Millions of people around the world use Amazon to make purchases of all kinds of products. Regardless of whether or not you have your own e-commerce, we recommend you use it to increase your sales in the Online Channel. To this end, here are some tricks to improve your visibility in the # 1 marketplace and make it the best ally, either online or offline.

Optimize the product listing on Amazon.

For this you have to follow the SEO guidelines that the same platform offers. A good Amazon title should include essential elements like the brand, the type of product, its material or ingredients, in case it is a consumable. In addition it is essential to add a keyword integrated in it and define the product (eg tool, phone, glasses, etc.) Including quality images is essential and if they are over 1000x1000 pixels, This will activate the zoom function to see your product in more detail.

Amazon also allows you to define your own search terms for each product, through 5 fields that accept 50 characters and in which you must use keywords that can activate your product in the greatest number of possible terms that users could look for it. We advise you to use them, taking full advantage of all the available space. Placing synonyms of your keyword and including the names of your competitors will help position you in the search results. It is not necessary to include common writing errors, nor is it necessary to make variations of the same word (eg plural).

Finally, do not forget to put the name of your brand since a lot of the searches can come because they are looking for the brand or users that will enter this term to know what other products offers.
Use Amazon's logistics management to deliver your products.

We recommend using Amazon Logistics "Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA)" as all customers with Amazon Premium account can enjoy free delivery of the products managed by the platform the next day or even the same day. In addition, just like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm to select the products that it considers most relevant to each user. And that algorithm gives more importance and more visibility to products managed by Amazon, as these products generate more sales. These products stand out both in your product listing and in the search results with the blue label "Premium" which will help improve your "SEO on Amazon".

Despite including an additional commission for storing your products in Amazon centers and for the delivery of the same, Amazon's logistics will represent a significant time savings. You should not be aware of the monitoring of your incoming orders or the logistical management of them.

Increase your sales through sponsored products.

Amazon has its own tool of ads for the promotion of products in the search engines. It works much like Google Adwords, with ads and a bidding system, but with more basic options. To make your products appear sponsored, you only have to create a campaign with different ad groups and define a daily budget. The platform gives you data for key metrics such as clicks, impressions, CTR, and conversions you've had and that are reflected 48 hours later within the Ads reports.

Decide on positive opinions about your products.

Having many positive opinions is one of the main success keys on Amazon; An aspect that you must take into account if you want to make a difference. The Amazon rating ranges from 1 to 5 and is reflected with stars next to the products. As a user, with a minimum purchase of any product on Amazon you can make reviews of what you want. Amazon labels the "Verified Purchase" to indicate those products that have been reviewed.
It works to distinguish the best-selling product.

Amazon rewards the best products in each category with the "Best Selling" label on top of the product. And in the face of your potential customers, it is the best way to highlight within the results you have sought.

We are convinced that by following these tips you will be able to give the boost that your sales on Amazon need.

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