice the performance improvements for your ads.

We also worked on numerous bug fixes and cosmetic fixes on the UI.

For October we have major updates planned, so stay tuned.

Walk Through of Aihello:-

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