Kindle Direct Publishing: How to Make Real Money on Amazon.

Kindle Direct Publishing is the all new trend going on in this competitive world. Where people are opting for KDP instead of the traditional method for their books to get published. It has indeed revolutionized the publishing method paving the way for all the writers around the world to earn through their writings. 

By adding string of words together, authors get the access to publish their book in the world famous platform i.e., Amazon Kindle. But in order to make your book a big success, there are several steps to be followed. So, Today I am going to introduce you to the various steps to be keep up to before getting into the publishing method. 

Make Money through Amazon KDP

Making money through Amazon KDP needs real patience as it is not at all easy to become a recognised self-published author quickly. One has to ask several questions before starting their journey, like that of;

  • In what niche/category the book comes under?
  • What is the rate of competition?
  • Are there a good range of readers under that category?
  • What are the rankings of books under your niche?

One will certainly want results as perceived after investing a lot of time and energy on a particular thing. All our efforts and money will go in vain if it is not carried out strategically. 

Discover a Niche

Before publishing your book on Amazon Kindle,finding one's prowess becomes essential. So, it’s like people are having amazing ideas to write a book but don't know in which category their book lies. It is a serious issue/reason that people don't make money through kindle publishing. Authors have to find the right niche or the marketplace where their book falls under. They should know what they are good at imparting knowledge or whether they can create science fiction and then categorise their book. 

If one doesn't know their category then they can inspect through the following steps. Go to:

Amazon content and devices >Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle eBooks.

eBooks Categories

Here, one will get to know all the niches and categories their book falls under. 

After getting familiar with the list of categories, one has to answer the questions like what is the rate of competition and can your book compete with others? In order to know how one has to look  into the ranking of the books in which one is going to compete. 


The image is showing the ranking status of the book.

In the above image the ranking of the book is above 1000 which  is quite good in number as the sales rate is quite high and the competition will also be quite tough. This comes under the bestseller category. 

  • Ranking

It is quite tough to be in that competition so if one will be under 1000 to 40,000 rank then sales and the competition will be medium and it will not be so tough to reach the bestseller category. So, one should be familiar with what rank of books you are competing with and then decide to categorise smartly in order to avoid failure. 

  • People’s demand

What’s the demand? What people are reading nowadays? What is it that you are good at writing?Take notes of all these questions answers and then tailor your book which falls under your skills and meets people's demand.  

  • Keyword Research 

In this keyword research can be of great help where authors can find particular words which people usually search for and then target those words and your book in the search results page so that people notices the book and are very likely to buy it. 

Through following the strategies listed in this article, one can gain the highest possible rank in the Amazon listing. Choosing the right niche/category is the most crucial part of Kindle publishing as the higher your book will be, greater are the chances of your book getting sales.

Appealing Title 

As it is often said that a good title leads to the success of the book. So, one has to give a lot of time in the title before starting the process of publication. Title & the book cover is the first impression the readers will create in mind. 

Those appealing title make the readers want to know:

  • What actually the book is about?
  • What does the title want to convey? 

And then will eventually go to the book description part. Here comes the part where the authors have to give their best. 

Attractive Cover

The age old saying that one should never judge a book from its cover is not relevant in today’s world. People mostly buy a book after seeing the attractive fancy cover. Authors usually hire a graphic designer unless they themselves are one of them. 

The designers create covers relevant to the content of the book and which actually defines the title. If the cover is simple and sloppy then it may not grab readers attention. The cover should consist of a design which stands out and is eye catchy. 

Book Description

Readers reach the book description page after they are cajoled towards the title and the book cover. Research a lot that ideally a good book description consists of. Well this is another topic which needs in depth explanation but in short authors need not only write a summary instead mention the trigger points which instill curiosity among the readers. Those description should be like the one which have the feeling of:

  • What will happen next? 
  • What was the reason behind it? 
  • What led it to do such a thing?

The description should rather be like a sales script ready to persuade the buyers to buy it. The text should connect with the readers by telling them that yes this is what they are wanting to read. 


Street Team

This part is again divided into processes like that of having a street team before the launch. A street team is the one which consists of readers who get a copy of the book before the launch; they read and give reviews during the launch week. 


So, authors need to contact readers through social media platforms and collect at least fifty readers so that they can 30 reviews during the launch. This is the process of marketing which is quite important and achievable. This can also be asked from your fellow bloggers whom you know or from instagrammers who read books and reviews. 

Poster and emails. 

After that many posters and emails should be prepared beforehand and then plan a date for the launch of the book. These emails should be a shout out email that your book is going to be released on a particular and an offer can also be included. 

Each day should be planned on what type of promotion you should do and what posters you should post. 

So, the final launch part includes: 

  • Street Team
  • Posters for promotion
  • Email List 
  • Article/Blogs
  • Social Media posts

And then launch your book for which you can also get some idea through this article KDP and its essentials.

The Final Promotion of your Book. 

The process doesn't stop here after the launch of your book but it is indeed the kick off. From here the authors have to apply the marketing techniques in order to increase the sales. 


Here where your mailing list and the blog comes into focus. One can run giveaways and contests in order to attract more readers through emails or social media platforms. The ones who win the contest can be awarded free ebooks and can be asked to review it. 

In this way the author gets reviews in the earliest possible way. Amazon itself has various promotional methods and in order to get a more clear concept you can read this How to sell more books for KDP authors.

In order to get fame among the most crowded places like Amazon one should master the skills of marketing their books otherwise people will not even know that your amazing book is out there which needs to be read. 

Amazon keyword search 

Since your book is targeted to a particular genre of audience then one should also focus on the keyword research part. The content of your eBook should match the keywords you chose during the launch of your book. 

Amazon asks for keywords which mainly define your eBook and are available there in your eBook description so that amazon tracks your book when someone searches for that particular keyword. In this marketing technique the book description plays a major role as explained previously. In the search engines the title of your book and the subtitles or the italicised topics works and brings traffic. 

PPC advertising

In order to bring quick sales and get your book familiarised among the readers, one has to spend some money. The Pay Per Click strategy is the one in which you pay Amazon so that your book gets into the people’s book listing. This process actually increases the sales and brings better ranking in the search engines. 

Book Formats

Amazon KDP along with eBook also offers physical book format. Nowadays people want to listen through audio books. So, KDP offers print in demand books and audible format where readers will get whatever format they want which will eventually increase the book sales. 

All these processes actually diversify your book reach in this huge competitive world. Finally, Kindle Direct Publishing requires a huge lot of hard work just like any other business for you to be successful in this crowded world. It indeed makes an author a writer along with a marketer adding great skills in the field. 

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